Friday, October 19, 2018

Nolte: CNN’s Freak Show of Violence and Racism Hit 17 New Lows This Week


by John Nolte, Breitbart:

Here is the thing that is so amusing about CNN… Pretty much every day the far-left network engages in numerous acts of self-humiliation. A Don Lemon or Chris Cuomo or Jake Tapper or Brian Stelter says or does something that forever stains their character, that reveals the hideous person beneath … and for what?

If CNN had anything other than tragic ratings, if CNN were in second place or even close to second place, I could understand the shamelessness, the tabloid approach to covering politics. But CNN’s ratings are not only awful, they are miraculously awful. Not only is CNN in far-last place, The Least Trusted Name In News does not even have a breakout star or show. Throughout all of last quarter, and only in competition with two other networks (MSNBC and Fox), not a single CNN show — not even one — placed in the top 20.

Mental Health Professionals Denounce CNN and Don Lemon’s Show for Mocking and Stigmatizing Kanye West’s Hospitalization


by Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept:

ON MONDAY NIGHT, CNN host Don Lemon led a panel discussion with three CNN commentators as they gleefully heaped scorn on Kanye West for meeting with President Trump to discuss prison reform and for otherwise expressing support for the President (the video is below). Among other things, West was pilloried for being both ignorant and exploited. “Kanye West is what happens when Negroes don’t read,” CNN’s Bakari Sellers said. CNN’s Tara Setmayer pronounced him “the token Negro of the Trump administration.”

Study Finds MSM’s Trump Coverage Just Hit 92% Negative Ahead of Midterms

by Rich Noyes, Russia Insider:

In four weeks, Americans go to the polls for the midterm elections that the news media are casting as a referendum on the Trump presidency. Over the summer, the broadcast networks have continued to pound Donald Trump and his team with the most hostile coverage of a President in TV news history – 92 percent negative, vs. just eight percent positive.

For this report, MRC analysts reviewed all 1,007 evening news stories (1,960 minutes of airtime) about the Trump administration on ABC, CBS and NBC from June 1 to September 30, tallying the coverage of each topic and all evaluative comments made by anchors, reporters and non-partisan sources (such as voters or experts).

Unhinged MSNBC Panelist: With Kavanaugh’s Confirmation, Republicans Have Set Themselves Up For ‘A Thousand-Year Reich’

by Hank Berrien, Daily Wire:

On MSNBC, the editor of Above the Law, Elie Mystal, went bonkers when he was asked about the impact of Justice Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed to the Supreme Court, bloviating that President Trump was the “devil” for encouraging racism and that conservatives’ control over the three branches of government could lead to a “thousand-year Reich.”

Prior to Mystal’s unhinged remarks, the conversation, led by host Richard Liu and joined by Associate Editor of Commentary Noah Rothman, MSNBC analyst Zerlina Maxwell, and SiriusXM host Danielle Moodie-Mills, had discussed the idea that the GOP is “anti-woman,” segued to Nazism, and risen to fever pitch with the accusation against the conservative Rothman that he was “mansplaining.”

These Photos Show Just How Cozy Senate Democratic Staff And Mainstream Journalists Are

by Kassy Dillon, Daily Wire:

Jennifer Duck, the Democratic staff director for the Senate Judiciary Committee and the former Chief of Staff of Dianne Feinstein appears to be quite close with James Hohmann, the national political correspondent for The Washington Post who has been intensely covering the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Hohmann and Duck were spotted together as early as December 23, 2015. A photo posted on Eastview High School’s Facebook page — the high school where Hohmann attended — shows the couple with Michelle and Barack Obama. Another photo from 2016 also shows Duck and Hohmann together with two others.

The New York Times Continues to Outdo Itself in the Production of Fake News

from Russia Insider:

Editor’s note: This piece is about a month old. Usually we don’t publish these. If something slips by us we let it be. But this is still very good and very relevant, with a unique insight we haven’t seen anywhere else. Also it’s notable as a piece by a hard lefty that nonetheless correctly sees the establishment is a greater danger than Trump, and furthermore that the deep state hates Trump for all the wrong reasons.

The New York Times continues to outdo itself in the production of fake news. There is no more reliable source of fake news than the intelligence services, which regularly provide their pet outlets (NYT and WaPo) with sensational stories that are as unverifiable as their sources are anonymous. A prize example was the August 24 report that US intelligence agencies don’t know anything about Russia’s plans to mess up our November elections because “informants close to … Putin and in the Kremlin” aren’t saying anything. Not knowing anything about something for which there is no evidence is a rare scoop.


by Joe Simonson, The Daily Caller:

Television news networks have largely refused to cover a letter from a former boyfriend of Christine Blasey Ford that seemingly contradicts major parts of her sworn testimony given before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

The ex-boyfriend, who claims he dated Ford for six years, wrote in a sworn statement to the committee that he witnessed Ford coach a woman on how to pass a polygraph exam. He also claimed Ford never expressed a fear of flying, and that she lived in a small apartment with only one exit.

Here’s Your PROOF! CNN’s Don Lemon & Guests Reveal Their Ugly Racism & Intolerance

from HighImpactVlogs:

How the American Media Was Destroyed

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

In my September 24 column, “Truth Is Evaporating Before Our Eyes,” I used the destruction of the CBS news team that broke the Abu Ghraib story and the story of President George W. Bush’s non-performance of his Texas Air Force National Guard duties to demonstrate how accusations alone could destroy a Peabody Award winning, 26 year veteran producer of CBS News, Mary Mapes, and the established news anchor Dan Rather.

I have many times written that it was President Bill Clinton who destroyed the independent US media when he permitted 90 percent of the US media to be concentrated in six mega-corporations that were in the entertainment and other businesses and not in the news business. This unprecedented concentration of media was against all American tradition and destroyed the reliance that our Founding Fathers placed on a free press to keep government accountable to the people.

Dr. Ford’s Yearbook Is Not Just Being Scrubbed From The Internet, But The Site That Exposed It Has Been Scrubbed As Well

by Tim Brown, DC Clothesline:

I received an email today asking that I make sure to preserve the information that was obtained and written about at the now removed Google blogspot site, Cult of the 1st Amendment, which quickly grabbed up several pictures of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s yearbook and provided at least three articles on various aspects of the yearbook and campus life.  In following through with that, I have preserved both the articles and the pictures on

Caught Red Handed


from Mark Dice: