Sunday, June 23, 2024

Bix Weir – The Good Guys Are In Control, The Truth Is Being Exposed For The World To See

from X22 Report:


The Russians Are Coming! New York in the Crosshairs

from Sputnik News:

Russian troops are fighting to liberate the town of New York in the Donetsk People’s Republic, which is currently occupied by the Kiev regime forces.
What makes New York and the nearby town of Dzerzhinsk so important is the fact that they shield the Konstantinovka-Adveyevka route used by the Kiev regime’s forces to resupply their troops in the area, one of the Russian soldiers explained during an interview with Russian media.

Weaponized Witch Hunts, Always 5 steps ahead, Big SCOTUS moves, Military, Borders, Pray!

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Like “Vaccines Passports,” The “War On Cash” Will Ultimately Fail

by Daniel McAdams, Activist Post:

Fortunately, for the sake of our remaining freedom, the idea and implementation of “vaccine passports” failed miserably. The desires of our corporatist and special-interest run government was laid bare for all of us to see. We American citizens should never rest on our laurels though. The “war on cash” is another angle for achieving the same goals. Like “vaccine passports,” a totally digital and government-controlled cashless “system,” will also end up going down in flames.

George Soros Caught Boasting All Future Elections Are ‘100% Rigged’

from The People’s Voice:


New Zealand data leaked by Barry Young has a smoking gun: a 27% increase in all-cause mortality over 12 months if you got the jab

by Steve Kirsch, Steve Kirsch’s newsletter:

It’s amazing nobody noticed. It took just 2.7 seconds for Oracle to run the query that shows this. You can replicate my work yourself on the data I published last year.

Executive summary

If you were age 65-69 and you were one of the 4M people who opted to get one or more jabs in New Zealand, on average, your mortality over a 1 year period from when you got your first shot was elevated by at least 27% from the official baseline mortality rates published by the New Zealand authorities for 2021 as well as 2022.

The War on Food (and on the Amish, and Farmers)

from Peak Prosperity:


PATRIOT ALERT! Here’s how America is secretly being destroyed from within

from State Of The Nation:

SOTN Editor’s Note: Once again exposés like the one posted below underscore who the real enemies of the American people are—the BANKSTERS. Of course, even the world’s largest bankster corporations such as BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, Capital Group Companies and Blackstone report to their well concealed masters who are much higher up on the planetary food chain.

INTERVIEW: Dr. Robert Epstein – Big Tech & Google’s Election Interference

from 21st Century Wire:

TNT Radio host Patrick Henningsen speaks with psychologist, professor and author Dr. Robert Epstein, who discusses the important issue of monopolistic Big Tech firms manipulating U.S. elections through biased targeting of users through either propaganda or ‘get out to vote’ reminders – tactics which have already been proven to swing election results in tight contests, including a number of key swing states. To help combat this abuse by tech oligarchs, Dr. Epstein has launched a ground-breaking online monitoring system called Americas Digital Shield, which can now detect what firms like Google are doing in real-time, and then raise the alarm to try and stop attempts by power firms to rig U.S. elections. We also talk about the dangers posed by projects like OpenAI who appear to be merging with the national security state – a development which has been flagged by the likes of Ed Snowden and others. Watch:

Israel preparing for “mass burials” ahead of impending offensive in Lebanon

by Cassie B., Natural News:

Israel is preparing for a “mass burial” in the northern part of the country as the possibility of an attack on nearby Lebanon looms and tensions rise between the two adversaries.

Israeli Minister of Religious Affairs Michael Malchieli told the media that his ministry was handling several issues related to the war in Gaza, and preparing for burials is just one of them.

He told Channel 14: “We are busy with many things related to the war, in preparation, unfortunately, also for whatever – may it not happen – in the north.”

Episode 3701: McCabe Continues Whine Fest On CNN; Blood On The Media’s Hands

from Bannons War Room:


Brazil’s Attorney General Seeks New Powers to Remove “Disinformation” Online

by Didi Rankovic, Reclaim The Net:

Brazil’s Attorney General Jorge Messias is reported to be looking for ways to gain more powers in his ongoing push to censor “disinformation.”

He has been one of the key figures behind efforts in Brazil to shut down social media sites and even accused journalist Michael Shellenberger of committing a “probable” crime – as the author of the Twitter Files Brazil.

Now, the country is in for yet another round of voting, this time at the local level – mayors and councilors will be elected in 5,570 municipalities.

BREAKING: New Video Shows Saudi Official Plotting 9-11 Attacks in Washington DC Prior to the Massacre of 3,000 Americans – FBI Has Been Holding the Video for Over 20 Years (VIDEO)

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Chris Cuomo played video on Friday night that shows a Saudi official plotting the 9-11 attacks that killed 3,000 Americans.

The video aired on News Nation and shows a Saudi official plotting the attack in Washington DC.

This is the first time The Gateway Pundit has seen this video.

Biden Intelligence Community Working Group Identifies Trump Supporters as Most Likely Domestic Terrorists

from The Conservative Treehouse:

To give some scale as to the descent into weaponized government madness that surrounds us, think about the headline.

Imagine a world where the sitting president of the United States has a national intelligence apparatus giving him advice that his political opponent, and those who support that opponent, should be considered “domestic terrorists.”   Then accept that we don’t have to imagine it, because this is the reality of the current situation.