Wednesday, November 14, 2018


from SGTreport:

The second half of this important update may shock some of you to your core. The “camp fire” in California, like the Sebastopoll and Santa Rosa wildfires that came before it appears to have the hallmarks of something far more sinister than what is being reported by the mainstream media. Q is right, the enemy is at the front door and UN Agenda 21 is but one of his deadly weapons.

Voter Fraud BEFORE, DURING & AFTER the Midterm Elections — Dave Janda

from Greg Hunter:

Janda says, “There was voter fraud before, during and after the midterm elections. My sources say there was a staggering amount of voting machines that were impounded Monday night before the election on Tuesday because they had pre-set votes in them. This involved voting machines in all 50 states.”


from SGTreport:

Thomas Paine from joins me to break down all of the latest breaking news, from Sessions, to the latest mass shooting this time in California, to Q. Buckle up, this is a good one.


from SGTreport:

You follow the REAL news. So you understand who the powers are who are targeting our President. Hollywood insider and filmmaker John Barbour explains that these are the SAME EXACT powers who targeted and assassinated John F. Kennedy. The names may have changed, but the powers behind the throne remain. And President Trump is aligned against them. God save the President.


by Kerry Picket, The Daily Caller:

WASHINGTON — The number of Washington D.C. concealed carry permit holders skyrocketed a little over 1440 percent since the District lost a key legal battle related to its previous restrictive gun permitting process at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia last year.

The Metropolitan Police Department confirmed to The Daily Caller Tuesday that 1,896 concealed carry permits were issued by MPD for the calendar year to date 2018.

Everything is a Lie


from thecrowhouse:

Disney World Bans Veteran After Holding “Trump 2020” Sign On Ride


by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

An ex-Marine veteran was banned from Walt Disney World and all its parks after waving a “Trump 2020” banner while riding Splash Mountain.

An ex-Marine veteran was banned from Walt Disney World and all its parks after waving a “Trump 2020” banner while riding Splash Mountain. Interestingly enough, Disney apparently thought he was such a threat that they used 40 employees to escort out the 49-year-old veteran.

Three Reasons Why Pelosi and Her Criminally Complicit Democrats Are Freaking Out Over the Whitaker Appointment

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The Democrats are absolutely freaking out over the appointment of Matt Whitaker as the new acting Attorney General of the United States. There are a chorus of Democratic politicians and their mouthpiece media that are demanding that Whitaker immediately recuse himself from any oversight of Mueller.

There are three major reasons why criminally complicit Democrats and the Deep State, as a whole, are in a state of absolute panic over the appointment of Matt Whitaker. Pelosi called Whitaker’s appointment “a violent act against the Constitution”. That is not the reason why this appointment is causing so much anxiety.

The three reasons why this move is creating panic:

🔴An Eye-Opening Call to the IRS EVERY American MUST Hear!🔴

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A Robot Now Runs AllianceBernstein’s Fixed Income Trading

from ZeroHedge:

Three things are certain: death, taxes, and that the already thin gap between human trader and algo is narrowing ever further.

AllianceBernstein’s new virtual assistant can now suggest to fixed income portfolio managers what the best bonds may be to purchase using parameters such as pricing, liquidity and risk, according to Bloomberg. The machine has numerous advantages to humans: “she” can scan millions of data points and identify potential trades in seconds. Plus she never needs to take a cigarette or a bathroom break.

David Rockefeller 1996 Sustainable Development Population Warning

from Victurus Libertas VLTV:

11 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Starting To Slow Down Dramatically


by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

The pace at which things are changing is shocking the experts.  Just a few months ago, many of the experts were still talking about how the U.S. economy was “booming”, but since then a major shift has taken place.  Most of the headlines have been about the huge stock market declines that we have been witnessing, but things have not been going well for the real economy either.  Home sales are way down, auto sales are plummeting, the retail apocalypse is escalating, the middle class continues to shrink and economic optimism is rapidly evaporating.  We haven’t seen anything like this since 2008, and many believe that the economic downturn that is now upon us will ultimately be even worse than what we experienced a decade ago.  The following are 11 signs that the U.S. economy is starting to slow down dramatically…

Mobilize for a Four-power ‘Bretton Woods’ System It Will Come with an Infrastructure Bill as a Bonus

by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

U.S. Democrats, including newly elected Democratic representatives, now have the choice before them, of either crusading to drive President Trump out of office by any possible means — alienating voters and splitting their party in the process — or developing an economic development agenda and working with him on it.

Republicans, whom the President pulled through a difficult midterm election with success which was no fault of their own, must end their Churchill-imitation war fancies. They have to support him in trying to make the “deals” he wants with Russia and Korea for peace, China for economic growth, trade with Japan…

A “Civil War” Lesson for the Uneducated


by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

In response to my short essay on November 9 ( ), a reader sent me a link to secession documents that implicated slavery, not the tariff, as the reason for Southern secession. It is typical for the uneducated to come across a document of which they have no understanding and to send it off with a rude “got you” note to one who does understand the document.

I have explained the Southern states secession from the union in long essays. See: and and and and .

Once again:

California forced vaccinations a blatant violation of the Nuremberg Code that outlawed medical experiments on humans

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

As California’s forests are going up in flames, you might wonder whether the bureaucrats of California actually care about children at all. If they did, they wouldn’t be forcing dangerous, deadly vaccinations onto the children of the state, in total violation of the Nuremberg Code that was created to halt the Nazi practice of using human beings for cruel medical experiments.

Roger Landry from TheLibertyBeacon.comexplains the real story. See the full article here.

The Failure of a Gold Refinery


by Keith Weiner, Gold Seek:

So this happened: Republic Metals, a gold refiner, filed bankruptcy on November 2. The company had found a discrepancy in its inventory of around $90 million, while preparing its financial statements.

We are not going to point the Finger of Blame at Republic or its management, as we do not know if this was honest error or theft. If it was theft, then we would not expect it to be a simple matter of employees or management walking out the door with the gold. $90 million is about 2.6 tons. Unless it happened very slowly, over many years, that seems like a lot of gold to disappear. And if it occurred over years, why didn’t regular audits and other internal controls catch the discrepancy until now?