Sunday, April 14, 2024

Watch: Non-English Speaking Military-Aged Venezuelan Male Attempts To Rob Bank In Ohio Using Translator App

from ZeroHedge:

President Biden’s disastrous open southern border policies have sparked a migrant crime wave. This comes amid the ten million plus illegal aliens that have invaded the nation through the collapsed southern border, alongside recent calls from radical progressive lawmakers across crime-ridden metro areas to defund the police and limit criminal prosecution. All of this is a perfect storm of crime and chaos heading into the summer months.

According to Bloomberg data, the story count featuring “migrant crime” has surged from only a handful of headlines to hundreds in the last 3.5 months.

Chinese Whistleblower Warns Chinese Spies Are Flooding the US Under Biden

by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, The Peoples Voice:

A Chinese whistleblower has revealed that unprecedented numbers of Chinese spies are being allowed to pour through the southern border under Biden’s watch.

“Absolutely!” the Chinese illegal alien responded when asked if there are Chinese spies in the U.S. today.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Seize the MSC Aries Cargo Ship

by M Dowling, Independent Sentinel:

In a helicopter raid, navy special forces from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps boarded and seized the MSC Aries, the IRNA news agency reported

Iran captured the MV MSC Aries, boarding the ship off the Straits of Hormuz, a key shipping area. There is a war on the sea and in critical shipping lanes.

The owner and the corporation are Israeli.

Navy special forces from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps used a helicopter to board and seize a container ship, IRNA news reported, adding that the MSC Aries was being transferred to Iranian territorial waters.

WEF: Depopulation Will ‘Save Elites’ & ‘Drown the Rest’

by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has issued a chilling warning about how a global depopulation event would impact humanity.

The unelected globalist organization has revealed details of a so-called “Noah’s Ark” that will supposedly “save the elite” during an event that would wipe out most humans on Earth.

The WEF has accused global “elites” that they will be saved from depopulation while “the rest” are left “to drown.”


from SGT Report:

As Iran launches drones and missiles at Israel and Israel threatens to defend itself with nukes, the world teeters on the edge of a contrived WW3 brought about by the same international banking cartel which is bankrupting the entire world with fiat printing presses. The silver guru David Morgan joins me to discuss the truth about gold, silver & Bitcoin.

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Bannon reveals an interesting theory on why Joe Scarborough despises President Trump so much…

from Revolver News:

Joe Scarborough likely never envisioned himself as a morning show monkey, decked out in a suit, sitting next to a shrieking feminist, and churning out left-wing propaganda, but that’s where he ended up. He started as a successful attorney and a promising politician, navigating the swamp with ease. However, Joe’s path took an unexpected detour. He went from having grand political ambitions to facing a stalled career. Tragically, his time as a congressional representative was also marked by the mysterious death of a staffer named Lori Bolterstein Klausutis, which has cast a long shadow over Joe for decades.


from SGT Report:

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from The Highwire with Del Bigtree:


‘The Writing is On The Wall’ – Top Globalists Say Ukraine May Have Just ‘Weeks’ Left.

by Jack Montgomery, The National Pulse:

Ukraine’s defeat in its war with Russia was inevitable and could be imminent, according to some so-called experts. Russia is making significant progress while Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky‘s forces are “having to ration their bullets and supplies,” according to former U.S. Representative and Bush-Obama era ambassador Mark Green.

Former ambassador and Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite said, “Ukraine could be quickly overwhelmed by both men and arms by odds as great as 10 to 1 within weeks without additional U.S. assistance.”

Millions Of Americans Stomachs Are Being Paralyzed By The Deadly New Weight Loss Drug ‘Ozempic’ That ‘Big Pharma’ Keeps Pushing As An ‘Answer’ To The Obesity Epidemic In America

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

– Now They Plan On Giving This Deadly Weight Loss Drug To Children

On April 11th, the Daily Mail published this story titled “Leading doctor warns of deadly unforeseen side effects of Ozempic: ‘It raises your risk 900 PERCENT'” (saved here at Archive) within which they warned nutritional expert Dr Mark Hyman has claimed Ozempic’s side effect profile is ‘scary’ and ‘quite disturbing’ with over 100 US deaths linked to the extremely popular weight loss drug and similar weight-loss medications.

Swing State Poll Shows Black Voters Abandoning Biden In Huge Numbers

by Mish Shedlock, Mish Talk:

Blacks constitute only 14 percent of the voting age population, but the swings toward Trump are so huge they could decide the election.

According to a Wall Street Journal Swing State Poll, blacks, especially black males are abandoning Biden in huge numbers.

While most Black men said they intend to support Biden, some 30% of them in the poll said they were either definitely or probably going to vote for the former Republican president. There isn’t comparable WSJ swing-state polling from 2020, but Trump received votes from 12% of Black men nationwide that year, as recorded by AP VoteCast, a large poll of the electorate.

That’s an 18 percentage point swing, minimum, for black males, if the national results and the swing state voting is similar.

Elon Musk Goes to War with Brazil’s Censorship Regime

from Glenn Greenwald:


GHOST TOWN: Office Buildings in New York City Set New Record for Emptiness

by Mike LaChance, The Gateway Pundit:

New York City has a serious and growing problem with empty office space. Between rising crime, high taxes, and the crazy rules of the pandemic a few years ago, people have fled the city in huge numbers.

Now the city is home to a record number of empty office buildings. The lack of revenue from these properties has got to be hurting the city’s bottom line and the policies of the current mayor are not helping.

Who would want to spend millions of dollars to open a new office in Manhattan right now?

The New York Post reports:

Trudeau Insists China Meddling in His Party’s Favor Had Little Impact on Canadian Elections

by John Hayward, Breitbart:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau testified before a probe into foreign election interference on Wednesday that China’s meddling in the past two elections did not change the outcomes.

Trudeau insisted it was “improbable” that China preferred any particular Canadian party, despite substantial indications that Beijing helped his Liberal Party defeat challengers who would have been tougher on the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

BREAKING! Pfizer’s Secret Vaccine Nanobots to Upload Humans to the Internet

from mariazeee: