Friday, February 28, 2020

WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Hrafnsson Briefly Banned From Assange Hearings With No Explanation

from Sputnik News:

The week-long hearing, which started on 24 February, will determine whether the WikiLeaks’ founder will be extradited to the US at Washington’s request. The US is seeking to prosecute Assange over allegedly stealing and leaking secret American cables and war logs from Afghanistan and Iraq.

WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson has stated that he was banned from the hearings on Assange’s extradition to the US without being given any explanation. The editor-in-chief was the only person barred from visiting the court hearings.

RAY McGOVERN: Queen’s Counsel Charges vs Assange ‘Significantly Overwrought’

by Gareth Porter, Consortium News:

The CIA and Pentagon are saying, in effect, “Trust Us.” What could possibly go wrong? — aside from a publisher of accurate information spending the rest of his life in prison .

We are about to see how malleable the British Court system is to diktat from Washington. Will the British embrace the flimsiest of circumstantial “evidence” from U.S. security services that have axes to grind?

Don’t Be Fooled by the Deplatforming of Facebook

by Tom Luongo, Tom Luongo:

The push for speech control escalates. There is now a concentration of stories concerning social media companies and their role in shaping political thought.

We are nine months from a pivotal presidential election in the U.S. and the push is on to ensure that the outcome goes the way those in power want it to.

Three times in as many weeks billionaire busybody George Soros has attacked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, demanding he be removed because he is working to re-elect Donald Trump.

Johns Hopkins No Longer Allowing Public Access To Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Interactive Map

from Silver Doctors:

Access to critical, vital information is being denied! What are they hiding? Whatever it is, it can be found using this backdoor for access…


UPDATE (4:15 p.m. EST) –

It looks like a tiny bit of usability has been restored:

Claim: Chinese woman says she saw several people wrapped into bags while still breathing then burned alive

by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

China has hit Nazi Germany death squad-style levels if woman’s claim proves true

A woman riding in the back seat of a car in China claims that she saw several people being wrapped into bags while they were still breathing then being burned alive.

According to Jennifer Zeng’s Twitter post:

Astonishing! This lady says she saw several people wrapped into bags while still breathing. Burned while alive!

Pandemic whistleblowers in China forced to make “confessions” just like whistleblowers in US are de-platformed, smeared

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

A young woman from Tianmen in China’s Hubei Province recently confessed that after she contracted the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) where she lives, staff at the hospital she was sent to barely cared for her and actually tried to murder her.

This college student, who became something of an internet celebrity after exposing on social media how poorly she was cared for at a Chinese government hospital, spilled the beans before oddly putting up another video not long after urging her followers not to “spread false rumors” online.

“The People’s Democratic Dictatorship”

by Jeff Thomas, International Man:

Mao Zedong was, by all assessments, not the nicest fellow.

In 1964, he published “Quotations from Chairman Mao,” which came to be known to all and sundry as “Mao’s Little Red Book.”

At first, it just went out to the military, but by 1966, it gained far wider distribution. The goal was for “ninety-nine percent (of the population of China) to read Chairman Mao’s book.”

We’re Asking One Question In Assange’s Case: Should Journalists Be Punished For Exposing War Crimes?

by Caitlin Johnstone, Caitlin Johnstone:

Tomorrow in the UK a judge will start the process of answering a very important question. It’s a question that many of us knew was the heart of this debate back in 2010, ten years ago, when this all started. It’s a question that they have been obfuscating, bloviating, huffily denying, smearing, gaslighting, and distracting from–basically doing anything they can to hide it from view.

It’s a question that they don’t want the public to know that we are answering. A question that goes to the heart of democracy, and to the heart of the role of the fourth estate, journalism. And that question is this:

How Long Before We Begin Witnessing In The Streets Of America What We’re Witnessing In China? Heartbreaking Videos Leaked Out Of China Show What The Mainstream Media Never Will

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

– Use Of Force To Quarantine Coronavirus Victims Is Coming To America

Very rarely will we lead off an ANP story with a video but the one below has to be shown before we continue too far. While Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton recently ripped the establishment media into little bits and pieces by claiming they continually spout the Chinese communist party line on coronavirus while doing an appearance with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News, the Brighteon video directly below shows many scenes we’ll never get from the mainstream media, that of forceful roundups, the brutalization of people simply for not wearing masks and quite possibly, the brutal executions of coronavirus victims by the police in China.

Assange’s US extradition hearing begins: What’s it all about and how did we get here?

from RT:

A London court is set to begin hearings to determine whether or not jailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be extradited to the US on charges of conspiracy where he faces life in prison.

Assange has languished in London’s top security Belmarsh Prison since he was dragged from London’s Ecuadorian Embassy by British police in April last year and subsequently slapped with 18 charges under the US Espionage Act, which could see him sentenced to up to 175 years in prison.

REVEALED: Chief magistrate in Assange case received financial benefits from secretive partner organisations of UK Foreign Office

by Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis, Daily Maverick:

The senior judge overseeing the extradition proceedings of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange received financial benefits from two partner organisations of the British Foreign Office before her appointment, it can be revealed.

It can further be revealed that Lady Emma Arbuthnot was appointed Chief Magistrate in Westminster on the advice of a Conservative government minister with whom she had attended a secretive meeting organised by one of these Foreign Office partner organisations two years before.