Sunday, July 25, 2021

They changed their testing standards, but ONLY for people who got the experimental shot.

IT’S REAL: Science paper documents “self-assembled magnetic nanosystems” for cybernetic biocircuitry interface and control systems in humans, including “DNA hydrogel” tech

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

The average person living today has little idea how far the development of self-assembling nanotech biocircuits has progressed. So-called “fact-checkers” (professional propagandists and liars) deliberately mislead people into thinking there’s no such thing as a self-assembling graphene-based biocircuitry system that could be feasibly injected into people and called a “vaccine,” but the published scientific literature lays out a comprehensive, well-documented body of research that shows this technology is quite real… and has been tested in biological systems for at least two decades.

Lisbon Court Rules Only 0.9% of ‘Verified Cases’ Died of COVID, Numbering 152, Not 17,000 Claimed

by Mordechai Sones, Global Research:

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First published on June 28, 2021

Following a citizen’s petition, a Lisbon court was forced to provide verified COVID-19 mortality data, reports

According to the ruling, the number of verified COVID-19 deaths from January 2020 to April 2021 is only 152, not about 17,000 as claimed by government ministries.

Don’t Let Police Arm Autonomous or Remote-Controlled Robots and Drones

by Matthew Guariglia, Activist Post:

It’s no longer science fiction or unreasonable paranoia. Now, it needs to be said: No, police must not be arming land-based robots or aerial drones. That’s true whether these mobile devices are remote controlled by a person or autonomously controlled by artificial intelligence, and whether the weapons are maximally lethal (like bullets) or less lethal (like tear gas).

Police currently deploy many different kinds of moving and task-performing technologies. These include flying drones, remote control bomb-defusing robots, and autonomous patrol robots. While these different devices serve different functions and operate differently, none of them–absolutely none of them–should be armed with any kind of weapon.


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

The World Health Organization has declared there’s a third wave of the scamdemic that they hope never ends.  They are claiming the “delta variant” has wiped out any “progress” made by the “vaccines.”

The more we look around the less we see an actual pandemic. But they think that the more they lie about it the more scared we will be. They also claim that we are back to ground zero even though “vaccines” have been administered because not enough of the slaves willingly submitted to the shot.

IT BEGINS: US Government Is Keeping a List of Who Has Taken the COVID Vaccine and Contacting Individuals Not Vaccinated

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Colorado is keeping a list of individuals in the state who have not taken the China coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine and calling them and encouraging them to take it.

One citizen in the state of Colorado shared with us that she had been contacted by the state.

The unvaccinated will bear the brunt of the restrictions rather than everyone


This is a SGT special report: Letter of warning about the end of America via open borders and door-to-door experimental biological vax.

New freedom of speech in the United States

by Slavisha Batko Milacic, The Duran:

Free speech has long been a cornerstone of American society. The US Constitution guarantees that no one shall be prosecuted for expressing his or her opinion. However, within the past few years the situation has completely changed. Recently, one of the United States’ oldest public figures – the legendary leader of the American Civil Liberties Union Ira Glasser, who for many years fought against racism, violation of the rights of workers and employees, and government corruption, spoke about a discussion that took place at one of the leading US universities following a lecture he had delivered there. Young people, from student to professor, argued that freedom of speech is incompatible with social justice because it cannot fully guarantee the rights of LGBT people, migrants and non-white minorities. Glasser, who had fought for the equal rights of all Americans for many years, was shocked to hear such thoughts.

27-Year Career Cop Admits Police Are Trained to Lie in Reports, Frame Themselves as Heroes

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Before the age of computers and body cameras, citizens were forced into court proceedings with an attitude of, “It was my side of the story against the cops. Who do you think the jury is going to believe?” In the age of technology in which we are presently, however, the word of police officers can be called into question. But it is not enough, according to one ex-cop, who says cops are taught precisely how to manipulate police reports for deceptive purposes.

Thomas Nolan spent 27 years on the force as a cop and says he was not a very good beat cop but could write police reports bar none. He was so good at craftily wording police reports other officers inside the Boston Police Department would seek out his assistance in their own reporting. According to the Insider:

Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of State and State AG Warn Philadelphia Not To Comply With Senate Authorized Ballot Audit, Senator Mastriano Responds

from The Conservative Treehouse:

If you added the election fraud in Atlanta (GA), Clark County (NV), Maricopa County (AZ), Cook County (IL) and Wayne County (MI) together, you would only have a quarter of the election fraud that exists in Philadelphia.  That is the scale of historic, generationally evident, fraud in Philadelphia county.

That is also the context for why any attempt to audit Philadelphia will become a cataclysmic battleground.

The revolutionary battles of Lexington and Concord will almost equate in modern significance if the people who live in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania can pull this off and stand victorious.