Thursday, January 23, 2020

Do you have a backup generator?


by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:

The news headlines read, “Deadly 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Plunges Puerto Rico into Darkness”; and “Powerful Puerto Rico Earthquake Knocks Out Entire Island’s Power.”

It was enough to prompt my mother to call, four times, to make sure I was OK.

There’s been a string of fairly strong earthquakes lately in Puerto Rico… which is incredibly unusual for this part of the world. It’s been more than a century since the island was rocked by anything of this magnitude.

My One Month TEOTWAWKI Road Test – Part 2


by Maui Dan, Survival Blog:

I was consistent with daily hikes using them for recon practice, making maps, taking notes of locations and observing any nearby people. Judging who I thought may be friends or foes. I did take note of two males in their 20’s who appeared fairly intoxicated early in the afternoon. I hiked for the benefits of physical exercise and enjoyed the quite beauty of the land.

There were several memorable hikes. The day time temperatures were now in the upper 80’s. I wore Timberline hiking boots and stripped down to shorts. Finally found some warm sunshine. Walking alone along Granite mountain, poking the brush, crevices and in the shadows with my walking stick before stepping or reaching in with a hand. Mostly because I read to do that.

Talk Of World War, Civil War & Supply Crisis, Shows A 2020 Lined With Flashpoints So Prepare For Food To Become A Huge Issue ….

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

With food prices rising, companies going bankruptcrops decimated by flooding as millions of dollars in livestock was lost, along with early snow last year forcing early harvests, on top of the external threats of possible war and terror attacks, and warnings from Truckers regarding a potential “super supply chain crisis,” especially if America devolves into a civil war, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that feeding a family is going to get more expensive and/or difficult in 2020.

While war and terror attacks are an ongoing concern and most likely always will be, civil unrest and a possible civil war is more likely to happen sooner as political divisions and culture, race and class wars are already being fought online and in some cases offline.

Welcome To World War 3 – Just Pray That You Will Be Able To Survive It

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

It certainly didn’t take long for the missiles to start flying.  Just hours after Qassem Soleimani’s funeral proceedings ended, the Iranian military fired more than a dozen ballistic missiles at two U.S. bases in Iraq.  President Trump will be making a statement about this attack on Wednesday, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham is calling the attack “an act of war”, and the top headline on the Drudge Report at this hour consists of just two words: “It’s War!”  Of course the Iranians were already calling this conflict a “war” even before they decided to start firing missiles at us, but this definitely escalates matters.

Some Observations on Urban OPSEC and Situational Awareness


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Editor’s Note: Long-time popular commenter 1stMarineJarHead recently returned from a trip to the big city and had some interesting observations about the differences between Urban OPSEC and Situational Awareness versus the same things in more rural settings. His philosophy on flexibility is very similar to my own.

He’s going to be contributing more often – I hope you enjoy his debut post. ~ Daisy

Potential Food Shortages

by 3AD Scout, Survival Blog:

I’d like to address the potential for food shortages. The producers of the YouTube channel “Six Acres” filmed some shelves at a Williston, North Dakota Walmart. The Six Acres footage was posted on December 12, 2019. The Six Acres YouTube video was on my suggested list so I took a look at it.

There has been much discussion about food shortages on various prepper blogs and other forums. I have watched and listened to some but obviously not all. But when watching the Six Acres video and comparing and contrasting with my trips to my own local Walmart here in Pennsylvania I have a theory.

Open Fire Primitive Cooking


by M.M., Survival Blog:

In part because I like to eat well, and in part because of my curiosity to learn and apply new skills, I taught myself to cook.  In recent years, I became passingly familiar with Central and South American cooking styles, and couldn’t help but connect some of these methods to the self-reliant folks among you.  Each method can be done over an open fire, can be scaled to feed a multitude, makes delicious food, and has a certain “wow factor” when you feed your friends.  I’ve used all these methods extensively for several years and they have been a great addition to my outdoor cooking gatherings with friends.  

Living Off The Grid – Part 1


by V.F., Survival Blog:

When I was a child, my mother moved to a very remote area of Eastern Washington and we lived off the grid. This was long before the term had been coined, as far as I know. The property did not have a house. We lived in a little travel trailer. We went to town once a month and did laundry at the laundromat. We boiled water from the creek to wash dishes. The creek was also our refrigerator. We ran a PVC pipe in the creek and placed a horse trough in the creek. This is where we kept drinks cold and we didn’t have to worry about them going down the mountain. I don’t remember any of it as a hardship but I was a child and the responsibilities were not mine. I did not know that much later that I too would choose to live Off the Grid.

How to Start a Vegetable Garden for Beginners


from Yard And Garden Guru:

Do you have space that is going to waste, and you have decided to put it to good use and have a veggie garden? If so, you have made a smart choice. Not only will it save you money, help you to eat healthier, but it is also good for the environment.

You should know beforehand; it is not possible to grow everything even for the yard and garden guru. And also some vegetables are easier to buy as they need too much attention to make it worthwhile.