Sunday, September 22, 2019

Adams warns: Authoritarians are racing to take away your liberties before the coming debt collapse

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

Are you baffled by the sudden aggressiveness of the push to confiscate your guns and silence your voice? Why are both the First and Second Amendments under such seemingly desperate assault by authoritarian tyrants?

The answer is that people in high places know that a global debt collapse is on the verge of breaking out, and when the chaos comes, they don’t want the masses to be able to speak out or fight back.

America: A Land Without Truth

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

It has been 17 days since a four-year study of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 by civil engineers was made available to the media.  The study concluded that fire was not the cause of the collapse of the 47-story building.  The study also concluded that “the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building.” 

Yang Floats Idea of Ending Private Vehicle Ownership to Fight Climate Change

by James Murphy, The New American:

When MSNBC announced that it was hosting a two-day climate-changeforum focused on Democrat presidential candidates, you just knew that some “unusual” ideas were going to be forwarded. On day one of the proceedings, Andrew Yang — who is currently surging in the polls — may have won the most-ridiculous-statement-of-the-day award when he suggested that private car ownership may soon go the way of the dodo bird.

Federal Court Rules Cops Can Steal Your Stuff and it Does NOT Violate the Constitution

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

The ninth circuit court of appeals has upheld a ruling which declared police can constitutionally steal your possessions. Called “civil asset forfeiture,” the police are under no obligation to give the property back to you. Instead, police departments will steal your stuff, hold it in storage (accruing fees in most cases), and then sell your stuff to the highest bidder.

Swedish man fined $2,000 for someone else’s “hate speech”

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:

Happy Friday everyone. I’m en route to Las Vegas today where we begin a wonderful weekend gathering with our Total Access members.

But I wanted to send you this quick roll-up of the most outrageous (and comical) stories we’re following which affect your liberty and finances.

Let the absurdity begin!

Instagram is Now Banning Photos of People at Gun Ranges, Claiming They Promote ‘Violence’

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

Instagram is now blurring out images of women at gun ranges, saying the photos violate “violence or dangerous organization guidelines.”

Yes, really.

A picture was posted showing Kaitlin Bennett and Millie Weaver shooting firearms at a gun range.

Google has become the anti-health search engine; now censoring nearly all holistic health and nutrition websites on the planet

by Isabelle Z., Natural News:

(Natural News) When you’re looking for information about a certain topic, what do you do? If you’re like most people, you head to Google and type in a query, then choose from the first few results it displays. In fact, looking for something like “natural diabetes prevention” might have been what originally brought you to Natural News in the first place.


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

Chinese scientists are claiming that they’ve invented the world’s first sonic weapon to control people by causing bodily discomfort. The rifle-shaped instrument, which was jointly developed with military and law enforcement, is designed to disperse crowds using focused waves of low-frequency sound, the academy’s Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry website said on Wednesday.

White House, DOJ reportedly testing the water on background check proposal amongst Republicans

by Sean Walton, The Daily Sheeple:

The White House and the Department of Justice has met with several Republican congressmen and senators over a proposal to expand background checks to include currently legal, private sales that take place at gun shows, the Daily Caller reported. A working “idea sheet” mimics the Toomey-Manchin bill, which is said to close the so-called “gun show loophole.”

Twitter Suspends Second Amendment Foundation On Eve Of Annual Conference

by Cam Edwards, Bearing Arms:

The 34th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference is taking place in Phoenix, Arizona this weekend, but the event’s sponsor, the Washington State-based Second Amendment Foundation, found its Twitter account suspended without warning Wednesday evening.

I spoke with Alan Gottleib, the executive vice president and founder of the Second Amendment Foundation late Wednesday evening, and he told me that they have no idea why the account was suddenly suspended.

“The fact that it was done just before our record setting Gun Rights Policy Conference does not sit well with us. Coincidence? Hard to believe.”

Evil tech giants already read your emails and monitor your voice in your own home; now they want your BLOOD and DNA

by Ethan Huff, via The Common Sense Show:

You may recall our earlier reporting about the collapse of Theranos, the fraudulent blood testing company founded by Elizabeth Holmes that’s no longer in existence. Well, as fake as this company was, did it actually serve a hidden purpose that the world might have missed?

The reason we’re asking this question is that the company’s Edison machine, which didn’t technically work as claimed, may have actually been developed as a type of blood and DNA surveillance system that the deep state can now start to implement as part of its total surveillance matrix agenda.

As Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, recently pointed out, the Edison machine was designed for constant at-home use, to collect data from people’s blood and DNA in order to upload it into the Theranos database.

Leftists Practically Foam At The Mouth Because A Conservative Dares To Speak At An Ohio College

by Jose Nino, Big League Politics:

Around 200 protestors marched outside of Galbreath Chapel at Ohio University to protest right to work laws and a National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation speaker who gave a speech at campus on Monday, September 16, 2019.

The protest came in response to Ohio University scheduling William Messenger, staff attorney at the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, as a campus speaker.

Based on the protest’s event on Facebook,having someone like Messenger speak gives a platform for a cause that “would surely be filled with lies and deception.”

The truth comes out – Friend of Kavanaugh accuser Blasey-Ford says she was threatened if she didn’t go along with sexual assault LIE

by JD Heyes, Natural News:

The accusations of serial sexual abuse and sexual assault made against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey-Ford last year never did make any sense because the then-nominee had been vetted at least a half-dozen times by the FBI for various White House and federal court posts.

And let’s face it: No matter what we think about the FBI now, post-Obama and post-Spygate, the bureau would have delivered previous presidents the bad news about Kavanaugh’s past had it been true. No president wants to appoint a White House legal eagle or a federal judge with a documentable reputation for being nasty with the ladies.