Saturday, July 11, 2020

The Global Reset – Unplugged. “The Deep State”

by Peter Koenig, Global Research:

Imagine, you are living in a world that you are told is a democracy – and you may even believe it – but in fact your life and fate is in the hands of a few ultra-rich, ultra-powerful and ultra-inhuman oligarchs. They may be called Deep State, or simply the Beast, or anything else obscure or untraceable – it doesn’t matter. They are less than the 0.0001%.

For lack of a better expression, let’s call them for now “obscure individuals”. 

These obscure individuals who pretend running our world have never been elected. We don’t need to name them. You will figure out who they are, and why they are famous, and some of them totally invisible. They have created structures, or organisms without any legal format. They are fully out of international legality. They are a forefront for the Beast. Maybe there are several competing Beasts. But they have the same objective: A New or One World Order (NWO, or OWO).

Economists Will Still Murder Black People


by Seth Ferris, New Eastern Outlook:

Economists will argue for evermore about the best and most effective way to organise a monetary system, both locally and globally. Like the rest of the population, economists come in all shapes and sizes and political hues, so this can be expected.

But some economic views are academically acceptable at a given time, others not. This would not matter if economists stayed in their universities and ivory towers. But they are let out into the real world, often unsupervised, into positions where they can influence public policy: and the influential ones get there because they once said the right things to their academic superiors, not because they have anything in particular to offer.

Judge Sullivan Digs In – Asks DC Circuit for a Full Panel Rehearing (en banc) on Dismissal of Flynn Case…

from The Conservative Treehouse:

Judge Emmet Sullivan is refusing to accept the three-judge appeals court ruling – which granted a writ of mandamus and instructed Sullivan to dismiss the Flynn case per the DOJ and Flynn defense unopposed motion. Today Judge Sullivan is asking the Full DC Circuit Court panel to conduct an en banc rehearing of the issues. [pdf here]

Are the Democrats a Political Party or a CIA-Backed Fifth Column?

by Mike Whitney, The Unz Review:

How do the Democrats benefit from the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests?

While the protests are being used to paint Trump as a race-bating white supremacist, that is not their primary objective. The main goal is to suppress and demonize Trump’s political base which is comprised of mainly white working class people who have been adversely impacted by the Democrats disastrous free trade and immigration policies. These are the people– liberal and conservative– who voted for Trump in 2016 after abandoning all hope that the Democrats would amend their platform and throw a lifeline to workers who are now struggling to make ends meet in America’s de-industrialized heartland.

New evidence shows FBI knew General Flynn was not ‘agent of Russia’ but prosecuted him anyway

from RT:

President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser Michael Flynn was “not acting as an agent of Russia” by the FBI’s own determination, yet the Mueller probe was based on that claim and his legal odyssey still continues.

New evidence provided by the Justice Department to Flynn’s legal team this week, and made public on Friday as part of a court filing, shows that the FBI determined Flynn wasn’t a Russian agent, and believed he did not deliberately lie to agents during his January 2017 interview.

Watch: Heavily armed black militia marches through suburban city, demands reparations from whites

by Leo Hohmann, WND:

‘We aren’t here to talk’

ATLANTA — An armed militia marched through an Atlanta-area suburban town toting AR-15 rifles and shotguns, shouting black-power slogans and demanding reparations from white motorists.

The July 4 event in Stone Mountain lit up social media sites with chatter about the group’s goals and military capability.

Lifestyles Of The Mega-Rich & Fearful: Inside The Luxury Apocalypse Bunker

from ZeroHedge:

When it comes to doomsday bunkers – we might have found the ‘Cadillac’ of underground shelters for the superrich to ride out the virus pandemic and social-economic implosion of America.

It’s called the Survival Condo, buried 200 feet underground in the middle of rural Kansas, several hundred miles from Kansas City, is a newly outfitted Cold War nuclear silo that houses underground condos that can survive a 12-kiloton nuclear warhead.

Condos start at $1 million, plus an extra $2,500 per month condo fee to cover expenses in the bunker, such as food, ammo, electricity, and internet connectivity.

Trump Calls For Dossier Author Christopher Steele To Be ‘Thrown In Jail’

by Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump on Saturday defended his decision to commute the prison sentence of his longtime friend, Roger Stone, and called for the extradition of another Russiagate figure: dossier author Christopher Steele.

“This man should be extradited, tried, and thrown into jail,” tweeted, referencing a story about a British court ruling against Steele in a lawsuit in London.

“A sick lier [sic] who was paid by Crooked Hillary & the DNC!” Trump continued.

EXCLUSIVE: Top Medical Insider from Massive U.S. Health Care System Blows Roof Off the COVID-19 ‘Scamdemic’ – Internal Numbers ARE ALL RIGGED For Profit, Greed, and Politics

from True Pundit:

If you yearn for more than a mere glance behind the secret curtain of how massive health care systems in the country are rigging COVID-19 numbers for profit and politics, a top medical insider blows the roof off of the rigged ‘scamdemic’ on the Thomas Paine Podcast. Listen above.

The internal numbers — as feared by many suspicious Americans — appear to be all rigged for profit, greed, politics and to further social justice. Disturbing details.

STUNNING: FBI Now Refuses to Provide Documents on Seth Rich’s Brother and a DOJ Attorney (Who Admitted Meeting with Mueller Gang on Seth Rich Case) Due to Privacy Concerns?

by Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

The FBI continues to defer and decline to provide documents requested in a FOIA request on Seth Rich’s Brother and on DOJ Attorney who claimed publicly to have discussed the Seth Rich case with the Mueller gang.

This story started with the release of emails by WikiLeaks related to the DNC and Hillary’s Campaign Manager creepy John Podesta.

Goodbye to EU: Finnish MEP Predicts Bloc’s Collapse as Brussels Eyes More Power Over Member States

from Sputnik News:

Predictions about the end of the European project have long been bandied about in the corridors of power and in newspaper columns. However, one Finnish MEP has joined the long list of those making the claim that the end may be on the horizon.

The European Union is on track to “inevitably” collapse due to increasing concerns over the bloc’s plan to further centralise power in Brussels, a Finnish MEP has told The Express.