Saturday, April 21, 2018

Developing: Obama CIA Chief John Brennan Made Secret Visit to Russia Around Same Time as Fusion GPS Produced anti-Trump Memos

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Well isn’t this interesting.

Obama CIA Chief John Brenna, who is fiercely anti-Trump, made a secret visit to Moscow in March 2016.

Weeks later in June Christopher Steele with Fusion GPS, who was hired indirectly by Hillary Clinton, produced his first anti-Trump memo.

Via The Donald Reddit:


from InfoWars:

Pranks could damage secretive fraternity’s reputation, expert says

Someone at Yale University is using the Skull & Bones fraternity’s “mysterious nature” to prank students into performing humiliating tasks with the promise of inducting them into the secret society, the AP reports.

Yale police say they’ve received calls from three students who said they were contacted by an anonymous caller claiming to be a Skull & Bones member.

23 Years Later: The Oklahoma City Bombing Story You Were Never Told About

by S.M. Gibson, The Anti Media:

Sgt. Terrance Yeakey was an Oklahoma City Police Officer, a first responder to the OKC bombing, and an American hero. Officer Yeakey, known to friends as Terry, saved the lives of eight people from the Alfred P. Murrah building on the morning of April 19, 1995.

Terry was a few blocks away from Timothy McVeigh and the now infamous Ryder truck-which was brimming with explosives-when it detonated and erased the lives of 168 people, including 19 children. Yeakey rushed to the blast site, and without regard for his own life, began pulling people from the rubble one by one.

Doug Casey on the Demise of Nation States

by Doug Casey, Casey Research:

Justin’s note: Longtime readers know what Doug Casey thinks of nation states. He says they’ve mostly been an “inefficient, counterproductive, and expensive nuisance” and a “testimony to how thoughtless the average person is.

He also says nation states are going out of business.

I recently called him up to get an update on where we are today… and what to expect going forward.

Today and tomorrow, I’m sharing our discussion. I think you’ll enjoy…

Child ‘Victim’ of Alleged Syrian Gas Attack Speaks Out, Says He Was Given Food to Make the Video

by John Vibes, The Free Thought Project:

Incredible and bombshell testimony from a young boy who appeared on film during the alleged “chemical attack” in Syria this month, claims there was no attack and he went through the process of getting hosed off just to get free food.

In the weeks since the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria, evidence contradicting the official story continues to surface.

This week, journalists on the ground in Syria recorded interviews with some of the people who were there for the alleged attacks – people who actually appeared in the video that was shared widely by Syrian rebels associated with the White Helmets on April 7th, provoking attacks from the United States Military and its allies.

Today’s Outlook: Global Annihilation, Grave Robbing, and More

by Phil Butler, New Eastern Outlook:

A few days before the United States, Britain, and France wasted several hundred millions of dollars attacking Syria, a The Guardian report from Thomson Award-winning journalist, Martin Chulov assured us the now notorious White Helmets Organization (WHO) were planning to smuggle dead bodies out of Douma, Syria. wreaking with a mystery nerve agent. Unfortunately for Chulov and others who create the anti-Russia narrative, the victims in Douma did not die from a gas attack.

Last week, when the U.S.S. Truman (CVN-75) battle group set sail from Norfork, Virginia, there was a race on to try and cover the ass of the President of the United States. Donald Trump’s boisterous “nice, new, and smart” missile Tweet in the direction of Vladimir Putin stunned the world into a new realization. The Americans who supported the billionaire property developing celebrity are not getting what they voted for. As we all know now, the U.S., France, and the UK fired missiles at mundane targets from various ships and aircraft in order to help Trump keep his word. The essence of the whole sorted affair is that peace on Earth and making American great again (MAGA) are mutually exclusive terms for Trump and his handlers. In case you are unaware, at the moment Trump promised almost certain war against the world’s second nuclear superpower, he did not have in place the capability to back up his threat toward Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Russia. So, in their infinite military wisdom, the Pentagon came up with a “Plan B” – to fire over 100 missiles at research facilities the U.S. and partners could later claim were chemical weapons fascilities. Never mind the reality of blasting VX and Sarin gas (or worse) stockpiles to bits just outside the oldest city in the world – the Trump world order knows the people are too busy or too stupid to “get it”. But my purpose here is not to analyze American policy, it’s investigate how trusted journalists end up trying to convince us of administration lies, and the role various stakeholders play in creating strategy support groups like the White Helmets.

On the Criminal Referral of Comey, Clinton et al: Will the Constitution Hold and the Media Continue to Suppress the Story?

by Ray McGovern, Washington’s Blog:

Wednesday’s criminal referral by 11 House Republicans of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well as several former and serving top FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) officials is a giant step toward a Constitutional crisis.

Named in the referral to the DOJ for possible violations of federal law are: Clinton, former FBI Director James Comey; former Attorney General Loretta Lynch; former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe; FBI Agent Peter Strzok; FBI Counsel Lisa Page; and those DOJ and FBI personnel “connected to” work on the “Steele Dossier,” including former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates and former Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente.

“A Calamitous Collapse”: Former Podesta Group Employees Reveal Truth Behind Firm’s Downfall

from ZeroHedge:

Former Podesta Group employees have spilled the beans about their former boss, Tony Podesta – in a scathing Wall Street Journal article which details the firm’s collapse. As part of the report, The Journal got its hands on “internal Podesta Group accounting,” as well as “financial documents, calendars and communications.”

The D.C. lobbying firm founded in 1993 by John and Tony Podesta folded shop following Hillary Clinton’s monumental loss in the 2016 US election, when a flood of clients ran for the door virtually overnight, realizing the Podesta Group’s influence ended with the Clinton campaign.