Tuesday, November 19, 2019

WATCH: Cops Force Innocent Man to Run from Them, Taser Him from the Car Window

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Houston, TX — We cringe when we see videos of cops shooting people through their windshields and windows. But we especially shiver when cops taser people from a moving vehicle because we have reported in the past how such actions lead can lead to the death of children and jail sentences for unscrupulous cops. But unfortunately, the following story of cops who premeditated a drive-by tasering of a young black man they coerced into running is one of the sickest displays of supposed protecting and serving we’ve ever seen. According to Click2Houston:

BREAKING: Congress Cracking Down On ABC News For Killing Jeffrey Epstein Story

by Ryan Saavedra, Daily Wire:

Megyn Kelly reported on Sunday night that House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has contacted the president of ABC News and is demanding that the network answer questions about why it killed a bombshell story three years ago on convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein that involved former Democratic President Bill Clinton.

Time to Subpoena Alexandra Chalupa

by Daniel John Sobieski, American Thinker:

Thanks to disgraced FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who told us in a text message that “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing,” we know that President Obama was kept  fully informed about the deep-state coup against President Trump. Liar and leaker James Clapper has thrown Obama under the bus by saying the plotters would not have proceeded without President Obama’s approval.

In a CNN interview deep-state conspirator and perjurer James Clapper gave with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, he points his finger directly at Obama as leader of the coup against Donald Trump:

New Legislation Will Throw People in Jail for Disrespecting Cops—Seriously

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Albany, NY — In the land of the free, the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution explicitly prohibits the government from abridging the freedom of speech. However, we’ve seen citizens pepper-sprayed, assaulted, and arrested for there acts of free speech, showing just how little law enforcement cares about upholding the oaths they swore to this very Constitution. Now, a new piece of legislation that is quickly passing through the legal process in New York goes one step further.

Google ‘DOES blacklist sites, has targeted conservative news sites and changes its algorithms to favor big businesses,’ claims new report – despite the tech giant’s denials

by Sophie Curtis, Daily Mail:

  • The Wall Street Journal claims Google has been blacklisting sites
  • It also claims that conservative publications have been blacklisted  
  • The WSJ claims that Google made algorithmic changes in favour big businesses over smaller ones including on behalf of a major advertiser, eBay
  • They claim the blacklist policy instructs engineers, known as ‘maintainers’, to focus on sites that actively aim to mislead 
  • A Google spokesperson said the company does ‘not manually determine the order of any search result’

Report: Google Manipulates Search Results to Control Outcomes

by Rick Moran, PJ Media:

It turns out that this conspiracy theory is true.

For years, conservatives have complained that tech giant Google changes its search algorithms in order to manipulate results. Google has strenuously denied that charge, claiming there is no bias in the way that search results appear.

According to the Wall Street Journal, that’s a load of crap.

The Journal conducted a massive investigation that involved interviewing a hundred witnesses and examining internal documents from the company and found that Google altered its search engine algorithms 3,200 times last year. Much of that alteration was done in favor of promoting big business over small, as well as showing favor to big advertisers like eBay.

How the SHTF in Bosnia: Selco Asks Americans, “Does this sound familiar?”

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

I was recently emailing back and forth with Selco and we were discussing the situation in the US right now, with the political polarization, the rage, and the general cognitive dissonance. I asked him if he saw any similarities between our situation and the one in Bosnia when the SHTF there during the war. When he replied I knew I had to share this information with you.

While we might like to think it could never happen here, the current events here are eerily similar to what happened there in the 1990s.

Social Media Censorship Reaches New Heights as Twitter Permanently Bans Dissent

by Mnar Muhawesh,MintPress News:

Mnar Muhawesh speaks with journalist Daniel McAdams about being permanently banned from Twitter, social media censorship and more.

It’s an open secret. The deep state is working hand in hand with Silicon Valley social media giants like Twitter, Facebook and Google to control the flow of information. That includes suppressing, censoring and sometimes outright purging dissenting voices – all under the guise of fighting fake news and Russian propaganda.

Epstein’s Network, Part 1: Clinton Crime Family at Nexus of CIA’s Iran-Contra Drug Operation

from Russia Insider:

On August 10th, and for several days after, speculation swirled after it was announced that Jeffrey Epstein had been found dead in his cell. His cause of death has officially been ruled suicide by hanging.

Epstein, the billionaire pedophile and sex trafficker with a myriad of connections to the rich and powerful in the United States and several other countries, had told those close to him that he had feared for his life prior to his sudden “suicide,” the Washington Post reported, while his defense lawyers claimed that he had planned to cooperate with federal authorities.


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

None of your data and personal information is safe anymore.  Big Tech and Big Government are working together to make sure they have every bit of information about you stored and available to them at all times.

The Wall Street Journal broke the news that Google is running a secret, Orwellian project called “Project Nightingale,” which is designed to covertly sweep up the health records of millions of Americans across 21 U.S. states. “[The] search giant is amassing health records from Ascension facilities in 21 states; patients not yet informed,” warns the WSJ.

Parents Furious to Find Schools Using App to Track Kids in the Bathroom

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

(TOP) There is no doubt we are living in increasingly Orwellian times. Most of us are not surprised when it is revealed that yet another government agency is spying on us in yet another way. Being surveilled nearly everywhere we go (and even in our own homes) has become the norm. And if it isn’t government agencies doing the spying, it is Big Tech companies. It seems like every day we are told about another privacy violation coming from GoogleFacebook, and Amazon. Recently it was announced that Big Tech and government are forming an unholy dystopian alliance called HARPA that will use companies including Google, Amazon, and Apple to collect data on users who exhibit characteristics of mental illness that could lead to “violent behavior.”