Friday, January 27, 2023

Facebook ‘Whistleblower’ Frances Haugen Teams Up with Deep Staters and Democrats to ‘Fix’ Social Media

by Allum Bokhari, Breitbart:

Frances Haugen, the Facebook “whistleblower” who was turned into a celebrity by politicians and the establishment media for demanding sweeping censorship of social media, is teaming up with former members of the Deep State, establishment Republicans, and top Democrats to “fix” social media.

The coalition is called the Council for Responsible Social Media, and is a project of Issue One, a nonprofit which according to CNBC plans to “address the harmful impacts social media can have on kids, communities and national security.”

Leak: German Government’s Ukraine war propaganda campaign

by Alex Thompson, UK Column:

The below is a translation, made with the permission of the author, of Part I (dated 29 September 2022) of Florian Warweg’s exclusive article in NachDenkSeiten, a careful and reliable German new media platform. The original there contains several screenshots of the German document that has been leaked.

What Fox News Won’t Tell You About the Deep State

from Mark Dice:


Macron FAKED Vax: French Politician Of 20 Years Announces Vax Wrecked Heart & Govt Fakery

from Tim Truth:


The Media’s Rank Dishonesty About ‘Climate Change’ And Hurricane Ian

by Jerome Corsi, American Thinker:

As Hurricane Ian hit Florida, Michael Mann of the infamous “hockey stick” global warming graph, and Susan Joy Hassol, publisher of Climate Communication’s “Quick Facts,” which are devoted to explaining extreme weather events as anthropogenic catastrophes, rushed an op-ed piece into print. Their opinion piece, published in The Guardian and predictably entitled, “Hurricane Ian Is No Anomaly,” blamed global warming. Mann and Hassol editorialized:

WATCH OUT: Dem Operatives Running Partisan Websites Disguised As Local News Sites

from The Gateway Pundit:

Over 50 local news websites popped up in key swing states that are trying to impact the midterm elections.

The websites are all tied to Local Report, Inc. — which was registered in Florida last year.

This thread is fascinating… modern journalists come almost exclusively being from mega rich families… Taylor Lorenz and others exposed…

by NevilleTheCat, Thread Reader App:

One of the most fascinating things about the modern age we live in is the population of journalists almost exclusively being from mega rich families and the fact they have done such a good job of hiding it from the internet.

UN Official Says ‘We Own The Science’ on ‘Climate Change’ And Work With Google to Suppress Opposing Viewpoints

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

A United Nations official told the World Economic Forum on Thursday that they “own the science” on “climate change” and have partnered together with Google to suppress opposing viewpoints in search results.

UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications Melissa Ruth Fleming made the comments while speaking at a WEF event on “Tackling Disinformation.”

SUING GOOGLE: Defending Free Speech & America — Cris Armenta

from SGT Report:

We are SUING GOOGLE to defend free speech! Our attorney Cris Armenta joins me to discuss the crimes of Google and the lawsuit we intend to take all the way to the US Supreme Court.

YouTube CEO hypocrisy: Susan Wojcicki says she wants “as much free speech as we possibly can”


by Tom Parker, Reclaim The Net:

From the head of a platform that censors millions of videos each year.

YouTube regularly censors videos, demonetizes creators, and introduces new censorship rules. Yet in a recent interview, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki claimed that the platform wants to enable “as much free speech as we possibly can have.”

Wojcicki made the comments during an interview with Indonesian journalist Najwa Shihab when she was asked for YouTube’s view on governments using regulations to curtail free speech. In her response, Wojcicki framed YouTube as a free speech champion.

FOX Corp Told Me to Comply With the NYC Covid Vaccine Mandate, so I Resigned

by Breanna Morello, Lew Rockwell:

Back in 2019, I was a Teleprompter Operator for Fox News & Fox Business. I resigned from my role and relocated to Florida to follow my dream of being a news producer—outside of NYC. After bouncing around from a few gigs, I landed back at Fox Corp in 2021. I was working remotely on FBN shows like Wall Street Journal at Large and Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street. Upon my rehiring, I had agreed to relocate NYC by January 1, 2022. My goal was to become a producer for Tucker Carlson. It was the only reason I’d ever consider relocating to that liberal wasteland again.