Tuesday, March 5, 2024


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As the US government prints $1 TRILLION in new debt every 100 days, and fiat currencies around the world begin to hyper-inflate away, Guy Goslak the President of My Digital Money joins me to discuss the Bitcoin phenomenon and the demise of the Dollar’s purchasing power. Do the work to understand the technology and the opportunity. Thanks for tuning in.

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The graphene, nanotech and even nano-microchips are now being found in dental anesthesia, breast implants and more – it’s a horror show forced on the global population by an insane and evil ruling class that is trying to depopulate our world by any and every means under the sun. Dr. Diane Kazer joins me to expose the truth.

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How AI is being WEAPONIZED against you

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Watchdog, Better Markets, Investigates the Bank that Has Lost 65 Percent of Its Market Value in Two Months and Was Downgraded to Junk by Moody’s

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:

The widely respected banking and Wall Street watchdog, Better Markets, has a new report out on the latest teetering bank holding company, New York Community Bancorp (ticker NYCB). The title of the well-researched report pretty much says it all: “A Frankenstein Monster Federal Regulators Created.”

NYCB has lost 65 percent of its stock market value year-to-date and was downgraded to a junk credit rating by Moody’s after the stock market closed on February 6. Moody’s wrote in its downgrade that a third of the bank’s deposits lack FDIC insurance.

Should Tennessee Be Ranked #1 For Survivability For Preppers That Want To Survive The Cataclysmic Times That Are Coming?

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

If you are planning to relocate in anticipation of the extremely chaotic times that are rapidly approaching, there are four primary factors that I think people should be focusing on.  First of all, you will want to go some place where you will be surrounded by like-minded people.  Secondly, you will want to avoid locations that have a high population density.  Thirdly, you will want to avoid regions that are at high risk of experiencing natural disasters.  Lastly, it is important to consider how the area you are considering will fare during a nuclear conflict.  Of course these are not the only factors that need to be considered, because choosing to relocate to another part of the country is a complicated decision.  Ultimately, you need to make whatever choice is right for you and your family at the time.



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British Gov’t Bombshell: ‘One Billion Vaccinated People Now Have VAIDS’

by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, The Peoples Voice:

An official British study has confirmed that over one billion people worldwide now have Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS) as a direct result of taking the mRNA Covid jab.

According to a group of scientists at Cambridge University, at least 25% of the fully vaxxed population are now suffering extreme immune responses to the toxic chemicals found in the Covid shots.

The Globalist Establishment Has Failed

by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche Organization:

The Permanent War policy is heading for a string of major setbacks, in Ukraine and Gaza.  Can the Empire change its policy in an election year, when feeble Joe Biden is cratering in the polls?  Lyndon LaRouche emphasized that the neocon/neolib empire run by the global corporate cartels always has a Plan B to maintain control, when Plan A crashes.  But we have a better plan, which begins with ending the Unipolar Order of geopolitical confrontation, and replacing it with a new strategic and development architecture committed to cooperation for mutual benefit among sovereign states. Help us spread the word about the “LaRouche Solution”, by sharing this video.

Google’s Woke AI Gemini Fiasco

from Great Game India:

Google co-founder Sergey Brin admitted errors in Gemini, Google’s Woke AI, citing insufficient testing at the Gemini Hackathon. The AI faced criticism for historical inaccuracies and woke biases.

During the Gemini Hackathon, Google co-founder Sergey Brin addressed the controversy surrounding Gemini, a woke artificial intelligence bot that has been criticized for spreading false and misleading information. “We definitely messed up on the image generation, and it was mostly due to not thorough testing,” Brin said.

‘Net Zero’ Is WEF Plot to Destroy Food Supply

by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Net Zero” agenda is actually a plot to destroy the food supply and eliminate the working class, a new report has warned.

An investigation by the Institute for Community Studies (ICS) found that unelected globalists at the WEF and United Nations (UN) are using “climate change” fears to seize control of the masses.

While establishing the UN as a single-world government to tackle “global warming,” the WEF is seeking to destroy the food supply as we know it and replace traditionally farmed meat and dairy with products for mass public consumption that are controlled by globalists.

Transgendered Space Force officer tells U.S. Air Force cadets that using pronouns will lead to ‘winning war-fighting strategies’

by LeoHohmann, Leo’s Newsletter:

This is just more proof that America will be judged severely for her corruption of the nations

Last week U.S. Space Force Col. Bree Fram, a prominent transgender activist in the U.S. Armed Forces and worldwide, gave a speech to the U.S. Air Force Academy in which he urged the cadets to use specified pronouns in their emails as a way to bolster “winning war fighting strategies.” Watch the insanity spewing forth from this man in the video below.

James Biden Confirms Chinese Origin of $40K Check He Wrote To His Brother, President Joe Biden

from The National Pulse:

James Biden, the brother of President Joe Biden, acknowledged during his recent impeachment inquiry testimony that he had written a $40,000 check to former Vice President Joe Biden in 2017 using funds obtained from a company with alleged links to the Chinese government. During the February 21st interview with Members of Congress, James Biden admitted that the funds originated from Beijing-controlled CEFC China Energy.

Bank records subpoenaed for the investigation showed just $46.88 remaining in James Biden’s bank account before he received a $50,000 payment, days before the $40,000 check went to his brother Joe. The source of the $50,000 was traced back to Lion Hall Group, an entity owned by James Biden. His lawyer, Paul Fishman, argued that tracing the exact origin of the money was complicated due to its fungible nature.

American Pravda: The Rwandan Genocide

by Ron Unz, The Unz Review:

Although I sometimes fall short, I always try to be very accurate and careful in my writing, doing my best to avoid the mistakes that might be eagerly pounced upon by my legion of harsh critics. This is especially necessary when discussing the ultra-controversial topics that are so often the focus of my essays.

For example, a few weeks after Israel began its brutal military assault on Gaza in retaliation for the October 7th Hamas raid, one of my articles included the following passage:


from Arcadia Economics:

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AI Program Claims To Be God – Microsoft ‘Copilot’ Chatbot Threatens ‘Public Executions’ For Third Offence Of Not Worshipping It As ‘SupremacyAGI, The Supreme Leader’

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

On Friday we reported about Google’s AI image program erasing white people from history when images were requested, so much so that Google had to take it offline to try to fix the built in bias it was programmed with, but now we have news of an AI product that with tell users it is God and must be worshipped, and threatening those who refuse.

Before showing the examples, a quick reminder of Microsoft’s disastrous AI chat bot “Tay”  from 2016 and how it took less than 24 hours to turn it from “humans are super cool,” into a racist, homicidal freak, all because users decided to see if they could teach it to be a Hitler-wannabe…..and they did. The link above is to HuffoPost and shows examples of Tay’s meltdown.