Bitcoin Tops $73,000 After Record-Breaking Billion-Dollar ETF Inflow


from ZeroHedge:

After kneejerking lower by over $4,000 after yesterday’s hot CPI print, bitcoin has recovered all those losses and then some, to top a fresh record high of $73,600 this morning…

“Bitcoin wiped out overleveraged longs, retested the 2021 cycle high & then bounced back to $72,000,” popular trader Jelle summarized on X, adding that the landscape was now “looking good” for upside continuation.


As we noted on X, the rebound buying came after Bitcoin futures were clubbed like a baby seal on the CPI print:

“There it is: dumping of Bitcoin futures to push prices lower and at the same time record buying via bitcoin ETFs at an artificially lower pric…

…every day, rinse repeat.

Blackrock’s ETF just bought the most bitcoin in one day on record.”

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