Friday, July 10, 2020


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

The upcoming food shortages are predictive programming at it’s finest.  The mainstream media is ramping up their stories about increased infections at meat processing plants. They are literally telling us what they are doing, and most Americans are oblivious to it.

These food shortages will be completely concocted, and if you think for one second that any politician will be short food, you should put the mask on and stay at home afraid of your very existence.

Prepping For The Upcoming Government-Induced Food Shortages

They have had this planned for a while now, but the fake “second wave” will now give them an excuse to shut down meat processing plants.   According to propaganda outlet, CNN, officials said Tuesday that 1,553 workers at the meatpacking plant owned by Germany’s Tönnies Group have tested positive for coronavirus. That’s up from 1,331 on Sunday. The plant is situated in Gütersloh, a city in the west of the country, which is now reintroducing lockdown restrictions until the end of June.

9 Things to Buy Every Time You Go to the Store


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Lots of folks have mentioned that their grocery stores never fully restocked after the rush on food and supplies back at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. And with the current news stories about spiking COVID numbers, it may not be long until we’re locked down again.

Work on what’s within your control

It’s important to note that even if you are unconcerned about the virus, there are a lot of things that could be out of your control in the event of another governmental series of actions:

I’m Unarmed — What Gun Do I Buy?


by Frog, Survival Blog:

You’re sitting at home with your family in a suburb at what is normally a comfortable distance of 30 to 60 minutes from your nearest major city. Life feels as normal as it can — quarantine being considered — and your dinner is interrupted by the news that there is is rioting in the adjoining city. Then, the country is rioting; finally, international cities are rioting. You’ve been aware of the need preparedness for some time, but you find yourself without a firearm. What do you do?

Tips for setting up an off-grid power system when SHTF


by Mary Miller, Natural News:

In times of social unrest or calamity, you can’t always rely on the power grid to provide you with electricity. Power outages can come without warning, leaving you feeling trapped and vulnerable in your own home. An off-grid electrical power system can augment your power supply when SHTF or allow you to go off the grid entirely.

Here are a few useful tips on setting up an off-grid electrical power system. (h/t to

Planning: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


by J. G. Martinez D, The Organic Prepper:

As preppers we all like planning, after all it is the whole point of prepping. But, our planning tends to go much further. We plan what to do on vacation. We plan where we are going. We plan who we will be going with us. We even have a backup plan for our plans. And if the 3rd plan fails, some of us go beyond that and have a 4th plan, don’t we?

Here is my confession:

This is something that I have been thinking very deeply about for the past few days. My life has been no more than a succession of underachieved and troublesome plans. I am not whining, life is what it is. I am truly pleased to have had the small bits of happiness that warm my memories: unplanned cats, unexpected travel opportunities that turned into awesome mini-vacations, simple pizza dinners with friends that became funny parties.

Looting and arson have turned some black neighborhoods into food deserts

by Isabelle Z., Natural News:

Some of the poorest urban areas of the country have been especially hard hit by the rioting and looting that have been taking place lately – supposedly in the name of protesting against racism – and now the very people who movements like Black Lives Matter claim to care about so much are left without a way to feed themselves in some cases.

In a video taken in an undisclosed location, a woman can be seen walking through a neighborhood grocery store left in tatters seeking milk for her kids. She said, “Every grocery store looks like this” in her area, with empty shelves and debris strewn all over the floor.

3 Reasons Why Prepared People Need Guns

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

One of the many adages of the prepper world is, “If you can’t defend it, you don’t own it.”

If you’re new to the preparedness lifestyle, this saying basically means that all of your supplies, your stockpiles, your carefully selected buckets of food, and the time and money you spent on preparation will be for naught if you can’t protect it against those who may seek to take it from you. This is generally accepted as a truth in the prepper community. Most of us believe that we must be prepared to defend ourselves and our property without relying on any type of “authorities” to protect us.

To me, preppers and guns go together like peas and carrots.I strongly believe that firearms are a necessary part of a home defense plan. So imagine my surprise when I got a negative response to a meme I posted shortly after the massacre in Paris a few years back.

Relocation In Catastrophes – Part 2, by J. of T.

by James Wesley Rawles, Survival Blog:

(Continued from Part 1. This concludes the article.)


Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. This precept works in business, in missions, and in prepping. I have at least a dozen plans! I also have at least that many meeting points, encase of emergency events (tornadoes, earthquakes or civil unrest). I have numerous family defense features and I’m adding new ones every month. For example, if your electronic intrusion detection and firearms fail you (and sometimes they can, in extreme weather), you’ll want a loyal dog. Or several dogs. Bear spray is great, and so is Mace. I’m trying to connect to the pragmatic wisdom of God for the times. I don’t care if other Christians (often too theoretical and idealistic) condemn me for trying to “build my ark.” Just about every major leader in the Bible was totally mocked. David’s own brother insulted David, just before he brought down Goliath! (1 Samuel 16-18) You’ll get a number of nasty insults for merely obeying God’s Word for your family. Get used to it.

Relocation In Catastrophes – Part 1


by J. of T., Survival Blog:

Editor’s Introductory Note:  The author has a Christian worldview, and many years of experience as a missionary. He applies these to his family preparedness. Whether you are a Christian or not, you will probably find this article useful.

Lot was Abraham’s brother. He is mentioned in Genesis 14-19. He also receives honorable mentions in the New Testament. The Holy Scriptures don’t even hide his failures or his sin. I love God’s Word because its is brutally honest. It’s like having a best friend tell you the good and the bad about our life.

Lot’s life is an example of how God can keep and save families bearing His name. Albeit, Lot’s strategic relocation is “cutting it close.” That’s an understatement. No one should ever put off or procrastinate critical decisions involving family security and safety.

How to Survive Riots and Civil Unrest

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

As the world seems to be on fire in countries across the planet, the threat of civil unrest and riots certainly feels like it’s increasing. People are responding with rage to perceived injustices, and whether that rage is warranted or not isn’t the point of this article.

Often when I write about surviving events like mass shootings or riots, people scoff and say, “That was a false flag perpetrated by government operatives” or “Those people got paid by [insert evil billionaire here.]” The simple fact you must understand is that it doesn’t matter who started it, who paid for it, who instigated it, or who is taking part in it. If you find your city or town under siege by irate protesters, none of those things matter at the moment. These are things to be sorted out later.