Sunday, April 22, 2018

Q: THE WORLD IS WATCHING: The Satanic Death Cult is Losing — Harley Schlanger

from SGTreport:

Harley Schlanger joins me to discuss the very latest Trump victories against the deep state Clinton, Podesta, Comey, FBI networks. “I think we’re about to see some dominoes fall,” Harley says, “This is a gang of criminal mafioso, pedophiles, and I would say Satanists, they have a satanic hatred of human beings. But where every single President, including Ronald Reagan, submitted on some level to this FBI deep state threat, Trump has not. And for that reason alone, he deserves support.”

#QAnon Drops Some MOABS with the Help of… Kanye West? Secret Obama Twitter Revealed?

from Neon Revolt:

Q’s posting a ton.

I love it, but at the same time, its difficult to keep up.

Don’t stop on my sake, Q.

Apologies to my readers for how late this is:

Start with Trump’s tweets this morning:

Zionism & The Gatekeepers EXPOSED — Adam Green

from SGTreport:

So, who really pulls the strings in Washington DC and in many governments around the world? To a large degree, its a cabal of dual citizens of Israel and Zionists who are beholden to the Rothschilds, and yet some of the biggest names in the alt-media refuse to discuss this subject or name the bad guys. By the way, when you research who was really behind 9/11, some of the very same names in the Zionist cabal come up time and time again.

James Woods Ignites Twitter After He Drops a MOAB on Hillary Clinton


by Cristina Laila, The Gateway Pundit:

James Woods ignited Twitter Friday night after he dropped a MOAB on Hillary Clinton.

A new book written by a NY Times reporter sheds light on Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid. It reveals Hillary Clinton said, “they were never going to let me be president” on election night after she realized Donald Trump won.

Sen Kirsten Gillibrand’s father is tied to arrested leader of sex cult


from True Pundit:

The father of New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand reportedly has ties to an alleged slave sex cult.

GOP senatorial candidate Chele Farley said on Monday that Gillibrand’s father, Doug Rutnik, was once a lobbyist for NXIVM and its founder, Keith Raniere.

Raniere was arrested by the FBI on Monday and charged with sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy.

SHOCK: ‘Smallville’ Star Recruited Female Slaves for Sex Cult


from Blunt Force Truth:

Today, the star of a popular television show was arrested on charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy.

According to a criminal complaint, Allison Mack, who starred as Chloe Sullivan in the hit superhero series “Smallville,” procured sex slaves for the NXIVM (pronounced “Nexium”) cult.

Founded by Keith Raniere in upstate New York, the cult was marketed as a women’s professional development organization.

Leading Surgeon Says Violence in Khan’s London ‘Like South Africa’, Predicts ‘Summer of Carnage’

by Virginia Hale, Breitbart:

London’s crime wave will develop into “carnage” come summer, a leading trauma surgeon has predicted, warning ultra-violence in the capital is “the new normal”.
Dr Martin Griffiths, a consultant surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust, said soaring knife and gun crime has resulted in London “looking more like South Africa, or inner-city U.S.” with regards to the rate of attacks.

“If it was hot weather right now, it would be carnage. When it gets a few degrees warmer, it’s going to be taxing. It’s going to be difficult,” he told The Times.

The doctor, who earlier this month revealed some of his military colleagues have likened the situation seen in London trauma wards to hospitals in Middle East warzones, said that treating young teenagers with life-threatening injuries had become “the bread and butter” of his work at the Royal London Hospital.

“Enough With All The Deaths” – Venezuelan Cops Clash With Protesting Patients & Doctors Over Hospital Shortages


from ZeroHedge:

The price of oil has been steadily climbing this year, but Venezuela’s financial situation remains as dire as ever.

And in the latest sign of just how desperate the country’s people are for basic necessities like food and medicine, Breitbart reports that police in Venezuela attacked patients and doctors outside Venezuela’s Health Ministry in Caracas on Wednesday as they were demonstrating over the collapse of the country’s socialized health-care system.

Black Conservatives Under Attack By Liberals For Daring To ‘Wander Off Their Plantation’ – The Level Of Viciousness Is Unprecedented


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

The one demographic that liberals hate more than white conservatives are black conservatives, whom they attack by calling them “Uncle Tom,” or “Token blacks” or “Coons” for daring to speak out and promote an ideology to which liberals do not agree with.

Part of the headline for this article comes from a comment I saw by the Communications Director for TPUSA, Candace Owens. Owens is a young, well spoken, African American woman, who is a conservative Trump supporter. As part of an ongoing discussion in relation to a school newspaper attacking students of color because they are conservative, by calling them a “token,” Owens offered the perspective of a woman of color that is attacked daily because of her political ideology, where she states in part “Democrats have successfully trained their blacks to use racist terminology against any other blacks that wander off their plantation. @temiikudayisi, “Uncle Tom, Coon, and token” are terms created by masters to create allegiance amongst slaves.”

WikiLeaks Seeks Donations to Counter-Sue the DNC: ‘Discovery Will Be Amazing Fun’


by Cassandra Fairbanks, The Gateway Pundit:

WikiLeaks has announced that they are seeking donations so that they can counter-sue the Democratic National Committee, saying that discovery is going to be “amazing fun.”

“Help us counter-sue. We’ve never lost a publishing case and discovery is going to be amazing fun,” WikiLeaks tweeted, along with the link to donate.

Trump has shared a similar sentiment about being excited for discovery, specifically the server that the Democrats have previously refused to turn over to the FBI.

Abby Martin Interview Critical of Israel Blocked by YouTube in 28 Countries

from RT:

An episode of Abby Martin’s Empire Files, featuring journalist Max Blumenthal and spotlighting rising militarism in Israel, has been blocked by YouTube in 28 countries, including Israel and the UK, for violating “local laws.”

“Just notified by YouTube that Abby Martin’s interview with Max Blumenthal has been blocked from being viewed in 28 countries (including Israel) to ‘comply with local laws.’ Actions disabled & warnings for viewers elsewhere,” the program’s official Twitter account related on Thursday.

UN Security Team Won’t Let Investigators Visit Syrian Chemical Attack Site

by Jason Ditz, The Anti Media:

Two weeks after the alleged chemical attack in Douma, chemical inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) are still in Damascus on “standby,” waiting for permission to enter Douma.

Allegations continue to swirl around this delay. Britain blamed Russia, as usual. French officials on Friday also claimed Russia was “obstructing access” to the site. The OPCW, however, has made clear for days what is causing the delay.