Wednesday, February 28, 2024

OBSERVE: Selco Says THIS Is Your # 1 Skill to Survive SHTF Mayhem

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

I have been writing articles and doing survival courses for years, and while it is much easier to show the importance of basics in real courses, it is a bit harder to do that in my articles. That’s because we, as humans, tend to look for flashy things. We love quick and interesting facts that will occupy our attention. But you must also prepare for the basics so that you can perform those things during the confusion, panic, and mayhem of SHTF. You must observe your surroundings before anything terrible happens. And then you must plan for terrible things.

Lithium Batteries for Preppers: A Guide To Staying Energized And Safe

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Lithium batteries are the latest revolution in modern life.

It is amazing to see how this technology took over the whole world. They have been such a blast that people used to technical aspects of things, like myself, can’t help but wonder what will happen when the next generation of batteries makes it to the market.

Storing Valuable “How to” Digital Data


by Slate Creek, Survival Blog:

I am constantly collecting data from the web and I save it to several USB memory sticks that I carry with me daily. If I’m in the office and happen to run across something of value I often pull the USB stick out of my pocket and save a copy. I have sub-directories organized on my stick such as “Food Storage”, “Water Supply”, “Topo Maps” or “Ham radio related” and then sub-category that into say “Antenna Builds”, “Local Repeaters” or “Radio Manuals”. I’m not advocating saving everything on a USB stick because nothing beats having the piece of paper in your hand explaining what to do. I still will hard copy print important papers like  radio manuals, the AmRRON SOP manual, recipes, engine manuals, and medical manuals.

Day One of TEOTWAWKI: A Written Plan – Part 5


by St. Funogas, Survival Blog:

(Continued from Part 4. This concludes the article.)

I’ll refer the reader to My Ten-Day Test-My-Preps Adventure – Part 4 for the details of how my system works and what I am able to do with it. In a nutshell, during sunlight hours I can take the available 1,500 watts and feed them into my home/shop wiring system and run nearly everything including the freezer.

On Day One if the SHTF, the actual switchover process from grid-tie to off-grid takes just a few minutes. In a simplified explanation, I activate the SPS switch at the inverter and plug a suicide cord (male plug on both ends) into the 120-v outlet next to that switch. I plug the other end of the cord into the nearby 120-v outlet where my air compressor is plugged in. At the breaker box just above that outlet, I install a short jumper wire to connect the two bus bars. With that, the SPS back feeds electricity into the breaker panel and the system is up and ready to power my house and shop.

Day One of TEOTWAWKI: A Written Plan – Part 1


by St. Funogas, Survival Blog:

Last year I did a 10-day test of my preps. (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4) It was the most important prepping activity I’ve every done and a real eye-opener to say the least. I found it an enjoyable experience that required a lot of problem-solving. For 2024, I highly recommend such a test of our preps, even if only for a few days. How about during a week’s vacation? I promise it’ll be one of your most memorable and educational.


from Gunowners of America:

According to a recent study, the homicide rate in the United States plummeted in 2023. The drop was so drastic in fact, the study’s author was quoted saying that this is likely one of the fastest declines in homicides ever recorded.

But is there a reason for the decline? We think so. It’s possible that the removal of gun control may have played a critical role in this decline.

In 2022, the Supreme Court issued a landmark decision in the case NYSRPA v. Bruen.

Why are Forbes 100 Billionaires RUSHING to Build Bunkers? w/ Jonathan Hollerman

from Man in America:


“End Of The World Bunker” Listed On Zillow: 10,000SqFt, Blast-Doors, & EMP Shielding


from ZeroHedge:

Elites have spent the last decade building and or purchasing underground doomsday bunkers. Whether it’s to survive the next global conflict, civil war in America, a tyrannical government that locks down the economy because of a virus, out-of-control BLM riots, and or possibly a solar storm that zaps that nation’s power and communications grid, bunker demand has been smokin’ hot.

X account “Zillow Gone Wild” posted Thursday about a 10,000 sqft bunker hidden in Polo, Missouri, that was recently listed.

A Primer For American Patriots And Preppers Facing An Uncertain Future

by Brandon Smith, Alt Market:

The average patriot (or prepper) is usually a middle class conservative or libertarian with a tendency towards independent thinking and some experience with economic struggle in their past. Most of us have made something of ourselves from very little, or, we had parents that made something of themselves from very little and we watched as children while they climbed their way up the ladder through hard work and merit.

Psyop Incoming – The coming water crisis is something that everyone will get on board with.


Truth-Based Preparedness – Part 2


by R.M., Survival Blog:

(Continued from Part 1. This concludes the article.)


You may recall hearing this, back in 2023: This is the hottest year in 12,500 years!

So, it is hotter now than during the ice age! Who’d a thunk it?
Will you base your prepping on a media story about a politician who says “Earth is on fire”?

You can find many charts showing various time periods and temperatures recorded somewhere. Many times a “temperature increase” is measured the exact way and in the same location they did a hundred years ago, in the cities. However, the cities have grown and they retain more heat in the manmade structures. It is actually cooler outside the cities due to wind draw. There may be no net gain in heat. The truth is out there. If you are shown a thirty-year chart, try to find a hundred-year chart, etc. It is easy to pick a warming period if you start at the end of the last cooling period, if you want to show warming.

Truth-Based Preparedness


by R.M., Survival Blog:

Here is my premise: People need to base their preps on correct information that is grounded in truth. The Truth is Out There, Somewhere!

Everyone that I know who does any “preparing for the future” has a specific future problem or set of problems in mind. Their plans are determined by their perception of what the threats are, how likely they are to occur, and what they might do to their world.

Our perceptions are based on the world as we see it. We see the world through information – filtered by the lens of what and how information and facts are presented to us. This lens also affects how we interpret the information presented.

Are you a PREPPER living in DENIAL about how bad it’s going to get?


from Health Ranger Report:


Using the Past to Prepare for the Future – Part 1


by 3AD Scout, Survival Blog:

It does not take much imagination to realize that our society will come crashing down without the cheap, steady flow of electricity. The world’s electric grids are the lifeblood of our modern lifestyle. Many predictions believe that if the electrical grid was shut down, by something like an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or a very strong Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), then civilization would be thrown back into the 1800s. Some predictions even think the 1700s or even further back. Regardless of what time period we are all transported back to, we are going to have to find ways to replace all the modern conveniences, instantly made useless, that we currently depend upon for our daily life and survival.

Homesteading Cautionary Tales – Part 1


by Mrs. Alaska, Survival Blog:

People believe scams of all sorts, so I guess that I should not be surprised by the naivete of people who buy remote land in Alaska without first setting foot in the state, much less the particular site. Even if the location is a legitimate plot, not set in a mucky bog or on an eroding river bank, the challenges of this sort of life deserves more research… and introspection … than some people give it.

Below are two, recent cautionary tales of people – one from New York and the other from California – whose dreams of living in the Alaska bush came to a rapid, rude awakening – one in two weeks, the other in just two hours!