Thursday, June 13, 2024

SAVING HUMANITY FROM THE DEMONS — Dr. Robert Young & TM Ballantyne

from SGT Report:

Dr. Robert Young and Tom Ballantyne the co-author of his TRUTH VS. DECEPTION book series is here to expose the systemic global plan to gut humanity via mRNA bioweapons masquerading as “vaccines”. The Covid-19 bioweapon was just the tip of the iceberg if humanity complies with what’s coming. The good news is, we can OPT OUT and we can cleanse our bodies of the toxic nano-tech and poisons that are already in all of us. This is how to do so…

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TRUTH VS. DECEPTION (4-Part Series):


from SGT Report:

Filmmaker and author Bart Sibrel returns to SGT Report to discuss the coming alien deception, Planet X sand his new book about both! Thanks for tuning in. This is Bart’s site, get the book here:

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from SGT Report:

Harley Schlanger returns to SGT Report to discuss the fact that the end is very near for the Rothschild-Rockefeller Rules Based (New World) Order. The world is awake and quickly moving away from the US Dollar Ponzi-death machine, which is increasingly desperate (and acting like it) to retain control.

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‘Countering Disinformation’ by Assassination: Lesson of the Fico Hit

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Scott Ritter interview

Massive Study in Top Medical Journal Raises Question Whether Covid-19 Vaccines Increased Instead of Decreased Deaths

by Eric Zuesse, The Duran:

The study, published on June 3rd, in one of the world’s leading medical journals, the British Medical Journal, is titled “Excess mortality across countries in the Western World since the COVID-19 pandemic: ‘Our World in Data’ estimates of January 2020 to December 2022”. Its end — its closing third —  is useful for the general public who want to know why there is increasing concern in the research-medical community regarding whether vaccines against covid-19 increased instead of decreased death-rates. The report recognizes that the purpose of a vaccine isn’t merely to reduce death-rates from a particular disease (in this case covid-19) but to reduce all-cause death-rates (“excess mortality”), which includes deaths from the given disease but is not limited to that. This study focused on the effect that the covid-19 vaccines had on all-cause death-rates, not on their effect on merely covid-19 death-rates.

Hillary Releases Merchandise Ahead of Endorsement

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The Democrats are preparing to switch out the only candidate they have permitted to run. The mainstream media has begun reporting on Biden’s faults in a calculated move to prepare the public for the big switch. The Democrats believe Hillary Clinton is the only one who could beat Donald Trump. She secured the popular vote in 2018, and they know she is not merely aligned with the establishment but is also one of the ringleaders. Why else would a “former” politician begin releasing merchandise?




Everything About Israel Is Fake

by Caitlin Johnstone, Caitlin Johnstone:

Everything about Israel is fake. It’s a completely synthetic nation created without any regard for the organic sociopolitical movements of the land and its people, slapped rootless atop an ancient pre-existing civilization with deep roots. That’s why it cannot exist without being artificially propped up by nonstop propaganda, lobbying, online influence operations, and mass military violence.

MAN OF DESTINY: A Defiant Emmanuel Macron Says He Will Not Resign ‘Whatever The Result’ Of The New Upcoming French Parliamentary Elections He’s Called

by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday said he would not resign ‘whatever the result’ of the upcoming French parliamentary elections.

That Emmanuel Macron is a ‘man of destiny’ is readily apparent, even if his political career would end today. He has defied expectations from the moment he came on the scene in 2017, adamantly declaring he would one day rule as the god Jupiter. At the rate he is going, he just might do that, and maybe a whole lot more than that. Emmanuel Macron is ready for a fight.

BREAKING: Four Democrat Leaders Arrested and Charged with Election Fraud in Bridgeport, Connecticut

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Four Democrat leaders were arrested and charged this week with election fraud in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The voter fraud was tied to a 2019 mayoral primary race.

Bridgeport City Councilman Alfredo Castillo, Vice Chair of Bridgeport’s Democrat Party Wanda Geter-Pataky were charged with election tampering.

Two campaign workers Nilsa Heredia and Josephine Edmonds were charged with election fraud and unlawfully possessing another person’s absentee ballot.

The Deep State Will Be Arrested After Trump Election, Pledges Steve Bannon

from AlexandraBruce:


Russian Embassy in the US Receives Threats

from Sputnik News:

The administration of the Russian embassy in the US and regular diplomats receive threatening messages on a daily basis, the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in Washington, Anatoly Antonov, has said.
I can confirm that threatening messages to the Russian embassy, for example, are received almost daily. And not only to the administration, but also to regular diplomats,” Antonov said in a commentary distributed by the embassy.
According to Antonov, the US authorities with their “Russophobic policy only condone such tendencies.

Ed Bugos Calls for Market Crash by Fall… Also CBDCs, Petro Dollar, and Bitcoin

from DollarVigilante:


Venezuela Makes Bid to Join China-Led BRICS – with Support from Russia

by Christian Caruzo, Breitbart:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov welcomed the interest of Venezuela’s socialist Maduro regime in joining the BRICS anti-Western bloc on Wednesday in remarks given on the sidelines of the group’s foreign ministers’ meeting.

BRICS is a China-led trade and security group originally made up of Russia, China, Brazil, India, and South Africa. The bloc agreed to expand in 2023 and as of January 2024 includes Egypt, Ethiopia, the United Arab Emirates, and Iran. Saudi Arabia is reportedly in the process of finalizing its membership.

15 Stockpile Foods You Could Store Forever

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

I came across this really great video from my friends over at Mind4Survival and it was so helpful, I wanted to post it here.

There are some stockpile foods you can store that never expire, no matter how long you have them, as long as they are stored correctly. They make the backbone of a fantastic stockpile, too.

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A Message to the American People

from Reese Report:


The Five Stages Of Denial When Skeptics Are Faced With Economic Collapse

by Brandon Smith, Alt Market:

In light of the recent resurgence of inflation on top of increasingly rigged employments stats, declining manufacturing and stagnant wages I think it’s important to revisit a fundamental question: What does an economic collapse look like?

As I have said for years an economic collapse is NOT an event, it’s a process. When people think of a historic crisis they usually imagine something like the stock market crash of 1929 at the beginning of the Great Depression. However, there were numerous indicators and warning signs leading up to that crash that should have tipped people off. There were even a handful of economists that voiced concerns about impending instability, yet they were ignored.