Thursday, April 18, 2024

New ‘Pronoun Button’ on LinkedIn Will Hasten Site’s Descent into Woke Irrelevance

by C.J. Strachan, Daily Sceptic:

LinkedIn was once a great idea, a global network for business professionals. However, like so many institutions, its embrace of ‘woke’ has turned it into a cross between a vapid corporate virtue signalling brochure, a digital maoist self criticism session and an enforcement arm of the mono politics of the modern management class. Its recent introduction of the ‘Pronoun Button’ is merely the latest step in its descent into irrelevance.

Back in my misspent youth I was a headhunter (Boo Hiss!), you know, one step up from the bottom of the pond Estate Agents. Headhunters do, however, provide a necessary service as very few executives have the time or the network to identify possible hires and, even if they do, it is often inappropriate to approach them directly. When LinkedIn was launched, to say I was an early fan would have been an understatement. I signed up – as it happens I am in the first 700,000 users of LinkedIn, which in the past this was a ‘thing to have’ because you’d get thrown nice badges and articles etc. rewarding your foresight and early adoption.


from TheCrowhouse:


How the CIA created “woke” culture

by Eduardo Vasco, Strategic Culture:

In 1953, John McCloy, former U.S. Under Secretary of War, former President of the World Bank and former High Commissioner in Germany, took over as president of the Ford Foundation. In this last role, McCloy provided cover for numerous CIA agents. It was he who, as president of the foundation, ensured that the agency’s interests were met, creating an internal committee to deal specifically with the CIA, composed of himself and two other foundation executives. “They would check with this specific committee and, when it was judged to be a reasonable thing, that did not go against the long-term interests of the Foundation, the project was handed over to internal staff and other executives of the house [without that they] were aware of the origins of the proposal”, said McCloy’s biographer, quoted by Frances Stonor Saunders in her book “Who Paid the Piper? The CIA and the Cultural Cold War”.

Alex Jones: I Already Knew the CIA-FBI was Running a Deep State Takedown Operation Against Me – It Came Out in Court in Connecticut – The FBI was a Party to It, Advising Them (VIDEO)

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Infowars host and founder Alex Jones joined Steve Bannon on The War Room the day after undercover video revealed a CIA-FBI operative explaining how the FBI used their powers to bankrupt Alex and Infowars.

Alex Jones told Steve Bannon that President Trump needs to “fire their ass” and clean house at the deep state when he comes into office in 2025.

ABC Moonbat: Global Warming Caused Earthquake, Eclipse

from Moonbattery:

The stupidity of the propagandists who install opinions via television is so massive, it could shake the earth and blot out the sun. Sunny Hostin exceeds the cognitive deficiency even of her cohosts on the ABC News program The View, as she confirmed today by suggesting that the imaginary climate crisis caused an earthquake and the eclipse.

The indoctrination of our military using DEI and CRT – Violating Civil and Constitutional Rights

by Edward Haugland, America Outloud:

This is a shocking recollection of events and chronology that involves me and two instructors at the Army War College (AWC), the DOD IG, DOJ, US Army IG and FOIA office, and two US Senate offices regarding my concerns and belief that not only my civil and constitutional rights were violated, but also those of the two instructors that invited me to speak at the Army War College as a guest lecturer for the fifth year – given my expertise in Cognitive Warfare.

Biden’s promotion of Transgenderism weaponizes mental illness

by Patricia Anthone, America Outloud:

When I first saw Biden’s Day of Visibility “Proclamation,” I thought it was a Babylon Bee joke. But it wasn’t.   

“…JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim March 31, 2024, as Transgender Day of Visibility. I call upon all Americans to join us in lifting up the lives and voices of transgender people throughout our Nation and to work toward eliminating violence and discrimination based on gender identity…” read the proclamation, in part. The full text is available on the website for those with a strong stomach.

Citizen Groups Stepping Up to Demand Honest Elections

by Jack Gleason, American Thinker:

In any contest between two or more parties, an impartial referee is often necessary to ensure that the rules are followed fairly.

This includes sports and competitions of all kinds, debates, and yes, even spelling bees in elementary school. Without impartial judges, there is no confidence that the victories were legitimate.

This is why it is such a scandal whenever it is alleged that a referee in a hotly-contested college football championship has made a questionable game-changing call, or when a judge is found to have ties to the defendant that seemingly slants his ruling.

