Monday, October 26, 2020

Victims Of Childhood Transgenderism Have Spoken Out – Listen Up, Joe Biden!


from Humans Are Free:

During Joe Biden’s ABC News town hall Thursday night, the Democratic presidential nominee expressed support for the radical idea of young children changing their gender.

by Michael Austin

“I’m the proud mom of two girls, 8 and 10,” Mieke Haeck from State College, Pennsylvania, said during the event in Philadelphia. “My youngest daughter is transgender.”

Big Tech Rush to Censor Hunter Biden Sex Tape Just Days After Amplifying Video Of Giuliani ‘Beating Off’


by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Big Tech together with the media pushed “compromising” video of Rudy Giuliani purportedly touching himself sexually to the top of their pages only to turn around days later and censor and ban everyone sharing newly-leaked compromising videos and pictures of Joe Biden’s son Hunter reportedly smoking crack while having sex with an unknown woman.

Some South Korean Doctors & Politicians Call To Stop Flu Shots After 48 People Die

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:The number of South Koreans who have died after getting flu shots has risen to 48, but health authorities in South Korea have found no link between the vaccine and the deaths.
  • Reflect On:Is the flu shot as safe as it’s marketed to be?

What Happened: It’s that time of year and flu shot programs are rolling out across the globe. The number of South Koreans who have died after getting the flu shot has now risen to 48 and some South Korean doctors and politicians have called to stop flu shots as a result, according to Reuters. The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) has decided not to stop the program, and that flu vaccines would continue to be given and will reduce the chance of having simultaneous epidemics in the era of COVID-19.

Wikipedia absurdly declares Hunter Biden laptop scandal a “debunked right-wing conspiracy theory”

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

Joining the chorus of evidence deniers, Wikipedia has officially declared the Hunter Biden laptop scandal to be a “debunked right-wing conspiracy theory pushed by Donald Trump and his allies concerning Biden business dealings and anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine.”

While some Wikipedia editors tried to fight against this designation, recognizing that hard evidence substantiates the narrative, the site’s left-wing politicos eventually won out in getting the entry to read in favor of the Bidens.

Twitter Nukes Alleged Hunter Biden Sex Tape After Letting Borat-Giuliani Sex Scene Trend

from ZeroHedge:

A few days ago, the MSM and their political allies in the Democratic Party celebrated the release of a “compromising” photo appearing to show former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani with his hands down his pants. Giuliani claimed that he was merely retucking in his shirt after removing some recording equipment, but nevertheless, the whole news cycle played out in full view of the public as social media giants like Twitter and Facebook looked the other way, allowing the photo, and links to news stories covering the controversy (orchestrated by “Borat” prankster Sasha Baron Cohen) to circulate widely.


from SGT Report:

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Biden’s War on Oil Causing Headaches for Democrats in Tight Races

by Bronson Stocking, Townhall:

At Thursday night’s presidential debate, Joe Biden came out in support of eliminating the oil industry, albeit not overnight. Previously, Biden had come out against fracking and fossil fuels. But the Democratic nominee made it known on Thursday that he’s in lockstep with AOC and the far left’s plans to ban the entire industry, which close political observers already knew.

Biden’s outing as an anti-oil candidate sent shockwaves across battleground states where Biden’s fellow Democrats are in tight congressional races and are now having to explain away Biden’s vow to eliminate oil. Millions of jobs would be terminated if Biden wins the election and kills oil.

Down The Tube: Take A Stand With Fallen Patriot Accounts

by Corey Lynn, Corey’s Digs:

Corey’s Digs reported on the censorship taking place by big tech back in August, 2019: Controlling Minds, Narratives & Elections: Google, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter, and interviewed Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies on the Dig It! Podcast. Since then, the censorship has escalated dramatically, election interference being predominant, and a large amount of reporters and journalists with substantial followings are being wrongfully terminated with no explanation. In some cases, Paypal has locked down their accounts while holding their funds hostage, and Sean at SGT Report just had his Patreon account removed over reporting on Qanon. The purge is real.

Soros steers last-minute cash to boost black, Latino turnout in battleground states

from WND:

Has already poured $70 million into election — triple amount spent in 2016

(WASHINGTON FREE BEACON) Liberal billionaire George Soros is pumping last-minute cash into efforts to boost black and Latino turnout in battleground states.

New Federal Election Commission records released Thursday show that Soros’s Democracy PAC gave $500,000 apiece to both the Black PAC and the Somos PAC, which work to mobilize black and Latino voters, respectively. Last month, the financier also funneled millions to electoral efforts in Pennsylvania and Michigan via the Strategic Victory Fund, a super PAC linked to his Democracy Alliance donor network.

Election 2020: America’s class war disguised as race war may cause a civil war

by Mitchell Feierstein, Sunday Guardian Live:

US intelligence operatives and the media have joined forces with the Democratic Party to deploy psychological operations, disinformation, and propaganda campaigns in an attempt to influence the outcome of the November presidential election.

In the United States, a class war has been amplified by a biased media and social media. Silicon Valley uses algorithms to move forward politically driven narratives and financial interests designed to polarize and sow seeds of discord that increase tribalism across the nation. US intelligence operatives and the media have joined forces with the Democratic Party to deploy psychological operations, disinformation, and propaganda campaigns, the likes of which have never been used before against the American people, in an attempt to influence the outcome of the November presidential election.