Saturday, April 1, 2023


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Dumping Euros and British Pounds in Record Numbers to Buy Bitcoin, What’s It Mean?

by Mish Shedlock, Mish Talk:

Let’s discuss an alleged flight to Bitcoin claim and what it means.

Investors Ditch the Euro and Pound for Bitcoin in Record Numbers

Please consider Investors Ditch the Euro and Pound for Bitcoin in Record Numbers

“As these individuals from the UK and EU see the value of their currency collapsing, they effectively selling the pound and euro for Bitcoin. If this were just a trade to capture the volatility, we would have seen similar spikes in May 2021 and certainly in March 2020.”

How Many Bitcoins Are Irretrievably Lost, and What Does that Mean?

by Mish Shedlock, Mish Talk:

Let’s discuss the role and meaning of lost Bitcoins on future price actions.

How Many Bitcoins Will There Be?

The maximum number of Bitcoins is 21 million. But if 30 percent of them are lost the actual available supply of usable Bitcoins is 21 – (.3 * 21) = 14.7 million.


from SGT Report:

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The silver guru David Morgan returns to SGT Report to discuss the most manipulated tangible asset on planet earth – and much more. Thanks for tuning in!


from SGT Report:

Joe Biden is sick, physically and mentally. Our economy is sick. Our nation is sick. And patriots have the remedy for what ails us. Bob Kudla joins me to discuss the treason, economy, precious metals, crypto, elections and plandemic 2.
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During Monetary Crises, Gold or BTC?

by J. Kim, Gold Seek:

During real monetary crises, do you think citizens should want gold or bitcoin? Of course, bitcoin advocates are always preaching how BTC is the money of freedom that serves citizens best during crises and that physical gold is fool’s gold when compared to bitcoin. For example, Mark Cuban, among others, is among the community of crypto HODLers that sincerely believe that ownership of BTC will serve citizens better than gold during real economic and monetary crises. Cuban has flat out stated multiple times that “bitcoin is better than gold”. On the other hand, the majority of members of the “only gold is sound money” community has always stated that gold performs best during true economic and monetary crisis.

Has JP Morgan Become Bitcoin’s Best Friend?

by Tom Luongo, Tom Luongo:

There was a lot of fanfare made recently over an investment note from JPMorgan Chase which seemed to elevate bitcoin over real estate and other traditional asset classes as the “alternative asset of choice.”

A May 25 investor note made the argument that bitcoin was around 28% undervalued and that the bank was targeting an upside price of around $38,000 per coin, in effect making an argument for bitcoin’s recent price weakness being overdone relative to real estate, private equity and private debt.

Crypto CONTAGION spreads as Ponzi-like elements of the crypto ecosystem start unwinding uncontrollably

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

Crypto carnage is spreading quickly, with the LUNA token demonstrating a near collapse a few weeks ago, and now the Celsius crypto lending platform declaring what is essentially a “bail-in” freeze of all customer assets.

If you had crypto deposited with Celsius, you no longer technically own it since you no longer control it. Celsius just halted all withdrawals, which is something banks do when they are on the verge of collapse. Now the only real question is how far this systemic purge of the crypto bubble will go: Is Tether about to crater? What about Microstrategies, the largest holder of Bitcoin? CEO Michael Saylor is now publicly trying to assure everyone that Microstrategies won’t collapse. Usually this is the kind of thing CEOs say when they are approaching collapse.

How Banks Are Trying To Discredit Bitcoin

from Great Game India:

Bitcoin’s popularity grows year after year. By every criteria — financial value, adoption rates, transaction volume, you name it — Bitcoin is becoming popular. Fearing its capacity to upset the financial system, banks are trying to discredit Bitcoin and cryptourrency.

However, not everyone is content. Bitcoin adoption is increasing. The banking industry, in particular, sees bitcoin’s rise as a threat and continues to fight the cryptocurrency.


from SGT Report:

They are destroying the markets, ushering in world government and preparing the slaughterbots. This is an economic collapse, NWO news update.


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As Bitcoin Breaks Support, Bulls and Bears Pretend to Know the Unknowable

by Mish Shedlock, Mishtalk:

I don’t know where Bitcoin is headed and no one else does either, but margin calls and leverage could easily lead to a rout.

Bitcoin broke technical support at the $35,000 level, but that support was very weak with only one bounce off that level.

Words of Warnings

Technically speaking, the $32,000 level looks far more promising for a bounce.