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The Percentage Of Americans That Worry They Won’t Be Able To Pay Their Bills Is Higher Than It Was During The Great Recession

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Do you remember how painful the Great Recession was?  2008 and the years immediately following were definitely a very dark chapter in our history, but a new study has actually found that the percentage of Americans that worry they won’t be able to pay their bills is actually higher today than it was back then.  Slowly but surely, our economic strength has been fading and our standard of living has been falling.  Unfortunately, now we have reached a point where a very large portion of the U.S. population is really struggling.  According to a CNN poll that was just released, almost 40 percent of all U.S. adults “say they worry most or all of the time that their family’s income won’t be enough to meet expenses”…


from The Crowhouse:



by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche Organization:

July 19 — When former President Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination for President Thursday night — six days after being hit in the ear by a would-be assassin’s bullet, which was less than an inch away from being a kill shot — a frail President Joe Biden was in isolation, diagnosed with COVID, and under enormous pressure to end his campaign for re-election.  Lost in the midst of this drama is that Ukrainian soldiers are dying in large numbers daily in NATO’s proxy war against Russia, children are continuing to be slaughtered by Israel Defense Forces using U.S. weapons in Gaza and the West Bank, and NATO moved ahead with its plan for “Global NATO”  at its Washington, D.C. summit, committed to a confrontation with China in the not-distant future.  Each day, NATO forces are at the edge of crossing “red lines”, providing Ukraine’s shattered military with more powerful and longer-range missiles to target Russia, taking the risk that an “accident” could lead to an escalation, to the use of nuclear weapons.

Bitcoin Boom and Metal Moves with Craig Hemke

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

Kerry Lutz and Craig Hemke discussed the recent movements in the metals market and the upward trend of Bitcoin. They expressed optimism about the potential for a strong seasonal period for gold and silver in August, citing historical trends. However, they also discussed the challenges of projecting future price movements in the gold market due to its unprecedented territory. Craig provided a comprehensive analysis of the silver market, illustrating its unique position as both an industrial and monetary metal, influenced by the movements of gold and copper. The conversation also touched upon the actions of market regulators and their impact on price movements, highlighting the complexities of the precious metals market. The discussion also focused on the seasonality of the market, highlighting the strength of late July through August and the first half of September.


Craig provided insights into the economic fundamental picture, discussing the anticipation of rate cuts, the upcoming FOMC meeting, and the potential impact of the next jobs report. He also provided a detailed analysis of the Commitment of Traders report, highlighting the historical trends and their impact on gold and silver prices. Kerry acknowledged the significance of seasonality in market trends and discussed the potential impact of the upcoming jobs report on trading decisions. Overall, the conversation stressed the importance of physical metals as a long-term insurance policy against economic uncertainties, particularly in the face of escalating national debt and potential market volatility.

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from VivaFrei:


Deep State-created Invisible Enemies & Trump Assassination Attempt

by Alex Newman, Liberty Sentinel:

In this special episode of Behind The Deep State, The New American magazine Senior Editor Alex Newman pauses from his manufactured enemies series to comment on the assassination attempt made on Donald Trump. An article Newman wrote in 2017 based on an extensive interview with Roger Stone predicted that this would come. And it sure seems like Deep State fingerprints are all over this attempted effort to take out Trump, JFK style. IN the second segment, Alex picks back up on the “manufactured enemies” theme of the series and explores the “Invisible Enemy” created at a CCP lab literally funded by the U.S. government.


First Look At 13 Page Preliminary Report Of Trump Attack Investigation

from Great Game India:

Senator Ron Johnson released a 13-page report (view below) on the investigation into the assassination attempt on former President Trump during a July 13 rally in Pennsylvania. The report reveals shocking security lapses, including the Secret Service missing a crucial briefing and poor communication with local law enforcement. Despite early warnings, the shooter, Thomas Mathew Crooks, managed to open fire, injuring Trump and killing a spectator before being shot dead. Johnson’s findings raise serious questions about how Crooks evaded security, prompting calls for an independent investigation.

Canadian Woman with Cerebral Palsy Bullied by Doctors for Refusing Euthanasia, Called ‘Selfish’

by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

A prominent Christian author in Canada has gone public after being bullied by medical professionals for refusing to allow them to euthanize her because she suffers from cerebral palsy.

In 2019, an Alberta nurse reportedly tried to pressure Heather Hancock into signing up for euthanasia through the Canadian government’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) program.

However, when 56-year-old Hancock refused to allow doctors to end her life, the nurse blasted her for being “selfish.”

US Banks Experiencing Rising Unrecoverable Debt

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

I’ve long been sounding the alarm on the private debt crisis sweeping the Build Back Better nations. US government debt equaled 122.3% of the nation’s GDP in 2023, a cost that will be passed on to the taxpayers. As of Q1 2024, US household debt stood at $1.77 trillion; $12.44 trillion held in mortgage debt, $1.62 trillion in autos, $1.12 trillion in credit card debt, and $543 billion in other forms. The average household debt was around $147,500 at the end of 2024. Mortgage prices are, therefore, debts have been on the rise, similar to autos, and more consumers are placing basic necessities on credit. Major banks across the US are now reporting that Americans are failing to pay off this debt.

WHY THE LIES? — David Weiss

from SGT Report:

David Weiss returns to SGT Report to help us digest the endless lies of the shadow government, from the Trump attempted assassination to the nature of this thing we live on, we live is a sea of lies.

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Congressman Re-Enacted Trump Shooting, Landed 15 of 16 ‘Killshots.’

by Christopher Tomlinson, The National Pulse:

Republican Representative Pat Fallon of Texas slammed United States Secret Service (USSDS) director Kimberly Cheatle over her agency’s failures during the attempted assassination of Donald J. Trump, saying he re-created the shooting and managed to hit 15 out of 16 kill shots.

Fallon said that he used his own AR-15, firing eight shots with a red dot and eight shots with a magnified scope.


from SGT Report:

Brent Johnson returns to SGT Report with the cold hard truth. Until we the people stand up for our liberty, make arrests and put the traitors in jail or put them to death, nothing will ever change. The corporate government will continue to trample all over us.

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The entire Trump assassination plot is about to blow up thanks to a mysterious ATF agent who just went dark…

from Revolver News:

There’s a major shroud of mystery and unanswered questions hanging over the Trump assassination attempt, with new bizarre details coming out daily. The latest bombshell involves a mysterious ATF agent who appears to have secretly gotten involved in the case but has suddenly gone dark. Senator Ron Johnson is all over this new twist. If his findings hold water, they could blow the lid off the entire plot to kill President Trump. In short, according to Senator Johnson and his inside sources, a sniper team was the first on the roof, taking pictures of the scene and the dead shooter. Shockingly, they were approached by a man in a suit who they thought was from the Secret Service and were instructed to text those photos to a phone number that turned out to belong to an ATF agent. Now, attempts to contact this mysterious agent have failed because he’s gone completely dark.

Change of Batter! End of the D party, Week to remember, Crowdstrike comms, Pray!

from And We Know:


It’s not Joe Biden who is in control. It’s not even Kamala Harris who is in control. It is the system that is in control