Thursday, September 21, 2023

Long Term Storage of Household Batteries


by OhioGalt, Survival Blog:

Several years ago, I began purchasing Lithium Batteries in AA and AAA sizes for long-term storage in case of some event where batteries were not readily available. I was also using them in several trail cams around the property because they would last roughly 10-to-12 months before replacement. I recently went to buy another couple of 48-packs and found the price had significantly increased. The cellular cameras I use offer a rechargeable lithium pack and comparing to lithium AA I found I could pay for the rechargeable pack in less then two sets of AA lithium batteries. Unfortunately, you cannot safely charge AA or AAA lithium batteries as they are designed as single-use items.

How I’m Prepping for Old Age


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

When I started prepping I never thought too deeply about how things would evolve. Just figured out I would improve my preps as much as I could and make some adjustments on the road. As time goes by, I realize old age is around the corner, and how few people seem to prepare for everything that aging brings along.

That’s why I want to share these experiences and explain how I have seen elders live through their senior years with a smile on their faces, even in one of the countries with the worst crisis ever.

How to Survive a Terrorist Attack


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

When horrible events happen, people want to know why. Why was a random group of people targeted to have their innocent day destroyed by violence and terror? Why did the culprit choose that group of victims, that day on the calendar, that specific location? And who? Who was the mastermind behind the event? Who were the members of the group that perpetrated the horror?

This is always followed by the speculation that things are not as they have been presented to us.  Most people in the preparedness world have a very valid mistrust of the corporate-sponsored mainstream media. We look to other sources for our news, and rightly so.

Panic Buying Starts Again

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

First, it was toilet paper, then baby formula, and now it’s non-basmati rice that people are running to the stores and buying in bulk. India has put into effect on July 20th the ban on non-basmati rice in order to calm domestic prices. According to the International Food Policy Research Institute, the global rice market prices have already risen 15%-20% since September of 2022. People have already started panic buying in Texas, Washington, Michigan, and other states. It has not hit every state yet; the impact of this ban has been more so in the regions of larger Indian-origin populations. Most grocery stores have already allegedly limited one bag of rice per customer. Wholesalers and other companies have been adjusting prices which leads to price gouging, so rice is selling for double than usual.

A Prepper’s Guide to Personal Hygiene When the SHTF


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

When I think of prepping, I often envision the usual topics of discussion: stockpiling food, raising crops, accumulating weapons, and methods of water purification. These are all very important subjects that need to be discussed and expanded upon. However, one of the least discussed preparedness topics is maintaining good personal hygiene when the SHTF. While it may not be the most riveting problem to face, it’s still an important issue we’ll all be forced to reckon with during an SHTF event.

This Is Why So Many People Are Suddenly “Panic Buying” Rice All Over The United States…

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Rice is one of the most important staple foods for more than 3 billion people around the world, and the nation of India accounts for approximately 40 percent of all global rice exports.  So if India decides to start placing restrictions on rice exports, that is a really big deal.  Unfortunately, that is precisely what just happened on July 20th.  Less than a week ago, India “banned the export of non-basmati white rice”, and that has created a tremendous wave of panic all over the planet…

$1,000 SILVER [SERIOUSLY, STOP LAUGHING] – Bix Weir, Chris Marcus, Jean-Claude

from SGT Report:

Bix Weir from, Chris Marcus from and Jean-Claude from BeyondMystic are back to discuss the manipulation of the most undervalued tangible asset on earth, and the very real possibility that one ounce of silver may cost exponentially more in coming years, or even months.

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Assembling a Stealth Prepper Group – Part 2


by Sarah Latimer, Survival Blog:

(Continued from Part 1. This concludes the article)


If you work at this, you’ll gain many skills in the areas of operational communications, and in logistics as well. You’ll find the Professional Development Series will help your skillset for leading a volunteer group– whether a prepper group or an ARES group. You’ll be well accepted by the local Emergency Management folks for your willingness to help forestall the onset of anarchy in your community. Most emergency managers realize that communications is a weak spot in their own knowledge base, and if you come across as likable, knowledgeable and professional — they are likely to be very interesed in helping you grow a volunteer group.

