Saturday, April 21, 2018

Police Use Fingerprints Pulled From WhatsApp Photo To Secure Convictions

by Dawn Luger, Activist Post:

Police have used a photo sent through the app “WhatsApp” to get a fingerprint and used that fingerprint to secure drug convictions against eleven people. If part of your finger is showing, cops can now use that small bit as fingerprint evidence.

This new and “groundbreaking” technique of matching fingerprints found in photos “is the future” of how cops will catch “criminals.” It’s changing how law enforcement looks at social media images for potential evidence.

New American History textbook: Trump’s ‘not-very-hidden racism connected with significant number of voters’

by Kyle Olson, The American Mirror:

American schools are the battlefield for our children’s minds and progressives are in charge of it all, from writing the textbooks, to those reading them aloud in class.

Indianapolis talk radio host Alex On-Air posted several examples on Twitter from the Advanced Placement edition of “By The People: A History of the United States,” published by textbook giant Pearson which has a copyright of 2019.


by Richard Enos, Collective Evolution:

Recently, Senator Richard Pan of the California State Legislature introduced legislation entitled ‘False Information Strategic Plans,’ a bill that would task all social media sites that have a physical presence in California not only to have a plan to fully distinguish between the truth and falsity of all the content they publish and share, but also to “mitigate the spread of false information through news stories,” presumably through some remarkable discipline of self-censoring, or by “placing a warning on a news story containing false information.”

Where do we even start with this one?

For us to believe that Mr. Pan actually harbours expectations that the state could succeed in compelling social media sites to make the enormous effort to implement such a plan is ludicrous for so many obvious reasons.

The NSA Wants a Skeleton Key to Everyone’s Encrypted Data

by Gavin Hanson, Activist Post:

Like it or not, you are your data. In this day and age, your receipts, social media activity, public records, GPS data, and Internet search history are the proof of who you are. And while you may have thought you had secrets, the Federal Government would like the rest of them.

The seemingly innocuous pieces of information we trade away every day create a detailed mosaic of our lives used to target advertising and create personality profiles that are exploited by the FBI, political operatives like Cambridge Analytica, and Russian propagandists.

And those are just the legal shenanigans! Instances of malicious hacking that jeopardize social security numbers and other important data are on the rise as well.

But all hope is not lost! There is but one meaningful defense against such intrusions, one used by whistleblowers, banks, the government (often poorly), and college students: encryption.

The Facebook Privacy Revelations Aren’t That Shocking

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

So we’ll also have to point out Google’s own repeated violations and abuses of users’ privacy, and how, despite all the creepiness emanating from Facebook these days, Google still manages to find ways of being way creepier in its privacy invasions.

It’s shocking, shocking, I tell you! Apparently, and I’m just learning this from some breaking news headlines so bear with me, but apparently Facebook has not been on the up and up when it comes to protecting their users’ privacy. Incredible, I know. I mean, these are still early reports so we’ll have to wait and see, but…

Big Tech Scrambles After Zuckerberg Testimony Highlights The Scope Of Online Censorship And His Ignorance About The ‘Monster’ He Created

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

While liberal media is praising Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerg’s two day testimony in front of the Senate and the House of Representatives, and critics have a bit of fun trolling him over his use of a “booster seat,” conservatives and Independent Media watched for questions and answers to the blatant censorship practices by Facebook employees.


The good news is that it was Mark Zuckerberg who was put on the hot seat, not some lacky or representative, which forced much more attention to the proceedings.

The Senate and the House wanted to question Zuckerberg on the issue of data breaches, where outside entities were able to obtain the data of Facebook users, those on their friends lists, family, and a whole host of other private data, but finally having Zuckerberg himself in front of them, Republicans in both the House and the Senate also brought up the censoring of conservatives and Independent Media that has been documented, some using charts and graphs proving that FB’s algorithms were censoring people based on their political ideology.

WATCH: Sheriff of Deadliest Dept in US Says His Deputies Have Financial Incentive to “Kill” People

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Bakersfield, CA — The sheriff of Kern County, Donny Youngblood is on the defensive this month after a local police union released a video in which he states it is “better financially” for law enforcement officers to kill suspects than to injure them.

According to KCDOA (Kern County Detention Officers Association), the union who released the video, the footage is from an endorsement interview with then Sheriff candidate Donny Youngblood.

In a Facebook post this week, the union threw the sheriff under the bus, noting:


by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

The perception of Facebook is at an all time low, and they’re receiving a lot of bad press. Despite the fact that it’s probably well deserved, Facebook has still provided a great opportunity for free speech, the sharing of information we never really hear from the mainstream media, and an overall general voice and measurement regarding the planet’s perception of various events. It seemed to be a democracy of information, but unfortunately, the government has now implemented multiple measures to combat what’s become known as “fake news.” As a result, peoples choice has been taken away from them with regards to what they want to see. The government has stepped in and is playing the role of fact checker, and information verifier.

Report: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Personally Chooses Accounts to Be Banned

by Charlie Nash, Breitbart:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey personally chooses which accounts should be banned and sanctioned on his social network, according to a report.
Fast Company reportedly spoke to “several sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity” about Dorsey’s interest in personally selecting accounts to be banned.

“Jack said we should do this,” proclaimed the sources. “Jack was making those calls. They were very smart about it–you’re not going to find a paper trail… He was very good about providing certain items to [the] safety [team] and asking for action. He would tell somebody, You should check out this account–you should do something about it.”

Facebook Installed Dozens of Ex-Obama & Ex-Hillary Staffers in Senior Positions

by Pamella Geller, Freedom OutPost:

If you want to know why Facebook has an anti-conservative bias problem, you need look no further than the staffers at the company.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has been defending his company’s privacy and advertising practices to querying congressional members on Capitol Hill.

But if you want to know why Facebook has an anti-conservative bias problem, you need look no further than the staffers at the company.

Apparently, Facebook employs dozens of individuals with tight ties to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — and puts them in key positions of influence.

India’s Big Brother: Fingerprint and Eye Scans Required for Food and Medicine


by Mish Shedlock, The Maven:

India collects biometric data on 1.3 billion residents for use in a nationwide identity system called Aadhaar.

The New York Times notes Big Brother has Arrived in India.

Seeking to build an identification system of unprecedented scope, India is scanning the fingerprints, eyes and faces of its 1.3 billion residents and connecting the data to everything from welfare benefits to mobile phones.

We Are At War: Attacked Physically Offline And Virtually Online – Conservatives, Trump Supporters And Independent Media Under Siege


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

Unhinged liberals are physically and verbally attacking Conservative Trump supporters, online and offline, downplayed by liberal media in order to distract the public from seeing the fact that we are, very literally, at war……. right here in America.

While the media is focused on Syria, captivating America’s attention, or bashing the U.S. President on a daily basis, with CNN focused on Russia “sex coaches,” strippers and teenagers that don’t know how to keep their mouths shut, what is not being reported by liberal media outlets is the ongoing vicious attacks, both offline and online, against conservative Trump supporters.

A woman who was physically attacked at a DC restaurant for being a Trump supporter, and a teenage girl verbally attack by a liberal state council member for wearing a #MAGA shirt, are just the latest two examples.

It Begins: California Senator Introduces Bill to Kill Free Speech, Requires State-Sanctioned Fact Checkers to Approve Online Content

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Richard Pan is a far left California state senator.

Pan recently introduced legislation to crack down on free speech on the internet.

Pan’s legislation would force online publishers to utilize state-sanctioned fact checkers to approve content before it is posted online.