Saturday, April 1, 2023

The 5 Places in America You Don’t Want To Be When Society Collapses


by Milan Adams, Prepp Group:

What would you say is the number one threat to lead to an end-of-the-world-like scenario? A terrorist attack? An EMP strike? A natural disaster? An economic collapse?

All of these are possibilities, but in each one, a thick population density will make it far worse. There’s no denying that people panic when a crisis occurs, and that panic is only multiplied when more people are living closely to one another.

EXCLUSIVE: Natural News releases lab test results of Tractor Supply “Producer’s Pride” chicken feed (and five other chicken feed products)

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

Following widely circulated anecdotal reports of people claiming that Tractor Supply’s “Producer’s Pride” brand of chicken feed was causing their chickens to stop laying eggs, we purchased six chicken feed products (of various brands) from Tractor Supply for the purpose of conducting comprehensive lab testing.

As background, we own and operate our own ISO-accredited (17025) mass spec laboratory and conduct over 10,000 tests each year for heavy metals, aflatoxins, glyphosate, raw materials identity and microbiological contamination (e.coli, salmonella, etc.). To my knowledge, our lab conducts more food safety testing than any other non-governmental organization in the world. We routinely test all our raw materials and finished products that are offered at, where customers know they are purchasing clean, lab-tested and certified organic products for health and personal care.

The UK is “rationing” vegetables…& it’s all about normalization

by Kit Knightly, Off Guardian:

The past few days have seen certain fruits and vegetables “rationed” by major UK supermarkets. Aldi, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s have all put limits on customer purchases of peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Just yesterday, Lidl added their own name to that list.

Many – including Justin King, former Sainsbury’s CEO – have jumped at the chance to lay the blame at Brexit’s feet.

Neil Oliver, “What the Hell – We’re Rationing Tomatoes”…


from The Conservative Treehouse:

With around 4,000 miles separation, two friends of the Treehouse, Neil Oliver and Lee Smith, essentially asked me the same question this week, “how do we stop this madness?

It should not be an option hearing this talk about the need to secede, fracture, isolate or form smaller defensive boundaries.  WE ARE IN THE MAJORITY, they just control the power structures and systems of communication. That’s why they spend so much time, effort and attention manipulating social media. My proposed solution is to draw from history, specifically from the Polish solidarity movement.  What we need is a general two-day workers strike, highlighting to the few that the many have had enough.

8 Preps You DON’T Actually Need (They’re Not Worth the Money)


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

There are TONS of lists of must-have preps and things that are essential to survive X disaster, but what about the things you actually don’t need? What about the things that are a waste of money, energy, and space?

I’m coming at this from the perspective of a person on a strict budget who has limited space and who lives in a family with no serious health concerns. I’ve always had a very low-tech prepping style. This was initially due to budget, and then later because I think with low-tech, there are fewer things that can go wrong.

Vegetable rationing could last ‘weeks’ as Morrisons becomes second major supermarket to limit sales: NFU president warns shoppers face further restrictions on tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber and broccoli as UK farmers are forced to switch off greenhouses

by Ally Blake and Tom Pyman, Daily Mail:

Vegetable rationing could last for ‘weeks’, it was warned today, after Morrisons joined Asda to became the second major supermarket to limit sales of certain items.

Perishables like tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber and broccoli have been restricted to just two or three per customer in a host of stores up and down the country.

The crisis has developed in recent weeks due to soaring energy costs which have forced British farmers to switch off greenhouses as they desperately try to make ends meet – leaving a dearth of home-grown produce.

World’s Poultry Supply Threatened as Bird Flu Spreads

by Charlotte Hazard, Just The News:

Poultry stocks plummeting have impacted countries including the United States, Britain, France and Japan.

Veterinarians and disease experts say the growing concern is the flu has reached wild birds that have the ability to transmit it to poultry, according to Reuters.

As a result, poultry farmers are trying to protect their chickens as the disease is now a year-round problem, medical experts warn.

