Sunday, August 9, 2020

Oregon Governor Caught Violating Her Own Mask Order

by Jeff Reynolds, PJ Media:

Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D-Portland) and her security detail appear to have violated Brown’s own mask mandate, according to a post that has gone viral on Facebook. In addition, a member of that security detail, an Oregon state trooper, has yet to be publicly recognized for rescuing a teenage girl from drowning. A witness to the incident last Sunday is now demanding that the trooper be awarded a medal from the Oregon State Police, but so far Brown has not publicly acknowledged the heroic act by the police officer.

EARLY MARKET UPDATE: Silver Bounces Right Off The Important $27.50 Level

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

After silver fell nearly $2.50 from its highs in Asian trading last night, it bounced right off its important $27.50 level, twice this morning.  It will be interesting to see where the silver price rests and the end of the day.

This morning on my SRSrocco Report Twitter Feed, I posted the following Tweet:

Biden Tells Staffers To Pick Any Black Person For VP ‘Since They All Think The Same Anyway’


from The Babylon Bee:

WILMINGTON, DE—According to sources within the Joe Biden campaign, staffers have been instructed to pick “any black person” for vice president, “since they all think the same anyway.”

He made the comment while in a strategy meeting with aides in his basement.

“Just nab any old black person — they’re all pretty much interchangeable,” Biden reportedly told his aides. “That Stacey chick, the Kamala cop lady, heck, get Denzel Washington for all I care. Any of them are fine. And poor VP candidates are almost as bright as white ones.”

Market Report: The week silver took off

by Alasdair Macleod, GoldMoney:

Gold and silver saw strong price rises this week, with gold up $85 from last Friday’s close at $2060 in morning trade in the European time zone. But the star of the week has been silver, which rose $4.00 to $28.38 over the same time frame.

The problem with silver is a general lack of liquidity, and with the public worldwide flocking into physical ETFs the result is predictable. Of the physical silver held in LBMA vaults half is the property of the SLV trust alone.

Democrat Domestic Terrorism Can No Longer Be Ignored

by J.B. Shurk, American Thinker:

Section 802 of the USA PATRIOT Act defines “domestic terrorism” as activities involving acts in violation of state or federal criminal laws that are “dangerous to human life” and “appear to be intended” either to (i) “intimidate or coerce a civilian population,” (ii) “influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion,” or (iii) “affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping.”

David Stockman: The Biggest Threat to Your Prosperity and What You Can Do

by David Stockman, International Man:

If you want to understand America’s dangerously deepening travails, you have to start at the Federal Reserve’s Eccles Building.

After a 30-year rolling coup d’etat, its occupants have imposed a regime of destructive falsification on America’s financial, economic, political, and social life.

It has become the heart of mushrooming darkness taking prosperity, liberty, and democracy down for the count.

How do we get 50 million unemployed… the stock market at record highs… companies trashing their balance sheets to buy back stock and do vastly overpriced M&A deals… doctors and politicians savaging the economy and the livelihoods of millions… and Washington going incontinent on the fiscal front?

“Smart Pass” Temp Check/Facial Recognition Promoted for Businesses, Schools, etc. What about Privacy and Safety?

by BN Frank, Activist Post:

Ever-changing health mandates and restrictions continue providing more opportunities for privacy invasive, data collecting, and health harming “Smart” technology.

“Smart Pass” is one of them. It eliminates the need for someone to manually take temperatures. Because it’s equipped with facial recognition technology, it also chastises people who aren’t wearing masks.

SHHH: don’t tell anyone silver’s price just hit $29 (wouldn’t wanna spook the cartel’s HFT algos)

from Silver Doctors:

Gold has breached $2,080, and silver just tagged $29. Here’s why….



(by Half Dollar) Gold & silver continue in their spectacular rallies, especially silver.

Yes, silver’s technicals on the daily chart are screaming ‘extreme’:

I’ve Had It – Enough Is Enough!

by Dennis Miller, The Burning Platform:

I’ve had it with the virus panic, riots, looting, property destruction and grandstanding politicians. A poor guy in Minneapolis tried to pass $20 in funny money and ended up dead. His $20 is pale in comparison to the trillions in funny money authorized by congress and created by the Fed to bail out a corrupt banking system.

“The Federal Reserve is a referee who has taken a bribe, a butcher who thumbs the scales, a rogue, a traitor to justice.”– Brian Maher

Since the Glass-Steagall act was repealed on November 12, 1999, taxpayers have bailed out the major banks twice while these corrupt institutions steal much of the wealth of the nation. Never satisfied, the major banks continue to resort to crime and racketeering. The Fed and congress are accessories to the crime.