Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Latent Objectives of Saudi Crown Prince’s Maiden Foreign Tour


by Salman Rafi Sheikh, New Eastern Outlook:

Whereas the Saudi crown prince, Muhammad Bin Salman (MBS), ‘the modernizer’, has ostensibly set on his maiden foreign tour to attract investment and transfer of technology from foreign investors to make his vision 2030 a national and commercial success, it is just more than a coincidence that the route of his tour coincides with the countries that have been directly and indirectly aiding the House of Saud in its tussle and indirect war with Iran, and some of which are also a party to the Iran-nuke deal. Talk about Egypt, a country that was one of the countries to commit its military to the Saudi led coalition that invaded Yemen, or the United Kingdom that has been selling weapons worth billions to the House of Saud, which the later has been using against the Houthis, an indigenous ethnic group in Yemen that the Kingdom claims is receiving support from Iran. Let’s not also forget the United States, which has been the Kingdom’s main ally and is even willing to scrap the Iran-nuke deal. Therefore, in his visits, MBS’ one of the main point of concerns to discuss with his allies is to find ways to lure them deeper into the regional conflict against Iran, whose supreme leader, MBS thinks, is a new Hitler, convince them of scrapping the Iran deal and thus build up international momentum for rolling back Iran’s influence that comes at the expense of Saudi influence, which is witnessing not just the rise of Iran but also Turkey, which the MBS recently included in his regional ‘axis of evil’ and unwittingly locked Iran and Turkey, at least in his calculations, into an alliance, adding to his difficulties.

Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda “Rebels” in the Use of Chemical Weapons, Confirmed by CNN

by Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research:

In recent developments, Moscow has provided evidence that the U.S is training Al Qaeda affiliated “militants groups” in the use of chemical. A March 17, Russia’s Ministry of Defense states the following:

“We have reliable information at our disposal that US instructors have trained a number of militant groups in the vicinity of the town of At-Tanf, to stage provocations involving chemical warfare agents in southern Syria. … The provocations will be used as a pretext by the United States and its allies to launch strikes on military and government infrastructure in Syria.’

In a bitter irony, Moscow’s allegations directed against the U.S. are confirmed by CNN.

While the Western media casually upholds Washington’s narrative which consists in blaming Bashar Al Assad of killing his own people, coincidently they also refute their own lies. Not only do they confirm that the Pentagon has been training the terrorists in the use of chemical weapons for more than five years. they also acknowledge the existence of a not so secret “US-backed plan to launch a chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime”

Can Nuclear War Be Avoided?

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

Two factors are driving the world to nuclear war. One is the constant stream of insults, false accusations and broken agreements that the West has been dumping on Russia year after year. The other is Russia’s response, or, perhaps more correctly, the lack thereof.

Articles documenting Washington’s betrayals and provocations of Russia are available online and on my website. There is no point in repeating them here.

I have pointed out that the Russian government’s factual, diplomatic, and legal responses actually produce more provocations and insults. See, for example, https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2018/03/17/war-is-on-the-horizon/ Stephen Lendman agrees (http://stephenlendman.org/2018/03/russia-expelling-23-uk-diplomats-way-inadequate/ ) and so does Peter Koenig ( https://thesaker.is/russias-reaction-to-the-insults-of-the-west-is-political-suicide/ ).


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

This has been an unusual week for articles, especially on the subject of cyber warfare, for a number of people sent me articles about different cyber-warfare attacks. What I want to do today is to bring them to your attention, along with some (very) high octane speculation.

First, Mr. J.S. sent along this article about Chinese cyber attacks on American naval vessels (USS Fitzgerald, anyone?):

US ships targeted by Chinese cyber attackers, report alleges

And of course, no week should go by without a story about the Russians meddling in… well, just about everything, this time, in American power grids, according to this story shared by Mr. S.D.:


by Anna Rodgers, Collective Evolution:

Here at Collective Evolution we have shared many articles about the lack of safety and efficacy to do with vaccines, and we like to shine a much needed light on the issues surrounding the pharmaceutical companies who make them. However, there are other problems that are not often given much thought in relation to third world countries.

Fake Hepatitis Vaccine
News broke in Uganda recently regarding a vaccine program that was rolled out in 2015 regarding the Hepatitis vaccine that apparently has since been given to approximately 5 million people.

Recently, the Ugandan National Drug Authority (NDA) confiscated the use of the hepatitis vaccine due to discovering it was found to be ‘fake’. It was produced by the Serum Institute, a company based in India, that is Asia’s biggest vaccine producer and also the second largest vaccine producer in the world.

Hellen Ndagigye, who is the director of product safety at the NDA said they had found several privately owned medical facilities which had been using this ‘fake’ vaccine. These facilities included hospitals and pharmacies.