Farmers are reportedly trying all sorts of tactics to keep the wild birds away from their chickens such as making loud noises to scare them off.

The Ohio Chemical Spill: You MUST Be Prepared to Bug Out

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

We occasionally receive a reminder that bugging out might not be such a crazy idea. One recent example is the train accident in Ohio, where tons of toxic vapors were released into the environment due to the explosion and burning of dangerous chemicals. What is the best course of action if you reside anywhere near East Palestine?

As Erin Brockovich advised, “Trust your eyes and get out of there.” Smart girl. The first law of survival is to not be there.  

“Living” Wherever You Go

by Jeff Thomas, International Man:

I was fortunate to have grown up multinationally to some extent. Between the ages of about eight to fourteen, I had a second home that I liked a whole lot better than my primary home. This instilled in me a tendency to not identify fully with either country.

This, of course, is not the norm. We’re told to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, or sing “God Save the Queen” or whatever other tedious repetitious act, in order to cement a sense of belonging into our brains. We’re meant to develop the belief that we have one home for life and that’s it. Little wonder, then, that so many people have such a hard time becoming independent thinkers and breaking away later in life.

When Nighttime Falls. Lessons from “Savage Continent”

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

I’ve been working my way through Savage Continent by Keith Lowe lately, and it’s one of the most heart-rending books I’ve ever read. It’s up there with We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families for me. Extremely powerful, important works, that leave you feeling more angry than relaxed, but after you’re finished reading them, you understand that you’ve learned about a time you needed to know about. If you’ve been to the Holocaust Museum, Pearl Harbor Memorial, or Ground Zero in NYC, you know the feeling.

Are You Prepared For 19th Century Living?


by Milan Adams, Lew Rockwell:

Those that are aware of the EMP commissions report have probably also heard the statement that this type of event would suddenly transport everyone involved back to the 1800’s almost instantly. It is also possible that up to 90% of the population could die within 2 years due to the sudden lack of modern technology. It does not matter if it is an EMP, CME, cyber attack or terrorist attack on the grid, the results will be largely the same.

Some Stark Realities of the 2020s are Pushing Us Off-Grid


by James Wesley Rawles, Survival Blog:

There are a number of societal changes that have accelerated our plans to fully go off the grid. The day may soon come when we decide to lock our gate at the county road, and hunker down. Our only regular contact would then be with our contiguous neighbors. For many years, I thought that the only circumstance that might necessitate such a move would be a societal collapse. But now, I have many other concerns.



from FireMedic8:


How to Survive A Famine. Economic collapse can lead to a breakdown of society and mass food shortages

by Milan Adams, Prepp Group:

How to Survive A Famine

Economic collapse can lead to a breakdown of society and mass food shortages. Severe drought or weather, natural disasters, or a man-made catastrophe like an EMP can also bring on food shortages, and famine, followed by starvation. Millions go hungry. Countless people to die.Most Americans have only experienced the consequences of massive famine on their television screens. In 1981, in the movie The Road Warrior (played by Mel Gibson), this survivor in the apocalyptic wasteland of Australia experienced the results of widespread famine first hand. His way to survive: Dog food. Canned dog food.

Third-Largest Egg Farm Burns, Food Prices Spiking Again And Inflation Set To Increase Exponentially In 2023 Now That Millions Of Barrels Of Oil Aren’t Being Dumped On The Open Market By Biden

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

In 2021 and 2022 more than a 100 food plants, manufacturing and processing, were destroyed, whether by fire, explosions, and even two plane crashed into plants, all at a time when the food supply chain was already compromised from the Covid lockdowns.

Some of those destroyed in 2022 were not entire plants or farms but rather the destruction of chickens , two examples being 1,746,900 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Dixon, Nebraska, and 259,000 chickens destroyed at farm in Minnesota, both listed as 4/12/2022.

Is it any wonder we are seeing egg shortages, with some stores limiting the purchase of cartons of eggs to two per person, as well as the unprecedented spiking of egg prices across the nation?