Friday, May 24, 2024

Spain Refuses Port Call To Ship Carrying Arms Bound For Israel From Chennai

from Great Game India:

Spain refuses port call to a ship carrying arms bound for Israel from Chennai, as it has banned licenses to sell weaponry to Tel Aviv due to the increasing number of civilian casualties in the Israeli offensive.

According to José Manuel Albares, Spain’s Foreign Minister, a ship transporting weapons from Chennai to Israel has been denied admission to dock at one of the country’s ports.

According to marine tracking portals and Spanish media, the cargo ship Marianne Danica, flying the Danish flag, sailed from Chennai on April 8 and was its route to the port of Haifa in Israel.

Ukraine’s defenses are collapsing, forcing NATO into DIRECT CONFLICT with Russia

from Health Ranger Report:


Russia to Test Missile off the Coast of California Tomorrow

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Putin keeps trying to warn the American Neocons that they are playing with World War III, which will be nuclear. They issued a Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) that they will be firing missiles in a test just off the coast of northern California coast, thereby alerting pilots of Russian missile launches to LAND / IMPACT in the Oakland Air Route Traffic Control Center ((ARTCC). This will begin tomorrow and continue for 10 days. This is 300 miles offshore in international waters.

🇺🇦Odessa: Military recruiters jumped into a bus, grabbed a man, kicked him a bit and dragged him into a van.

Putin responds to Kiev’s ‘peace formula’ ultimatum

from RT:

Russia won’t be pressured diplomatically, just as it cannot be defeated on the battlefield, the president has said

Russia will not yield to ultimatums from Ukraine and its Western backers as they try to gain diplomatically what they have failed to gain militarily, President Vladimir Putin has said.

In mid-June, Switzerland will host an international conference to discuss Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s so-called “peace formula.” Russia was excluded from the event.

A Sarajevo Moment?

by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche Organization:

The attempted assassination of Slovakian Prime Minister Fico should be a wake-up call to all those opposed to the London-Washington-Brussels Unipolar Order. As opposition grows to its disastrous policies, watch for regime change coups, assassinations, false flags, etc., as part of a geopolitical game plan to disrupt the emergence of a New Paradigm, through a policy of Permanent War


by Piero Messina, Southfront:

Martin Armstrong is one of the most influential economists of our times. Someone called him the “Forecaster”, because that was the title of the biopic film that helped make his activities known throughout the world.

Those of Martin Armstrong are not just “predictions”, as his reflections are based on the compendium of precise mathematical formulas and analytical skills. We interviewed him to try to understand the current geopolitical context. From the crisis of Western democracies to the birth of the BRICS front, to arrive at profound reflections on the risk of a military conflict on a global scale, Armstrong interprets real-time data thanks to his diachronic “vision” and a decades-long effort of research and analysis . Armstrong’s work allows us to connect knowledge of the past to critical factors of the present time. For all these reasons, Armstrong’s analyzes are precious for understanding the present and orienting ourselves towards a future that appears full of unknowns and pitfalls.

Assassination Attempt May be Because He Cut Aid to Ukraine

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, has suffered an attempted assassination. The rumor is that the assailant was pro-Ukraine. Fico’s renewed leadership as prime minister began with his halting of military aid to Ukraine in January, and just last month, he pushed through plans to crap public broadcaster RTVS. Some have accused the political opposition of inciting the attack. I have not been able to confirm the motive, but this is the talk in Slovakia.

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from SGT Report:

Investigative journalist Daniel Fournier returns to SGT Report to expose 5th generation warfare, cognitive warfare and the open treason of Biden, Trudeau and leaders of western nations. You can follow Dan’s work here:

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Iran has a SECRET NUCLEAR WEAPONS program and can decimate Israel with a surprise attack

from Health Ranger Report:


Ukraine Embezzled Millions for Fortifications Never Built, Russia Rolled In

by M Dowling, Independent Sentinel:

Jack Posobiec wrote at Human Events that Ukraine embezzled millions meant to build fortifications to keep Russia from invading again. Russia has invaded the northeast of Ukraine and practically walked right in. There were no fortifications, and Russia allegedly took over dozens of crimes.

A Pravda article, admittedly biased and including opinion, gave very detailed information about the money meant for fortifications. The report indicated that Ukrainian military set up shell companies to embezzle the money and never purchased the equipment.

Israel captures Rafah border crossing, cutting of all humanitarian aid to Gaza as hundreds of thousands face starvation

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are chomping at the bit to launch their long-awaited ground invasion of Rafah, the border crossing of which was captured by Israel this week in anticipation of its final solution for the Palestinian people.

The last remaining route through which humanitarian aid is being delivered into Gaza, the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt is a strategic passage through which Israeli tanks and troops are now entering the Palestinian enclave.

IDF is reportedly bombing locations throughout Rafah, including residential homes. In the latest attack, at least 23 Palestinians were killed, including six women and five children.

WATCH Russian drones destroy rare NATO-standard artillery in Ukraine

from RT:

At least two 155mm 2S22 Bogdana howitzers were set ablaze by Lancet kamikaze UAVs in Kharkov Region, according to several clips on social media

Russian drones have taken out at least two Ukrainian self-propelled guns in Kharkov Region, which has become the scene of fierce fighting in recent days, according to several videos circulating on social media.