West’s Problem With Putin is That He’s Challenged Unipolar World Order – Analyst


from Sputnik News:

Russians went to the polls on Sunday, reelecting President Vladimir Putin in a landslide. Meanwhile, Western governments and much of their media have attempted to dismiss the significance of the vote. Speaking to Sputnik, investigative journalist Rick Sterling explained what the West’s problem seems to be.

Putin confidently won a fourth term in Sunday’s presidential election, taking over 76% of the vote amid turnout of over 67%. Unfortunately, as Rick Sterling pointed out, some Western countries just can’t seem to accept that result.

“The West is already diminishing the results here,” the journalist said, speaking to Radio Sputnik. “The New York Times is calling it a ‘charade’. And the one thing I would note here is that when the West likes the results of an election, they say it was free and fair, no matter how corrupt it was. If they don’t like the results, they say it was unfair and a charade – for example in Russia today they’re calling it a charade.”

Vladimir Putin re-elected Russia’s President in landslide win


by Alexander Mercouris, The Duran:

With over 80% of the votes counted incumbent Russian President Vladimir Putin is steamrolling towards an even bigger landslide win than predicted in the Russian Presidential election in which he is seeking re-election.

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Russia’s Central Election Commission puts Putin’s share of the vote at over 76% – even more than had been predicted – with Pavel Grudinin, the Communist Party’s candidate, a very distant second at 12%.

The exact size of the turnout is not yet clear, but it appears to be 67%, roughly in line with the 65% turnout in the previous Presidential election of 2012, suggesting that very few Russian voters in the end heeded the call of the liberal ‘non-system’ opposition leader Alexey Navalny for a boycott.

South Africa’s White Farmers Reportedly Being Murdered & Tortured Off Their Land


by Lew Rockwell, Lew Rockwell:

Violent attacks against South Africa’s white farmers are on the rise, according to Paul Toohey, a reporter from Australia’s Daily Telegraph, who traveled to the country.

Last month, South Africa’s parliament voted to allow white-owned land expropriation without compensation. That followed South Africa’s new President Cyril Ramaphosa’s pledge to return the lands owned by white farmers since the 1600s to the black citizens of the country. He claimed the land was “taken under colonialism and apartheid.”

“This is normal in South Africa to be attacked on a farm,” a 39-year old farmer Berdus Henrico told the reporter.

Opposition Grows to Merkel Macron EU Superstate

by F. William Engdahl, New Eastern Outlook:

A predictable process of dis-integration across the European union is underway. It has now gained momentum not only from the elections in Italy where more than two-thirds voted against open borders refugee policies pushed by Brussels. And it comes not only from Austria or the East states such as Hungary and Poland or the new Austrian government. Now opposition to the Berlin-Paris-Brussels “centralist” axis is coming from Holland and a group of northern EU countries. The issue at the heart involves nations who are asserting the sanctity of national sovereignty versus those who want to dissolve borders and create some form of top-down EU Superstate, euphemistically called the “ever closer union.” The conflict will determine the future viability of the entire European Union project. Brexit was only the first crack in the EU edifice.

Triggering War. A Manufactured “Catalytic Event” Which Will Initiate An All Out War? Are We Going to Let this Happen Again?

by Prof. Graeme McQueen, Global Research:

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand on June 28, 1914 led to the outbreak of World War I. The Gulf of Tonkin incidents on August 2 and August 4, 1964 enabled what we call the Vietnam War

Russi-Gate, Novichok, Eastern Ghouta, False Flags?

This carefully research article by Professor Graeme McQueen presents a timely historical viewpoint which is routinely “censored” by the mainstream media as well by the search engines. The danger of World War III is not front-page news.

Kindly consider forwarding it Professor McQueen’s article to your friends and colleagues, crosspost it on alternative media and blog sites.

The threat of World War III is real, yet there is no anti-war movement in sight. In the US, Canada and the EU, the peace movement is defunct, ignorant of the broader implications of nuclear war.

Russian interview with Putin (and others) discusses geopolitics, nationhood, and America

by Eric Zuesse, Washington’s Blog:

https://off-guardian.org/2018/03/15/no-russia-no-world-full-movie-world-order-2018/ discusses and presents a new feature-length, interview-laced, documentary, about the way that Russians, and also Putin, view America, and view the future of Russia. Here are, for me, the highlights from the included video (and I shall link to previous commentaries from me at relevant points, so as to clarify some of the references that are spoken about):

7:34- Carla Del Ponte, UN prosecutor on Syrian war crimes: “The important thing is for peace to prevail, so that civilians can return to their homes, so that refugees return to Syria. I think only Russia can achieve peace in Syria.”