Tuesday, May 30, 2023

AI & The Hard Problem of Consciousness

by Tom Bunzel, The Pulse:

I’ve always been fascinated by software. I tell the story in my book about when I moved to L.A. and took a well paying job at a downtown law firm as a “word processing operator.”  They handed me six disks from an IBM System 6 (only a few readers may know what that was) and told me to load them one at a time and just ‘do what the machine says.’

Biden’s History of Lying EXPOSED

from Mr Reagan:

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The Shocking Vaccine Study That Obliterates The COVID Narrative (Ep. 2020)

from The Dan Bongino Show:

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Climate Emergency Fund is an eco-money laundering scheme


by Ethan Huff, DC Clothesline:

A prominent climate change fanaticism group has been taking in and disbursing millions upon millions of dollars in what appears to be a massive eco-money laundering scheme.

The non-profit Climate Emergency Fund (CEF) admits its mission is to “raise funds for and make grants to the disruptive nonviolent climate movement.” It did a whole lot more than that, though, having given away $5.1 million to 44 “ultra-ambitious” climate extremist groups in 2022 alone.

Spiritual Warfare

from The New American:

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by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

This is so tragic. We have nations that want to exterminate every American regardless of race, religion or any other demographic factor. Instead of mitigating our differences, the Biden administration has embarked on devisive curriculum design to fester hate among differential racial groups rather than promoting the harmony we are going to need as a nation to survive. Parents of all backgrounds, show this tweeted video to your children and call for them to encourage their children to bond together and to identify our real enemy, the Biden administration!

Retired And Former FBI Agents Let Your Voices Be Heard

by John Nantz, Townhall:

Do retired and former FBI agents really have anything relevant to say about the current weaponization of our federal institutions? Shouldn’t we all just take a seat and let the chips fall where they may? The answer to these questions may seem self-evident to you. At least I hope they seem like easy answers.

Evidence Of Graphene In The Brain

from SettingBrushfires:

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Try Not to Laugh: A Covid Outbreak Happened at a CDC Conference With 99.4% of Attendees “Vaccinated”

by JD Rucker, Discern Report:

This shouldn’t be funny, but for some reason I literally chuckled when I saw it. The reason is obvious: The CDC and other “experts” have hammered the unvaxxed for over two years about how safe and effective the jabs were. And now, with Pandemic Panic Theater finally fading, a CDC conference with nearly 100% vaccination rate gets hit by a massive outbreak.

Why today’s elites literally can’t stand free speech


from WND:

David Kupelian gets to the root of today’s all-out war on the First Amendment
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” – First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States

Hanoi Jane Fonda Has a Novel Way to Solve the ‘Climate Crisis’

by Matt Margolis, PJ Media:

It’s more obvious by the day that Leftists have a taste for authoritarianism, but Hanoi Jane Fonda makes it even more obvious than others do. Fresh from calling for the murder of pro-lifers, Jane has now blamed the mythical crisis of climate change on the Left’s all-purpose bogeymen, white males. And what does the star of Barbarella think ought to be done with these villains? Why, they must be imprisoned, of course. Then, while the world’s white guys are rattling their tin cups against the bars, women and “people of color” can pool their efforts and save the world. Just like in the movies.

Putin and China just scored a devastating blow to the U.S. and Europe | Redacted with Clayton Morris

from Redacted News:

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Microsoft And Visa To Assist Brazil’s CBDC Plot


by Ken Macon, Reclaim The Net:

Microsoft, Visa, and other national and global companies will participate in the upcoming pilot project of the Brazilian central bank digital currency, the digital real.

The project will start as early as June 2023.

Earlier this week, the Brazilian central bank published the final list of companies that will participate in the CBDC pilot. Over 100 institutions made 36 bids (some companies made bids as a group).

But only 14 bids were successful.

1984 Redux: NYC & Scotland Join UK/ China In Eco-Fascist Clampdown + Japan’s Huge Pyramid Commune

from Tim Truth:

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San Bernardino FALSE FLAG

from The Alex Jones Show:

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