Monday, September 28, 2020


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

An ex-free mason has come forward in the past in spite of threats to warn the public what’s being planned against them. “Jeremy” goes into detail about the brutal remainder of 2020 and if he’s being truthful, we have a rough road up ahead.

First, take anything a freemason says with a grain of salt. They are not above lying to push an agenda. However, that is not the overall tone of this audio. While listening to this ex-free mason, who has been threatened and harassed for coming forward in the past to warn us of things such as the manufactured riots, he sounds like he has a genuine concern for humanity. Please use your own discernment and employ critical thinking skills.

MKULTRA and the CIA’s War on the Human Mind

by Jason Morgan, Mises Institute:

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has a fearsome reputation. The author and executor of countless coups and political assassinations, the CIA is notorious for waterboarding, “extraordinary rendition,” regime change, kidnapping, narcotics smuggling, financing of guerrilla wars, and many other unsavory activities around the world, including against Americans, even inside the United States.

But “fearsome” does not mean “flawless.” The CIA has failed at least as often as it has succeeded, and sometimes the failures are so flagrant—such as sending thousands of anticommunist guerrilla fighters behind enemy lines in Korea, Eastern Europe, China, and Southeast Asia during the Cold War, where nearly all of them died—that CIA insiders wryly refer to their organization as “Clowns In Action.”

COMEY Cashes in BIG on TV Series ‘The Comey Rule’ — Jeff Daniels-Led Drama on FBI Boss “May Be Most Important Drama Of This Election Year”


from True Pundit:

“Useful idiot” is a pretty self-explanatory term the Kremlin has long used to describe expendable assets that they develop and deploy but never respect.

It is also a pretty applicable phrase to sum up the current President of the United States, at least according to Showtime’s excellent and deeply unsettling The Comey Rule which airs September 27-28.

Harvard promotes claim that ‘2+2=5’


from Natural News:

On Sunday, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health promoted research on Twitter by one doctoral student that claims that two plus two can equal five. The research was quickly mocked by Twitter users, many of whom questioned the value of a Harvard education.

(Article by Tom Ciccotta republished from

In a Twitter thread published at the beginning of August, Harvard doctoral student Kareem Carr explained why some theorists believe that two plus two equals five. Carr claims that mathematical equations, such as two plus two equals four, are abstractions.


from The Waking Times:

In a recent speech to thousands of of people at the Unite for Freedom rally in London, banned, deplatformed, and censored truth-teller, David Icke, spoke about the fascistic nature of the global governmental response to Covid-19. Commenting on the fact that the UK’s response has not been prepared by medical experts, or even doctors, Icke pointed out that the response has actually been largely orchestrated by psychologists, namely by an organization known as The Behavioral Insights Team.

Universities: During COVID, Where Does All the Overhead Go?

by Brian C. Tomlinson, American Thinker:

Full disclosure: I am a disgruntled U.S. taxpayer whose Venezuelan nephew and niece are in U.S. universities.  My wife and I pay everything for their education.  Our nephew tried studying chemical engineering in Venezuela but with the on again, off again system under the Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro dictatorships, it was chaotic at best.  We brought both kids (young adults) to the U.S. on student visas; enrolled them in English classes; then watched them as they went into community college then the university.  Both kids are great students and make their Tia and Tio proud.  Even in community college, we had to pay the foreign student premium.  Our nephew went to community college and then the University of California.  Our niece went to community college in Florida and now university in California.  My wife half-heartedly joked that we would be paying less if they had come into the country illegally like her friends at the extension college where she took classes years ago in San Diego.  So you get it that I have a beef with the system that forces my wife and I to pay our “fair share.”  That got me to thinking about our common enemy, the Wuhan virus.

‘Giant Warning’: Iowa State University Instructor Warns Anti-BLM, Pro-Life Views Are ‘Grounds For Dismissal’

by Mary Margaret Olohan, The Daily Caller:

An Iowa State University instructor’s syllabus warned students that anti-Black Lives Matter and pro-life viewpoints are “grounds for dismissal.”

Instructor Chloe Clark’s English 250 syllabus includes a “giant warning” advising students that only certain views would be permitted during her classes. “I take this seriously,” she notes at the end of the warning.

College to punish those who DON’T get involved in ‘bias’ disputes

from WND:

‘Bystanders and accomplices can be held accountable’

Students at Syracuse University who see or hear those situations from which arise claims of “bias-motivated” speech, or worse, are being told they could be punished if they don’t get involved.

The pandemic pattern—how the illusion is built

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

This article is based on my study and investigation of so-called epidemics over the past 30 years.

In the case of COVID-19, I’ve written at least one piece covering, in detail, each main element of the illusion. Here, I’m laying out the pattern. It is the same for each fake epidemic.

ONE: Through many meetings, exercises, planning sessions, a structure is welded in place to promote and launch the IDEA of an epidemic. World Health Organization, CDC, influential public health officials attached to governments around the world, etc.

Concerning Coronavirus: The State Always Seeks to Justify Its Evil, but the People’s Indifference Permits It

by Lew Rockwell, Lew Rockwell:

“It is an act of evil to accept the state of evil as either inevitable or final.”

Abraham Joshua HeschelThe Prophets, 1962, Volume 1, p. 181

We are in the midst of evil at every turn, and the driving force behind it is apathy and false fear. In the past, (and currently) the state, allegedly in the name of good, committed acts of aggressive war against much of the world, all without cause. The ruling class always needs fear and distraction in order to gain wealth, power, and control, and so long as the people accept the state narrative and do nothing, the evil deeds of the state are allowed to happen. While the state may initiate this evil, without the consent of the masses, whether openly or by silence or non-action, it could never be sustained.


by Aída Chávez, The Intercept:

In recent presidential cycles, the velocity of edits made to a Wikipedia page have correlated with the choice of vice presidential running mate.

CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATIC SEN. Kamala Harris is widely seen as a front-runner for a spot on the ticket with presumptive nominee Joe Biden, with vetting well underway.

Presidential vetting operations have entire teams of investigators, but for the public, when the pick is announced, the most common source for information about the person chosen is Wikipedia. And there, a war has broken out over how to talk about Harris’s career.

Wikipedia Editors Sanitize the Page of Potential Biden VP Kamala Harris

by T.D. Adler, Breitbart:

An article in the Intercept last week reported that a Wikipedia editor was scrubbing the page of former Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), considered a prominent member of the shortlist to be Joe Biden’s Vice Presidental pick. The piece mentioned changes such as removing a past campaign finance scandal and Harris’ record as a hard-line prosecutor. Changes not mentioned include removals of the alleged role nepotism played in her early political career and significant favorable additions about Harris.

Censorship in Medical Journals Is Harmful, Also for Patients

by Professor Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD, Lew Rockwell:

It has become increasingly difficult to publish articles in medical journals that are critical of drugs or the drug industry, or that expose fraud and other wrongdoing committed by doctors. It is also difficult to publish articles documenting that the status quo in a medical specialty is harmful for the patients even though such articles should be warmly welcomed. Particularly in psychiatry, it has been amply documented that guild interests are far more important than the patients’ survival and well-being.1,2

For top general medical journals, e.g. Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine, the conflicts of interest are obvious, as the revenue from drugs ads and selling reprints of trial reports constitutes a substantial proportion of their income.3 Top specialty journals have similar conflicts. In addition, they usually have part-time editors who are keen to protect the specialty’s guild interests and prevailing dogmas.