Here We Go Again And This Time It Will Be Worse – After Russia Pulls Out Of Black Sea Grain Deal, Already High Inflation For Breads, Pastas And More About To Spike Again

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

It is not often we can get ahead of a problem because generally once it hits it is too late to do anything about it. The problem that we’ll be discussing here is one of those rare opportunities because we have already been here, so we know exactly what needs to be done.

Russia has pulled out of the Black Sea grain deal, which allowed safe export of grain from Ukraine. Russia’s pullout comes after Ukraine blew up a bridge that led from Crimea to Russia, but the reasoning behind the move doesn’t change the affect this will have on the global food supply chain.

Assembling a Stealth Prepper Group – Part 1


by PrepperDoc, Survival Blog:

On the wonderful pages of SurvivalBlog, I have read article after article about hardy souls setting up individual homesteads and gaining hard-won knowledge at significant cost. But also, of course, of people bemoaning the out-sized risks of “loners” in a truly desperate time, and the need to find some way to establish a like-minded group. That adventure is fraught with risks, as leadership, membership, and governance are sticky but important issues.

Store Food While You Still Can, Because 2.4 Billion People Already Do Not Have Enough Food As This New Global Famine Accelerates

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Global food supplies just keep getting even tighter, and global hunger has risen to extremely alarming levels.  People on the other side of the world are literally starving to death as I write this article, but most of us in the western world simply do not care about the millions that are deeply suffering because the mainstream media hardly ever talks about what is happening.  But the truth is that we are feeling the impact of this global food crisis too.  As I warned my readers repeatedly, the primary way that this crisis would manifest itself in wealthy countries during the early stages would be through higher food prices, and that is precisely what we are witnessing.  On Friday, I went to the grocery store and a small bag of chips that I could once buy on sale for 99 cents now has a regular price of 5.99 stamped on it.  Throughout the store there were so many products that I refused to purchase because I thought that they had simply become way too expensive, but those prices are not going back down to where they once were.  Food inflation is here to stay, and the entire planet is going to suffer as a result.

Are You Willing to Starve for the Greater Good?

by MN Gordon, Economic Prism:

Central planners are pulling double shifts.  Contriving plans and proposals to control what you consume, how you travel and cook, where your money is spent, and much, much more.

You know who we’re talking about.  The Davos WEF crowd.  The UN, IMF, World Bank, and central bankers.  Washington lobbyists, NGOs, public/private partnerships, technical advisory committees, nonprofits, and everything in between.  We’re also talking about your meddling neighbor, and many others.

Could You Live Off Your Land, Right Now?


by Sara Sue, Survival Blog:

As world events, both nationally and internationally, explode in violence, deep debt, instability, and uncertainty, I ask myself have I done enough?  Am I far enough away from the violence?  Do I have systems in place that will hold me and my family in good stead for years to come?  It’s complicated, and a heavy burden, to detach from the culture, from the world systems, and to create a self-sufficient lifestyle.  It is also freeing.  There’s so much detail to each aspect that it’s no wonder people throw up their hands and say it’s impossible.  I think it’s possible to a large degree, and I accept the things that still connect me to the “System”.  Until… I find a way to sever those things, or I am forced to, whichever comes first.

Third World Living: Austerity Lessons


by T.S., Survival Blog:

When I was a younger and more idealistic man, I had the opportunity to spend a year “nation building” in a Third World country. Although I now think those aid dollars would have been better spent at home, I did learn some lessons that could help in a dire situation. After all, there’s no better teacher to prepare you for SHTF than people who have been living in austere off-grid conditions for their entire lives. After some reflection, I organized the lessons I learned into four major categories: Power, Communications, Climate Control, and Food.