California Bill Mandating ‘Pregnancy Dignity’ for ‘Birthing Persons’ Passes Health Committee

from The Epoch Times:

The bill also mandates ‘implicit bias training’ for existing medical professionals by June 1, 2025, and within six months for those opening new practices.

Some advocates for women’s rights are speaking out against a bill passed April 2 by the California Assembly’s Health Committee due to language in the measure that calls women “birthing persons.”

At issue is Assembly Bill 2319—introduced by Democratic Assemblywoman Lori Wilson and sponsored by California Attorney General Rob Bonta—which says the Legislature recognizes “all birthing people, including nonbinary persons and persons of transgender experience.” The bill additionally mandates “implicit bias training” for existing medical professionals by June 1, 2025, and within six months for those opening new practices.

Sage Steele Says ESPN Bosses Made Her Follow ‘Every Word’ Of Carefully Planned Q&A With Biden

by Zach Jewell, Daily Wire:

Former ESPN anchor Sage Steele opened up about an interview she conducted with President Joe Biden while working for the network in 2021, telling Fox News that her bosses made sure she would follow “every word” of the script during her exchange with the commander-in-chief.

Steele, who left ESPN after criticizing its COVID vaccine mandate, said her headline-making interview with Biden in March 2021 was carefully planned out by the network’s executives, and she was told “not to deviate” from the written questions. The interview focused on sports returning to normalcy following months of COVID lockdowns, along with athletes and fans being hesitant to get the COVID shot, Fox News reported. Biden repeatedly admonished Americans to “follow the science” and get vaccinated during the interview.

Will Discrimination on the Basis of Intelligence Be Banned Next?

by Laura Dodsworth, Daily Sceptic:

Lionel Shriver is the bestselling author of 15 novels, including the Orange Prize-winner We Need to Talk About Kevin, and a prolific journalist currently with a fortnightly column in Britain’s the Spectator. Her work has been translated into 35 languages.

Her new novel MANIA is published April 11th 2024 (Harper Collins).

First of all, I must say I thought MANIA was phenomenal. It’s darkly funny and uncomfortably accurate about the appetite our society seems to have for ideas we would have firmly rejected just a couple of decades ago, such as the idea that women can be men and men can be women. In the ‘ALT’ (alternative) world of MANIA this destructive derangement takes the form of the ‘Mental Parity Movement’ where discrimination based on intelligence is illegal.

LGBTQ+ Women’s Football Team With 5 Trans Players Crushes Opposition After Leg Break Accusations

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

An ‘LGBTQ+’ women’s football team that featured five transgender players easily won a tournament in Australia after other teams were warned they would be engaging in “discrimination” by refusing to play, despite accusations one of the trans players had broken an opponent’s leg in two places.

Yes, really.

Chief Justice Roberts was wrong; there are Democrat Judges

by Ted Noel MD, America Outloud:

Chief Justice Roberts famously said that we don’t have Republican or Democrat judges. This was an obvious attempt to defuse leftist arguments around the Dobbs abortion decision that the Supreme Court is illegitimate and ought to be changed/abolished or otherwise transformed into a rubber stamp for leftist legal positions. Unfortunately for the Chief, he’s simply wrong and should know better.

“Judge shopping” is a fine art in legal circles. If you want a conservative judge, North Texas is fertile ground, and you can file in a single-judge district. That way, you know exactly which judge you’ll get. If you want Leftist judges who will certify class action torts easily, Austin or some remote parts of Alabama pop up. Of course, if you really want federal courts that will sign off on gun bans, you’ll file in the 9th (CA, etc), 2nd (NY, CT, VT), 3rd (DE, NJ, PA), or 7th (Il, WI, IN) circuits. Those areas are reliably anti-Second Amendment jurisdictions. Roberts knew that because SCOTUS told courts in those places to straighten up and fly right with the Bruen decision in 2022. But only the 9th seems to have listened.

How Many More Days Will Biden Create for LGBTQ+?

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The White is claiming the Republicans are making too much out of naming March 31st Transgender Day. When you look at the list of all the days LGBTQ+ has already claimed, like Lesbian Visibility Day, the problem that surfaces is that they have so many days while groups like the Irish have but one – St Patrick’s Day, while the Italians have Columbus Day. People who died in war get only one day – Memorial Day. There is only one day for the Japanese.  The Germans get their Steuben Parade. The Polish get their one day – the Pulaski Day Parade.


from Jim Crenshaw: