Saturday, October 16, 2021

Biden Admin to Send the Taliban Millions in US Dollars After Arming them with $83 Billion in US Military Weapons

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Joe Biden supplied the Taliban terrorist organization and their Islamist accomplices with several years’ worth of US armaments.
Rather than destroying the equipment before leaving the country, Joe Biden decided to leave the nearly $85 billion worth of US military equipment to the Taliban.

Cultural Warfare in the 20th Century: How Western Civilization Came Undone

by Matthew Ehret, Strategic Culture:

Which future wins out in the unfolding battle over humanity will be shaped by the decisions and discoveries we make (or fail to make) in the days ahead, Matthew Ehret writes.

In my last article “Guterres and the Great Reset: How Capitalism Became a Time Bomb”, I made the case that the time bomb justifying a Great Reset of civilization was set into motion over 50 years ago. In that location, we were introduced to a cast of characters surrounding the World Economic Forum and Trilateral Commission who played instrumental roles in bringing about a controlled disintegration of western civilization.

Globalists Come to Agreement on Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate


by James Murphy, The New American:

No less than 136 countries have reached a deal that would set a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) announced the agreement on Friday.

The United States is one of those 136 countries.

Among other things, the deal is meant to stop the practice of corporations setting up operations in countries with low corporate taxes in order to avoid punitive taxation in some countries.

According to the terms of the agreement, corporations in the 136 signatory countries will be subject to a 15 percent tax beginning in 2023.

Poland accelerates gold buying: Plans to purchase 100 tonnes during 2022


by Ronan Manly, BullionStar:

Poland’s central bank, the National Bank of Poland (NBP), which stunned gold markets back in 2019 when it purchased 100 tonnes of gold bars in London and then promptly flew the gold back to Warsaw, has just confirmed that it now plans to buy another 100 tonnes of gold during 2022.

The news was confirmed this week by Adam Glapiński, president of Poland’s central bank, in a 5 October special interview with Polish magazine ‘Strefa Biznesu’ in advance of the ‘Congress 590’ economic conference in Warsaw. As well as heading the Polish central bank, Glapiński is also an economics professor.

Complete Blackout in Lebanon as Two Biggest Power Stations Reportedly Shut Down Over Fuel Shortage

from Sputnik News:

Lebanon’s power outage caused by a shortage of fuel is set to continue for several days, Reuters reported on Saturday, citing official sources.
The two biggest power stations in Lebanon have stopped working due to a shortage of fuel, reportedly leaving the Middle Eastern country in complete darkness.

Georgia to Pilot Digital Currency in Retail Commerce Next Year

by Lubomir Tassev, Bitcoin:

The central bank of Georgia is advancing its digital currency project. The monetary authority is preparing to launch the CBDC as early as next year and plans to use the blockchain-based version of the national fiat, the Georgian lari, to facilitate retail sales.

Georgia to Introduce Digital Lari in 2022

The National Bank of Georgia (NBG) intends to pilot its own digital currency in a program scheduled for next year, Vice President Papuna Lezhava revealed this week. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, the high-ranking official remarked that 85% of the world’s central banks are already working on state-issued digital currencies. Quoted by the Interfax news agency, Lezhava stated:

One of the Biggest Money Printers, the BoJ, Stopped Printing Money

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

All eyes are on the Fed, which will follow. ECB also getting nervous. Other central banks are way ahead.

The Bank of Japan is one of the top three QE monsters in terms of the absolute amount of assets it purchased. The Fed and the ECB round out the trio. The BoJ started QE over 20 years ago, and went hog wild under Abenomics, which became the economic religion of Japan in 2013. But the era of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ended in September 2020, and Abenomics is now finished. What’s left of it is that the BoJ now holds about half of the huge pile of the central government’s debt.

“Catastrophic” Property Sales Mean China’s Worst Case Scenario Is Now In Play


from ZeroHedge:

No matter how the Evergrande drama plays out – whether it culminates with an uncontrolled, chaotic default and/or distressed asset sale liquidation, a controlled restructuring where bondholders get some compensation, or with Beijing blinking and bailing out the core pillar of China’s housing market – remember that Evergrande is just a symptom of the trends that have whipsawed China’s property market in the past year, which has seen significant contraction as a result of Beijing policies seeking to tighten financial conditions as part of Xi’s new “common prosperity” drive which among other things, seeks to make housing much more affordable to everyone, not just the richest.

The Mechanics of the Global Gold Market

by Jan Nieuwenhuijs, The Gold Observer Substack:

How the physical gold price is set, and how physical and derivates markets around the world are connected and interact.

Founding Members of The Gold Observer may submit a topic for an article. One of the first Founding Members was Marko Viinikka, who asked me to write an article about how the global gold market operates and how the physical gold price is set. An excellent topic! How can we ever understand gold if we don’t know how the global market functions?

Chinese Real Estate Imploding?


by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:

As China’s massive (and massively corrupt) real estate developer Evergrande circles the drain, an anxious world is wondering if this is an isolated and therefore manageable problem, or the first in a cascade of failures that threaten to pop the everything bubble.

On Monday a second domino fell:

China’s Property Fantasia Turns Nightmarish

(Wall Street Journal) – Was it all just a pleasant dream? Investors in Chinese property developer Fantasia’s dollar debt who a year ago were feasting on juicy, but still single-digit yields, now find themselves without their principal. Many others could find themselves in a similar position soon.

Chinese Nuke Capable ICBM Flies Over Sydney = Silence.

by Stucky, The Burning Platform:

Not a mention of it an Drudge. Or, American Thinker. Or, even Russia Today.  Even Taiwan websites have just a little blurb about it.  No analysis or seemingly, any concern whatsoever, anywhere. 

WTF is going on?? Isn’t his a Big Deal.  Sure, Russia/China/USA play these silly incursion games all the time.  Bombers flying near a country’s air space, only to get intercepted and turned back. Ships doing the same shit. But this is all together on a different scale.  A fucken ICBM actually flying over Syndey Australia … and the world’s news outlets are virtually silent??  Ya’ll know I’m not big on conspiracies … but I smell a Big Fat Conspiracy Of Silence.  China isn’t sending a message to Australia .. “build those8 nuke subs and we’ll nuke YOUR ass”?    Right.  Maybe it wasn’t an ICBM … it was just a weather balloon. Yeah, that’s it.


by Harvey Organ, Harvey Organ Blog: