Thursday, April 25, 2019

IT’S OFFICIAL: Georgetown students approve mandatory reparations fee (UPDATED)

by Rob Shimshock, Campus Reform:

  • Georgetown students voted Thursday in support of a mandatory fee for slave reparations.
  • Georgetown student Maya Moretta, an advocate for the referendum, said that “the Georgetown student body can be grossly apathetic and we have to beat down that apathy.”
  • The vote comes amid a number of 2020 Democrat presidential candidates supporting reparations as well.

11-year-old girl shamed by teacher for picking President Trump as her “hero,” told to choose “somebody else’s hero”

by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

Liberalism has now infested most of the public schools throughout the country and teachers have now resorted to blocking students from expressing their own free thoughts as America’s education system heads down the tubes.

An 11-year-old student named Bella Moscato was shamed by her teacher after picking President Trump as her “hero” for a class assignment and was subsequently told to “pick someone else’s hero,” according to statements made by the girl’s parents during their appearance on The Ingraham Angle on Tuesday.

Why ‘Russiagate’ Is the Same as ‘WMD in Iraq’ for America’s Mainstream Media

by Eric Zuesse, Strategic Culture:

America’s Democratic Party ‘news’-media are now defending themselves against charges that they had trumpeted false allegations against Donald Trump regarding “Russiagate.” Republican Party ‘news’-media are strutting because they didn’t. But in the lead-up to America’s invasion and destruction of Iraq (and here’s How the US Destroyed Iraq”), the mainstream ‘news’-reporting was just as bad then as now, only with the partisan sides switched. The chief difference between then and now is only that the media now have been fictitiously demonizing Putin and Trump by means of lies, whereas back in 2002 and 2003, they were fictitiously demonizing Saddam Hussein by means of lies.

People Will Never, Ever Rebel As Long As They’re Successfully Propagandized

by Caitlin Johnstone, Caitlin Johnstone:

Our predicament is simple to describe.

Since the dawn of civilization, powerful individuals have controlled the stories people tell themselves about who they are, who’s in charge, how a good citizen behaves, what groups should be loved, what groups should be hated, and what’s really going on in the world. When you study what we call history, you’re mostly just reading the ancient proto-propaganda of whatever kingdom happened to win the last war during that period of time. When you study what we call religion, you’re mostly reading stories that were advanced by ancient governments explaining why the people should be meek, forgiving taxpayers instead of rising up and killing their wealthy exploiters.

Suspected Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz told police a voice in his head told him to “hurt people”

by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

Is the suspected Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz legitimately crazy or was “voice of God” weapon technology used on his mind to get him to carry out such a heinous act?

(INTELLIHUB) — Suspected Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz told police in a mid-February 2018 interview that a voice in his head told him to “hurt people” and said that he told a fellow classmate and his brother about what he was hearing inside his head.

Cruz told a police detective during the interview that he felt he needed to appease the voice he would often hear inside of his head or it would tell him to do bad things like “cut” himself.

Exclusive: Source Claims Fox News Host Secretly Worked to Get Jeanine Pirro Suspended to Curry Favor With Democrats

by Kristinn Taylor, The Gateway Pundit:

A source with intimate knowledge of the situation is claiming two Fox News hosts secretly maneuvered to get Judge Jeanine Pirro suspended over her controversial remarks about Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), with one, Bret Baier, allegedly seeking to curry favor with Democrats to reverse a decision to not allow Fox to host any of the party’s presidential primary debates by getting Fox to suspend Pirro. (Update: Baier denies source’s claim.)

‘Influencing human behavior’: UK MoD-funded psychological research project leaked

from RT:

The UK Defense Ministry is actively looking for a contractor for its new psychological research, which is allegedly aimed at boosting troops’ performance and well-being. Some details of the project are quite unnerving, though.

The ministry’s agency known as the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) has been seeking contributionsfrom specialists in the fields of psychiatry, neuroscience and social sciences that would help the military shape its future strategies and policies. The University of Cambridge was particularly shortlisted by the DSTL among the four organizations it said were eligible for taking part in an almost £70 million ($92.4 million) research program known as the Human and Social Sciences Research Capability (HSSRC).


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

Well folks, the “good” people at the Diabolically Apocalyptic Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are at it again, and I come away from this article, shared by Ms. M.W., with the sinking feeling that “they” may have finally done “it”, “it” in this case being to miniaturize electroshock therapy and permanently implant it on a chip, to modify “mood”. Here’s the article:

AI-controlled brain implants for mood disorders tested in people

I suspect that regular readers here already know which paragraphs from this article caught my eye, but just for the record, they are these:

2008: Mind Control by Cell Phone

from Government Slaves:

Hospitals and airplanes ban the use of cell phones, because their electromagnetic transmissions can interfere with sensitive electrical devices. Could the brain also fall into that category? Of course, all our thoughts, sensations and actions arise from bioelectricity generated by neurons and transmitted through complex neural circuits inside our skull. Electrical signals between neurons generate electric fields that radiate out of brain tissue as electrical waves that can be picked up by electrodes touching a person’s scalp. Measurements of such brainwaves in EEGs provide powerful insight into brain function and a valuable diagnostic tool for doctors. Indeed, so fundamental are brainwaves to the internal workings of the mind, they have become the ultimate, legal definition drawing the line between life and death.


by Nick Givas, The Daily Caller:

  • Reid Hoffman, a billionaire who was allegedly involved in a false information campaign in Alabama, played a crucial role in developing software capable of creating “deepfake” news articles, sources confirmed.
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk suggests he distanced himself from OpenAI in 2018 after disagreements about the direction researchers were taking the group. 
  • One of the big tech billionaires responsible for financing a project creating “deepfake” news articles is a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter and Democratic donor. 

The liberal billionaire who allegedly backed a misinformation campaign during the midterm elections played a significant role in funding a group responsible for creating a controversial fake news project.

‘Mockingbird’ Media Uses Mind Control Techniques To Brainwash The Masses Every Single Day – Tactics And MSM Examples Provided

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

From the Trump/Russia “collusion” hoax, to the continued attacks against Trump supporters most recently evidenced by the Covington Catholic students and the scandal that engulfed the “Mockingbird” media after they were caught pushing a false narrative, directly followed by the Jussie Smollett hate hoax blaming MAGA supporters, to which now the police are looking to Smollett as not a victim but an “active participant,” the liberal media is using tried and true mind control techniques to brainwash the masses.

72% of Democrats Hate Russians

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The question of the Democrats to win in 2020 by constantly investigating Trump and links to Putin is rising to the surface. While the Democrats blame Putin for releasing emails that exposed the corruption within their Party, what is emerging is a very dangerous hate game that can be easily spun into war. Recently, the USA has been warning everyone not to deal with Venezuela. Because of the demonizing of Russia, they are forced to always take the opposite posture. Russia is stepping in and agreed to ship 20 tons of gold out of Venezuela. Putin is only doing this because the Democrats have deliberately sacrificed all relations with Russia simply to score points domestically against Trump.

‘Pay Attention To Fear, Not logic’: Feminist Social Justice Warrior Admits They Don’t Think, They Only Feel, Saying ‘Emotions Are The Only Thing That Are Real’

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

It isn’t often a liberal feminist social justice warrior will admit to what conservatives have pointed out as obvious, that facts don’t matter to liberals across the spectrum, politicians, feminists, the media, nor do statistics, just “feelings” and “emotions,” whether those feeling and emotions make any sense or not or even if they are based in any type of reality.

Feelings can be manipulated, as the media proves almost every day, using emotion to argue why illegal aliens should be given more than American citizens in the U.S., how apparel promoting president Trump, or hats that say “Make America Great Again” are somehow automatically to be considered racist, yet nothing about any of it speaks to race at all…..but the media says so, therefore liberals must believe it because they “feel” it.