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Silver Plating in Aerospace and Military: Existing Vaults Could Be Wiped Out by a Handful of Silver Plating Purchase Orders

by Jon Forrest Little, Silver Seek:

Outcrop Silver

Drilling the High-Grade Santa Ana Silver Project in Colombia.

Silver enthusiasts commonly are told Silver is used for electronics, solar, and necessary for the Green Energy Revolution (which is true) but below we will reveal a massive use of Silver that is never discussed because it hides behind the “secrecy and veil” of the Military Industrial Complex.

Silver plating is crucial for aerospace, military, and defense applications due to its excellent electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and lubricity. Here are the key details:

GoldSeek Radio Nugget – Martin Armstrong

from GoldSeek Radio Nugget:


What’s Next For Silver Prices

by Craig Hemke, Sprott Money:

Volatile Few Months for Silver Prices

It has been a volatile few months for the silver price. After a solid rally in April and May, prices have pulled back thus far in June. So is this just a minor correction or the start of a significant pullback? We might be better able to answer that question by the end of this week.

Gold ETFs Globally Report Inflows for First Time in a Year


by Mike Maharrey, Money Metals:

Gold-backed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) reported net inflows of gold for the first time in 12 months in May.

Funds based in Europe and Asia led the way as total gold holdings by ETFs globally rose by 8.2 tons.

ETFs globally now hold 3,087.9 tons of gold.

Assets under management (AUM) by gold-backed ETFs rose to $234 billion, a 2 percent increase. AUM growth was due to a combination of inflows of metal and rising gold prices. It was the highest AUM reported by gold-backed funds globally since April 2022.

How Much Gold Is There in the World?

by Mike Maharrey, Gold Seek:

How much gold is there in the world?

The quick answer is not much – at least not relatively speaking.

According to the World Gold Council, as of the end of 2023, around 212,582 tons of gold have been mined throughout history. About two-thirds of that amount was dug out of the ground since 1950.

That sounds like a lot of gold, but if you melted down every ounce of gold ever mined and formed it into one block, it would only measure 73 feet on each side.

South Korea Has Gold Bar Vending Machines…And They’re Selling Out

from ZeroHedge:

First, it was Costco selling (and selling out of) gold bars, as we reported last year. Now, you can buy them in vending machines in South Korea.

One way or another, it looks as though the public wants gold.

Bloomberg reported this week that in Seoul’s upscale Gangnam district, a GS Retail Co. convenience store features a vending machine selling gold bars, ranging from less than 1 gram to 37.5 grams, with prices starting at around 88,000 won ($64) and fluctuating daily. Initially launched in 2022, these machines are now in 30 stores nationwide.

Central Bank Gold Buying Rebounds After March Slowdown

by Mike Maharrey, Gold Seek:

After a weak March, central bank gold buying rebounded in April with global net purchases of 33 tons, according to the latest data compiled by the World Gold Council.

Net central bank gold buying in March was downwardly revised to 3 tons with the late reporting of a 12-ton sale by the Phillippines. Uzbekistan, Thailand, and Jordan also reported large decreases in gold reserves in March.

But with minimal selling and a large number of purchases in April, the March slowdown in net central bank gold buying appears to have been an anomaly.

Eight central banks added a ton or more of gold to their reserves in April.

Interview with Executive Global: “The Return of Marxism in the West”

by Claudio Grass, Claudio Grass:

Our special interview on Swiss Wealth Advisor with CLAUDIO GRASS, CEO and Independent Precious Metals Consultant, explores the manner in which astute investors may preserve wealth against the backdrop of debilitating central economic planning and monetary inflation. 

Executive Global sit down to discuss macroeconomic trends, precious metals, monetary policy and philosophy with the advisor to affluent institutional and private clients.

Executive Global: (EG)

We saw a heavy-handed totalitarian response to the events of 2020, something that you also noted and discussed when you recently sat down with HSH Prince Michael of Liechtenstein. What were the main takeaways from that conversation? 

This Silver Bull Still Has Strong Legs!

by Mike Maharrey, Silver Seek:

Last month, silver cracked the key resistance of $30 an ounce level for the first time in over a decade.

It’s been quite a bull run for silver, and Chen Lin thinks it has plenty of legs left.

Lin is the founder of Lin Asset Management, and during a recent interview with Kitco News, he focused on two factors that could see silver push toward record levels.

As Lin noted, the last time silver broke $30 (2011), after a minor consolidation, it quickly ran up to $50 an ounce.

Shanghai silver closed today at $34.53.