Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Brooklyn College Education Prof. Claims Math Is ‘White Supremacist Patriarchy’


by Tom Ciccota, Breitbart:

Brooklyn College Professor of Math Education Laurie Rubel argued this week on Twitter that the mathematical equation 2+2=4 “reeks of white supremacist patriarchy.” Rubel’s tweet was retweeted and promoted by several academics at universities and colleges around the nation.

According to a report by Campus Reform, Brooklyn College Professor Laurie Rubel, who teaches math education, tried to make the case this week that basic math is “white supremacist.” The tweets are part of a larger trend in recent scholarship by American academics, many of which have argued that “objective truth” is a social construct.


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

As children and young adults gear up to get back to school this autumn, college campuses that are open will be imposing varying degrees of draconian testing on the students.

Students enrolled at New York’s public colleges must first pass a COVID-19 test in order to get access to campus in a bid to prevent the spread of the contagious virus.  Before setting foot on campus, a student must submit to the highly inaccurate (different studies show the PCR tests give a 50-80% false-positive rate) test.

“Given reported delays for COVID-19 test results and lack of testing availability in some areas, all University at Albany students should be tested as soon as possible in order to have results prior to the beginning of fall classes,” Michael Christakis, vice president of student affairs, said in a “Dear Great Dane” letter to students, according to a report by the New York Post. 

#WhiteHouseSiege – This Group Plans to “Lay Siege to” and “Occupy” the White House Next Month

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

The group that takes credit for the Occupy Wall Street movement of 2011 has a new and even more outrageous plan in mind. They intend to “occupy” the White House.

Adbusters, an online magazine that describes itself as “a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age” issued a post that they called Tactical Briefing #1 to launch their plans to “lay siege” to the President’s home in Washington, DC. (Emphasis theirs)

Censorship in Medical Journals Is Harmful, Also for Patients

by Professor Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD, Lew Rockwell:

It has become increasingly difficult to publish articles in medical journals that are critical of drugs or the drug industry, or that expose fraud and other wrongdoing committed by doctors. It is also difficult to publish articles documenting that the status quo in a medical specialty is harmful for the patients even though such articles should be warmly welcomed. Particularly in psychiatry, it has been amply documented that guild interests are far more important than the patients’ survival and well-being.1,2

For top general medical journals, e.g. Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine, the conflicts of interest are obvious, as the revenue from drugs ads and selling reprints of trial reports constitutes a substantial proportion of their income.3 Top specialty journals have similar conflicts. In addition, they usually have part-time editors who are keen to protect the specialty’s guild interests and prevailing dogmas.

The Dollar Is Dying

by MN Gordon, Acting Man:

Insulting the Captive Audience

This week, while perusing the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet figures, we came across a rather curious note.  We don’t know how long the Fed’s had this note posted to its website.  But we can’t recall ever seeing it.  The note reads as follows:


“The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet has expanded and contracted over time.  During the 2007-08 financial crisis and subsequent recession, total assets increased significantly from $870 billion in August 2007 to $4.5 trillion in early 2015.  Then, reflecting the FOMC’s balance sheet normalization program that took place between October 2017 and August 2019, total assets declined to under $3.8 trillion.  Beginning in September 2019, total assets started to increase.”

Textron and the New Manhattan Project

by Peter Kirby, Activist Post:

Textron Incorporated has serious implications for the development and execution of today’s New Manhattan Project. The company’s founder was the nephew of Arthur D. Little. Their Bell Aerospace divisions were acquired by a future chairman of the United States Federal Reserve Bank. They have serious connections to former Nazis. Today Textron trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TXT and their main business operations are in aerospace and specifically military aerospace including the production of drone aircraft. To gain the deepest of understandings here, please refer to the new, greatly revised and expanded second edition of the author’s book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project, available exclusively at Amazon.

$1.5 Billion Just Doesn’t Buy The Same Amount Of Silver It Used To (Not Even From One Month Ago)

from Silver Doctors:

In less than one month, $1.5 Billion dollars (recall Sprott’s SEC filing) lost nearly 30% of its purchasing power in terms of physical silver…

by Larry White of The View From Our Whitehouse

This blog is not an investment advice blog and also does not claim any kind of expertise in precious metals other than just some basic common knowledge. But we do monitor the precious metals markets for several reasons. For one thing, sharp upside movement in these markets has historically been a signal that something abnormal is going on and that confidence in the present system may be wavering. So, it’s important to monitor it. With that in mind, let’s explore some things going on.

Why Sweden, pilloried by the whole world for refusing to lock down – with schools staying open and no face mask laws – may be having the last laugh as experts say Stockholm is close to achieving herd immunity

by Ian Birrell, Daily Mail:

  • Swedish health experts say struggle against pandemic is ‘marathon not a sprint’
  • The country has one of the highest death rates from coronavirus in the world
  • Anders Tegnell’s refusal to impose lockdown is held up by critics as a warning
  • But is it possible the Scandinavian nation made the right call in the long-term?