Sunday, May 19, 2024

IT’S HAPPENING! HUGE Push for Citizens to Arrest Deep State Criminals Has Begun w/ Ivan Raiklin

from Man in America:


Twelve Reasons Why I Don’t Believe There’s a Climate Emergency

by Russell David, Daily Sceptic:

I’m not a scientist. But I have reasons why I don’t fully trust the ‘climate emergency’ narrative. Here they are:

  1. Looking back through history, there have always been doomsday prophets, folk who say the world is coming to an end. Are modern-day activists not just the current version of this?
  2. I look at some of the facts – CO2 is 0.04% of the atmosphere; humans are responsible for just 3% of CO2; Britain is responsible for just 1% of the world’s CO2 output – and I think “really“? Will us de-carbonising really make a difference to the Earth’s climate?

Mel K & Jason Bermas | How Far Ahead Are They? AI Reality

from The Mel K Show:


Ex-CDC Director Says It’s High Time to Admit ‘Significant Side Effects’ of COVID-19 Vaccines

from The Epoch Times:

‘We kind of got cancelled because no one wanted to talk about the potential that there was a problem from the vaccines,’ Dr. Robert Redfield said.

Dr. Robert Redfield, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said Thursday that many officials who tried to warn the public about potential problems with COVID-19 vaccines were pressured into silence and that it’s high time to admit that there were “significant” side effects that made people sick.

Smart Cities and 15-minute cities: We must stop allowing these criminals to slowly walk us into techno-tyranny

by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

You’ve most likely heard of the terms “Smart City” and “15-minute city” but how many know exactly what they are?

In the following article, the author of ‘How to Opt-Out of the Technocratic State‘ Derrick Bronze answers the questions: What exactly is a “Smart City” and how does it relate to a “15-minute city”? And what does any of this have to do with individual liberty and freedom of movement?

And, finally, what do we plan to do about it?

Would-be Mass Shooter Planned to Target Whites; Said He Was “Certain Nobody There Is Armed”

by Selwyn Duke, The New American:

You probably haven’t heard the name Joshua Cobb. This is even though he was planning a major mass shooting, with a 10-plus body count.

It’s even though he seethed with hatred, posting social-media messages about how he intended to target a specific racial group.

It’s even though mainstream media and other pseudo-elites claim to care, deeply, about the mass shooting phenomenon.

CDC Admits Covid Shots Killed 500,000 Children & Young Adults

by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

A secret report has emerged from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that exposes the shocking impact of Covid mRNA injections on American children and young adults.

The bombshell report shows that a staggering half a million American children and young adults have been killed by Covid shots.

The CDC report has revealed that almost 500,000 Americans aged between 0 and 44 years old died from the dangerous side effects of the Covid mRNA injections.

Abiogenic Deep Origin of Hydrocarbons Disputes the Climate Change Cult

by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News:

Today I am publishing a guest post by my Australian friend Dr. John Gideon Hartnett about the Abiogenic Deep Origin of Hydrocarbons.

I have briefly summarized this kind of research in the past (see: The Myth of “Fossil Fuels” and the Myth that the U.S. is Transitioning Away from Oil to “Green” Energy), but Dr. Hartnett is far more qualified to write on this topic than I am.

His bio:

Dr John Gideon Hartnett is an accomplished Australian physicist, cosmologist, and noted biblical creationist.

Democrat NY Congressman who helped prepare Michael Cohen for his anti -Trump testimony is a client of Judge Merchan’s daughter’s Democrat political consulting company


from The Salty Cracker:



by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

On Monday last you’ll recall that I blogged about the insanity rapidly overtaking the western world. On Monday it was the United Kingdumb’s Index of Prohibitted Authors Who Might Provoke Violent Right-Wing Extremism; you know, people like Aldous Huxley, or George Orwell, or J.R.R. Tolkien or William Shakespeare.

Well, now you can add Baal Gates – no surprise there – to the list of those who insist that “the madrigore of verjuice must be talthibianised,”  and who insist on exploring the full range of gas-baggery, according to this story shared by V.T.:

Former NIH Director Admits There Was No Evidence For COVID Six-Foot Social Distancing Rules

from The National Pulse:

Former director of the National Institutes of Health (NIHFrancis Collins is admitting the stringently enforced social-distancing measures endorsed by top health agencies were not underpinned by firm scientific evidence. The revelation came in closed-door testimony earlier this year before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Collins was asked whether he recalled there being any scientific evidence backing up the six-feet social distancing requirements enforced by state governments across the county during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I do not,” the former NIH director replied.

Like Hercules Carrying Cerberus Up Out Of The Pit, The Foe We Face Seems Impossible To Defeat But We Must Keep On Fighting & Strike At The Right Moment For The Future Of All Of Humanity

by Clark Wren, All News Pipeline:

According to the ancient myth, the twelfth and final labor imposed upon Hercules by Eurystheus, the king of Tiryns, was to bring back Cerberus, the three-headed cur with a snake’s tail, from the underworld. Hercules believed that this task was imposed upon him because Eurystheus thought it was impossible to do.

In our modern times, we have a much more vicious three-headed beast: the Svengali media (or the elite media), the global financial system (Wall Street for short), and the rule of lawyers (Harvard’s and Yale’s law schools).

Revelations – Are We In The End Days? 1,000-Year Cycle

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Various cultures and religions have been concerned about the end of time looming throughout history. Aethelred II (978-1016 AD) was so convinced the world was about to end in 1000 AD that he removed his portrait from the coinage and placed the Christian symbol of the lamb on it. The world did not end, and he restored his portrait the year after. Why is there this need to constantly scream the end is near, which seems to plague Western society?