Thursday, May 28, 2020


from SGTreport:

The DTCC is tasked with settling more than 500 MILLION shares of stock traded each day. If they aren’t doing so, you don’t own what you think you own, and it could cost you everything. Bix Weir joins me to cover REAL NEWS the mainstream media won’t touch.


from SGT Report:

This exclusive interview with whistle blower Dr. Judy Mikovits can’t be posted on You Tube because it would be terminated and my channel given a strike. This is the truth about the Coronavirus, vaccines and the big pharma mafia.

Why Conservatives and Liberals Are Responding to COVID-19 in Vastly Different Ways

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

(FEE) In a 2008 TED Talk, psychologist Jonathan Haidt said the worst idea in psychology is the notion that humans are born as a “blank slate.”

Like the cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker, Haidt was rejecting the notion that the human mind is a blank slate at birth, an idea that can be traced to thinkers from Aristotle, to John Locke, to B.F. Skinner and beyond.

The Times: Coronavirus May Vanish Too Fast for Vaccine Trial

by Erin Elizabeth, Health Nut News:

One of the scientists behind the Oxford coronavirus vaccine has warned there is only a 50 percent chance of it working because cases in the UK are declining so fast.

The University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute and the Oxford Vaccine Group began developing a COVID-19 vaccine in January using a virus taken from chimpanzees.

With the number of UK coronavirus cases dropping every day, there may not be enough people to test it on, according to the institute’s director Professor Adrian Hill, who noted: 

Wayback Machine Latest Victim of Big Tech Consolidation and Censorship

by Raul Diego, MintPress News:

The promise of an internet modeled around democratized access to information is quickly eroding before our very eyes as the Wayback Machine falls prey to censorship creep and major tech sector consolidations take us to the point of no return

In what is turning out to be something of a latter-day dot com bust, many small to medium-sized tech startups are teetering on the edge of oblivion as the deliberate economic shutdown eats away at their capitalization and opens the door for the biggest fish in the tech space and others to pick the ripest fruit from the tech start up tree.

They’re Planning Your Future Without Your Consent


by Gary G. Kohls, MD, Lew Rockwell:

Our future – and how livable will be our existence – is being planned without our consent.

(One might say that the temperature of the “Boiling Frog” Soup that many of us haven’t jumped out of yet is approaching 100 degrees Celsius.)

Four important signs of the Brave New World that is up ahead. It is approaching more quickly than anybody without insider information has anticipated.

COVID vaccine: what else could they put in the shot?

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

There has never been a greater opportunity to deploy one vaccine against so many people. So it’s certainly not out of line to consider a “dual use.”

I have already covered the devastating effects of experimental RNA/DNA vaccine technologies—both of which could be launched with a COVID vaccine. Putting that aside for the moment, could the vaccine serve another purpose?

In this article, I raise questions. Questions about the potential covert use of nanotechnology in the COVID vaccine.

Hong Kong Police Use Tear Gas to Quell Protests Against China’s New Security LawHong Kong Police Use Tear Gas to Quell Protests Against China’s New Security Law

by Warren Mass, The New American:

Police in Hong Kong trained water cannons and fired tear gas at protestors on May 24 after thousands of demonstrators took to the streets to protest a proposal announced by China’s National People’s Congress three days earlier, “establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms” for Hong Kong in order to “safeguard national security.” Hong Kong police said they arrested at least 120 people, reported the Associated Press.

The proposal would allow China to circumvent the Hong Kong’s own legislative body to crack down on activity that Beijing considers subversive. It represented a major policy change on China’s part.

Is Trump’s New Cold War Necessary?

by Tom Luongo, Tom Luongo:

Donald Trump is winning the propaganda war against China today. But saying that doesn’t imply he either should be fighting this war or is capable of winning the real war.

What is that real war?

Retaining U.S. dominance over the flow of international capital for the next four generations.

Because that is what is at stake.

Schrödinger’s President

by Caitlin Johnstone, Caitlin Johnstone:

Right-wing pundit Ann Coulter went on a surprisingly vitriolic anti-Trump rant the other day, calling the president a “complete blithering idiot”, an “actual retard”, and “the most disloyal human God ever created” for his treatment of Jeff Sessions and his failure to build the border wall per his campaign promise.

“Coulter is right,” comedian Tim Dillon tweeted in response. “Trump doesn’t really care about immigration or the wall, it was just the way to win. He likes winning. You don’t live your entire life being a Hollywood star who hangs with the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein and then decide you actually like people from Ohio.”