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Dr. Zev Zelenko joins me to expose the toxic jabs which he says are part of a massive eugenics plane many years in the planning. In this interview Dr. Z shares critical information that could save your life. Thanks for tuning in.


from SGT Report:


Researcher and radio host Brent Johnson returns to SGT Report to discuss mask and vaccine “mandates”, and Brent’s startling prediction that Joe Biden’s days left in office are numbered.

Australia is rising TF UP!!! LFG!!!


Escape Southern California – Part 2

by Eastern Sierra Sage, Survival Blog:

(Continued from part 1. This concludes the article.)


California is a wonderland, because it has many diverse areas. I classify this state as having eight different diverse areas. (“Where I’m from, is where it’s at”!)

1) Southern California littorals: This includes San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County.

2) The “Inland Empire” Kern County San Bernardino County, Riverside and Imperial Counties. Please Note: Most Californians would not classify Kern County as the inland Empire. I do because it is in-fact, Inland, separated by a coastal Mountain range and is largely desert like.

3) The Industrial Farm Counties, Tulare, Kings, San Benito, Fresno Counties.

Ep 1,273 – Biden Administration Has Stopped Responding To Del Rio Officials Amidst Border Invasion

from Bannons War Room:


Ministry of Manipulation: No Wonder Trust and Credibility Have Been Lost

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:

Now that every financial game in America has been rigged to benefit the few at the expense of the many, trust and credibility has evaporated like an ice cube on a summer day in Death Valley.

Here is America in a nutshell: we no longer solve problems, we manipulate the narrative and then declare the problem has been solved. Actually solving problems is difficult and generally requires sacrifices that are proportionate to one’s wealth and power. But since America’s elite are no longer willing to sacrifice any of their vast power for the common good, sacrifice is out in America unless it can be dumped on wage earners. But unfortunately for America’s elite, four decades of hidden-by-manipulation sacrifices have stripmined average wage earners, and so they no longer have anything left to sacrifice.

Feds Seize Monoclonal Antibodies! Life-Saving Treatments BANNED!

from Stew Peters Show:


Oregon Senators File Formal Grand Jury Petition Calling for Investigation into CDC’s Willful Misconduct to Hyperinflate COVID-19 Data Following Federal Law Violations

by Stand for Health Freedom, Global Research:

The formal request for a Grand Jury Investigation was brought forth on behalf of more than 62,200 Americans who signed a public petition gathered by Stand for Health Freedom.

Oregon State Senators Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum jointly filed a formal petition for a federal grand jury investigation into both the CDC and FDA on August 16th in the city of Medford, Oregon, Jackson County. The official letter included eight exhibits and 20 references for evidentiary materials showing a clear need to formally investigate the agencies for willful misconduct.

In March 2020, according to a paper published in the journal Science, Public Health Policy, and The Law, the CDC abruptly changed how death certificates were recorded for only one type of death—COVID-19—and circumvented multiple federal laws to do so. This hyperinflation of death certificate reporting kicked off an avalanche of data degradation and destructive public health policies.

The Strange China Feud of Soros and BlackRock

by F. William Engdahl, New Eastern Outlook:

A bizarre war of words has erupted in recent days in the pages of financial media between billionaire hedge fund and color revolution specialist, George Soros, and the gigantic BlackRock investment group. The issue is a decision by BlackRock CEO Larry Fink to open the first foreign-owned mutual fund in China presumably to attract the savings of China’s new (and fast disappearing) middle income population. In a recent newspaper interview Soros called the BlackRock decision a threat to BlackRock investors and to US national security.

Local Detroit TV Asks For Stories Of Unvaxxed Dying From COVID – Gets Over 180K Responses Of Vaccine Injured And Dead Instead

from Humans Are Free:

The corporate media narrative that unvaccinated people are filling up the hospitals and dying from COVID is quickly falling apart, perhaps faster than they even expected.

WXYZ TV Channel 7 in Detroit asked their viewers on their Facebook Page last Friday to direct message them if they lost a loved one due to COVID-19 if they refused to get one of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Local Police Fly Fox News On Chopper to Film Migrant Invasion After FAA Bans Drones Over Del Rio Bridge


by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Local police on Friday fought back against the Biden regime’s attempt to block the American people from witnessing the flood of over 11,000 Haitian migrants illegally crossing our southern border and gathering under the Del Rio International Bridge to file fraudulent “asylum” claims.

After the FAA ordered Fox News not to fly their drone over the area, the police decided to take them up on their helicopter to show the public the monumental crime that’s occurring.

A CIS reporter on the ground said the majority of the migrants are Haitians who were living safely in Chile but journeyed to the US after Biden and his handlers threw the border wide open and offered Haitians golden tickets to asylum and heaps of welfare.

Texas Hospital Faces Closure Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

by Pamella Geller, DC Clothesline:

The Democrats are taking a wrecking ball to …….. everything. Their hatred for this country is heinous and evil.

The chief executive of a hospital in Texas warned that his facility faces closure after President Joe Biden’s announcement last week that most healthcare workers get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Fired for Being White

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

The British Arts Council has appeared as another assassin of white people.  The British Arts Council’s policy of “diversity” has resulted in the English Touring Opera firing half of its orchestral musicians for being white.

Think about this.  You are a person with the desire and discipline to master a musical instrument and become a member of a performing orchestra.  You have done well and have been a long-time member of the orchestra of the English Touring Opera, but suddenly you and half the orchestra get messages that you count for nothing and are fired because you are the wrong color.

Pick any professional occupation, and you get the same result.