Sunday, December 10, 2023

BIDEN: “Over a billion three hundred million trillion three hundred million dollars!”


from SGT Report:

Jeff Dornik returns to SGT Report to expose the treachery, tyranny and treason of Joe Biden and his absolutely criminal to the core administration. And if you think that’s just political hyperbole, check this out:

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You can keep up with the latest from Jeff here:


from TheHealthyAmerican:


Anti-Socialist Albanians Storm Parliament with Flares, Barricades, and Fires

from The National Pulse:

The Albanian parliament has been facing significant disruptions as opposition parties protest what they describe as the authoritarian rule of the governing Socialist Party. Disturbances have been ongoing since October, instigated primarily by the center-right Democrats led by former Prime Minister and President Sali Berisha, who has been accused of corruption. Despite such interruptions, which include the use of flares, small fires, and seizure of microphones, the governing Socialists successfully passed the annual budget and other draft laws last Thursday.

Dr. Malone: Vaccine Delivers Short Fragments of DNA

from The New American:


Horrible Things Happened At An Animal Sanctuary In Maui After High Tech Killing Tech Was Forced Upon Endangered Birds – Pets And Other Animals Dropping Dead After Being Hit By EMF’s

by Rhoda Wilson, All News Pipeline:

– Deterioration in the health of all the animals with each advance in wireless communication

In a letter to Arthur Firstenberg, custodian of an animal sanctuary in the Rocky Mountains described how animals in the sanctuary are falling sick and dying after most people in the area installed a Starlink satellite dish.

Canada Limiting Oil and Gas Industry Emission

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Canada has announced a plan to use a cap-and-trade system to impose greenhouse gas emission limits on its oil and gas industry. Under the “draft framework,” Canada will issue emissions allowances to oil and gas producers, which will be capped at levels between 35% and 38% below 2019 levels, beginning in 2030. The government will then continue to lower allowances in stages until the industry reaches net zero by 2050.

Hunter INDICTED, Trump on FIRE, Elon Trolling w/ MK Ultra, Super INTEL, Pray!

from And We Know:


Report: Insider Blows the Whistle on ‘Cyber Threat Intelligence League’ Domestic Censorship Program


by Lucas Nolan, Breitbart:

A whistleblower has reportedly brought to light startling revelations about the Pentagon’s involvement in a domestic censorship program, as detailed in newly disclosed files from the Cyber Threat Intelligence League (CTIL).

Public reports that according to a whistleblower’s files, the Cyber Threat Intelligence League (CTIL), previously thought to be an independent entity, was heavily influenced by government and military personnel. This involvement is far more extensive than previously known, as evidenced by Slack messages and other internal communications.

Statistician William Briggs on his analysis of my New Zealand analysis

from stkirsch:


Russia Hosts Iran, As Rulers Say “Genocide” Is Occurring In Gaza

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

The ruling classes are all doing their best to expand the Israel/Hamas war further. Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has said that Israel is committing “genocide” in Gaza as he meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Some analysts have said the Gaza conflict has benefitted Russia by distracting world attention from the war in Ukraine and enabling Moscow to align itself with other developing countries in solidarity with the Palestinians.

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a rare one-day lightning tour to the Middle East during which he visited Saudi Arabia after a short trip to the United Arab Emirates.

MIT declares Economic Collapse is Imminent w/ Martin Armstrong

from Sarah Westall:


The West Is Taking Draconian Measures to Silence Free Speech

by Marie Hawthorne, The Organic Prepper:

Western culture has valued free speech as a necessary check on overreaching centralized power for centuries.  Yet we’re watching the ability to speak freely disappear before our eyes.

Imagine going to federal prison for a meme.

Douglass Mackey, also known by his Twitter name Ricky Vaughn, is going to jail for memes mocking Hillary Clinton back in 2016.  He made fake memes telling people to vote from home via text messages. Mackey insisted in court that he was just sh*tposting. He didn’t think anyone would be stupid enough to actually fall for it.

Artificial Intelligence and the Law: Where’s the Line?

by Derrick Broze, Activist Post:

The use of artificial intelligence is quickly expanding in the legal arena, but what are the implications of “robot” attorneys and plaintiffs and judges using ChatGPT?

On a recent visit to Mexico, I spoke with a 20-something Mexican crypto enthusiast who says he has used OpenAI’s ChatGPT to write legal briefs, some of which Mexican attorneys have used in court. At the moment, there are no rules or regulations against such an action, but Mexico is one of the dozens of nations that recently announced intentions to regulate artificial intelligence in some capacity.

If those “green” billionaires are so afraid of “global warming,” why do they still own huge oceanside estates?

by Mark Crispin Miller, News from Underground :

Just as they took OFF their masks when (they thought) nobody was looking, so do their private planes and seaside mansions show that what they SAY and what they DO are two entirely different things

As COVID 2020 seems to disappear into the rear-view mirror (whatever “deadly virus” may be coming next), let’s not forget that the top cheerleaders for all the “COVID measures”—Dr. Fauci, Boris Johnson, Nancy Pelosi, the Cuomo brothers and so many more—had a way of slipping off their masks when (they thought) nobody was looking. Click on this link for just a few examples: