Friday, May 20, 2022

JUST IN – #Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have soared following the premature release of a U.S. Treasury statement on Biden’s expected executive order on digital assets.

Central Bank of Brazil Chooses Nine Institutions to Study Digital Real Possibilities

by Sergio Goschenko, Bitcoin:

The Central Bank of Brazil and Fenasbac, the National Federation of Associations of Central Bank Servers, decided to select nine projects to monitor and support their different proposals for the application of a hypothetical Brazilian central bank digital currency (CBDC), the digital real. Projects from companies and organizations like Aave, Banco Santander, and Mercado Bitcoin were selected to be developed as examples of how a digital real could be used.


from SGT Report:

You won’t believe what the criminal banking cabal got away with on Thursday, again. Rinse and repeat, and no one EVER goes to jail for kneecapping gold and silver with BILLIONS of paper ounces. Bob Kudla joins me to document the high crimes and misdemeanors.


from Bitcoin Magazine:

The draft bill comes after the government gave the green light to Bitcoin regulation, disregarding the Bank of Russia’s concerns.

Russia’s Ministry of Finance has submitted a draft bill on Bitcoin regulation in the country, weeks after the government approved the concept of creating legislation specifically for cryptocurrencies.

“The use of digital currencies as a means of payment on the territory of the Russian Federation will continue to be prohibited,” the Ministry of Finance said in a statement Monday. “Under the proposed regulation, digital currencies are considered solely as an investment vehicle.”

Mark Nestmann: Gold Comes Roaring Back (at Bitcoin’s Expense)

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:


Just 15 months ago, pundits were asserting that bitcoin had matured into its own separate asset class from stocks, bonds, and other traditional investments. At the same time, conventional stores of value like gold simply couldn’t keep up with the price momentum of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Indeed, Bloomberg Quint published an article in December 2020 entitled, “Bitcoin’s Rally Spurs Wall Street to Question Future of Gold.” It pointed out that many investors had cashed in their gold holdings for bitcoin. Numerous hedge funds and family offices had done the same.

‘OK, Boomer’: President of El Salvador Mocks Impotent U.S. Senators Attempting to Stop His Crypto Revolution

by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics:

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele is clowning on U.S. legislators who are attempting to stop his nation’s plans to widely adopt Bitcoin as currency.

Senators Jim Risch (R-ID), Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ) introduced legislation on Wednesday that they claim will “mitigate risks of El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin.”

Can Bitcoin Circumvent Economic Tyranny?

by Corey Lynn, Corey’s Digs:

Dr. Joseph Mercola hosted a phenomenal discussion between finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts and Aleksandar Svetski, editor of Bitcoin Times magazine, to talk about the breakdown of our economy and potential solutions. This was an incredible exchange of information and insights on our current financial system, concerns and questions about how we navigate as a society while tyranny is coming down in full force, and debates on Bitcoin’s role. Both were in agreement on many aspects, but disagreed on some points, while sharing their thoughts and knowledge with a show of respect for one another and a desire to continue this collaboration further with a common goal for all – achieving individual sovereignty.

El Salvador: ‘Don’t Believe IMF – We’re Doing Great, Thanks to Bitcoin’

from 21st Century Wire:

Don’t believe the gloom and doom speeches from the IMF.

Another signal of progress: Bitcoin Beach is now becoming ‘Bitcoin City.’

The people of El Salvador are dreaming of a positive future again.

In this episode of the Keiser Report, hosts Max and Stacy look at the IMF’s recent trolling El Salvador about adopting Bitcoin as legal tender, and the progress made by the new government to create a more financially independent nation. Max also speaks to Roman Martinez, one of the original organizers at Bitcoin Beach, about the IMF’s concerns, their new “Volcano bonds,” and whether or not he believes Bitcoin will harm or help the local community in the long run. Watch: 



from Bitcoin Magazine:

The White House wants to bring order to the ‘haphazard approach’ that is currently being employed by regulators to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

The White House wants to set out a cohesive set of policies to regulate Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as currently legislation and its enforcement are scattered across sectors and agencies, according to multiple reports.

The Biden administration will release an executive order in the coming weeks to task federal agencies with assessing the risks and opportunities that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies pose, Bloomberg first reported.

IMF urges El Salvador to strip Bitcoin’s legal tender status

from Al Jazeera:

The International Monetary Fund’s board urged El Salvador to strip Bitcoin of its status as legal currency due to its large risks, highlighting a major obstacle for the nation’s efforts to get a loan from the institution.

El Salvador last year sought a $1.3 billion IMF loan, but talks have been stymied by the lender’s Bitcoin concerns, and any program would need to be approved by the board.

Mark Jeftovic: Bitcoin Is The “Short The Status-Quo” Trade

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:

From Mark Jeftovic at

During one particular nasty down-day during the April – May crypto-mini winter, I put out an email alert to my premium list telling everybody to remain calm and keep the bigger picture in mind. At the time I said something like “It is not my intention to step in with a calming letter every time cryptos get beat up”.

Since then, we’ve gone on to fresh all-time highs and when cryptos did start moving again, it happened very fast.

Keiser Report | The Inflation Blame Game Begins | E1805

from RT: