Friday, July 1, 2022

The Man Who Sold Ukraine

by Mike Whitney, The Unz Review:

Volodymyr Zelensky is the current President of Ukraine. He was elected in a landslide victory in 2019 on the promise of easing tensions with Russia and resolving the crisis in the breakaway republics in east Ukraine. He has made no attempt to keep his word on either issue. Instead, he has greatly exacerbated Ukraine’s internal crisis while relentlessly provoking Russia. Zelensky has had numerous opportunities to smooth things over​ with Moscow and prevent the outbreak of hostilities. Instead, he has consistently made matters worse by blindly following Washington’s directives.

Soros-Linked Mass Migration Lobby: U.S. Must Open Borders to Ukraine Refugees

by John Binder, Breitbart:

The mass migration lobby, with financial ties to billionaire George Soros, is using Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to demand the United States open its borders to refugees from across Eastern Europe.

Even as President Joe Biden’s administration has resettled nearly 75,000 Afghans across American communities in the last six months — many of whom were not properly vetted and cannot be located — mass migration groups who have a financial stake in refugee resettlement say the U.S. ought to immediately begin refugee flows from Ukraine.

Episode 1,608 – Migrants Are Being Bussed Into Florida; Dr. McCullough Talks Future Of The Virus

from Bannons War Room:


Episode 1,597 – The Lies About Ukraine; The Truth About The Border

from Bannons War Room:


Biden has taxpayers sponsoring midnight flights of illegals all over country

from WND:

The crisis that the Biden administration created at the nation’s southern border when he overturned virtually all of the security measures installed by President Trump, such as the Remain in Mexico policy as well as the border wall construction, has been in the headlines on and off. But it’s never gone away.

It’s just gone underground.

Washington Wants to Secure Ukraine’s Border – But Not Its Own Border With Mexico

from 21st Century Wire:

As the Biden White House and its mainstream media adjuncts continue beating the drums of war and crow on about securing Ukraine’s border with Russia, it’s worth asking whether Washington is interested in securing its own porous border with Mexico.

Is this really worth risking a major world war over? 

In this report, Tucker Carlson slams the Biden administration for prioritizing the safety of Ukraine’s borders some 5,000 miles away, whilst completely ignoring genuine national security concerns regarding the United States southern border. Watch: 

Trafficking Drugged Children at the Border

by Heather Hobbs, The New American:

Heather Hobbs discusses human trafficking and the border crisis with Mike Miller with Warriors for Ranchers. Every day, children are being drugged, abused, recycled, and trafficked by those who have zero regard for their lives as human beings. Mike shares with Heather how we can fight back against these great evils!

DISCLAIMER: Views and opinions expressed in this interview are solely those of the interviewee and do not necessarily represent those of The New American. TNA is not responsible for, and does not verify the accuracy of, any information presented.

The Great Exodus To The Northwest

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Why are so many Americans suddenly relocating to states in the Northwest?  At this moment, we are witnessing unprecedented waves of migration, and I think that it says a lot about where we currently are as a society.  According to a recent analysis of population, economic and housing data, six of the ten hottest “boomtowns” in America right now are all located in the Northwest.  Of course this particular region of the country has been hot for years, but since the start of the pandemic things have gone to an entirely new level.  Vast hordes of new people are moving in to the region, and this has driven housing prices to extraordinary levels.

Migrant Straight Up Offers Daily Caller Reporter A Child To Help Them Cross Border Illegally

by Brianna Lyman, The Daily Caller:

A group of Mexican nationals trying to cross into the U.S. illegally offered Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura a “little girl” in exchange for helping them enter the country.

Ventura, reporting from the border in Yuma, Arizona, explained how a group of migrants were trying to cross the border into Yuma while Border Patrol agents were nowhere to be found.

The Democrats Are Already Buying the Immigrant-invaders’ Votes

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

America is the only country in history in which immigrant-invaders can walk into the country illegally, be detained, and collect $1 million per family for the trauma of being detained.

Isn’t it great! Immigrant-invaders can bring lawsuits because they were stopped from illegally entering our country. Biden is using the orchestrated threat of immigrant-invader lawsuits to award every frustrated immigrant invader $450,000 not to sue. It is an orchestration, because there is no basis in law for a person to sue because his illegal entry is blocked. A person who breaks the law cannot sue because the consequences do not suit him. How can America survive led by a party as corrupt as Democrats?

Biden is ‘Clearly Underestimating the Lack of Patience from Texas’: New Lawsuit Seeks to End Federal Vaccine Mandate

by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is spearheading a new lawsuit against the Biden administration over its unlawful vaccine mandate. The lawsuit takes aim at Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors, which requires vaccination against Covid no later than Dec. 8.

The lawsuit argues that the executive order is “a dramatic infringement upon individual liberties, principles of federalism and separation of powers, and the rule of law.” Texas’ lawsuit was filed Friday evening in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas.

Illegal Mass Migration Being Used As Virus Bomb To Disperse Disease Says Bioweapons Specialist

from Great Game India:

According to Bioweapons Specialists and Intel Agents, illegal mass migration is being used as a Virus Bomb to disperse disease.

Fox host Lara Logan on Tuesday cited unnamed “bioweapons specialists and intel agents” who told her allowing migrants into the country is a “typical” way to launch a “virus attack” on your own country.

Texas Sends State Law Enforcement to Rio Grande After Federal Agencies Fail to Secure Border


from 21st Century Wire:

Since the inauguration of Joe Biden as President, the surge of migrants arriving at the Texas-Mexico border has pushed the country’s immigration system to breaking point. The White House policy of openly inviting both undocumented immigrants and alleged asylum seekers through an open border has driven the situation to a crippling humanitarian crisis.

To add to the fiasco, tens of thousands of Haitians have joined migrant caravans from Central America and are now camped at a Texas border. The Biden Administration was then forced to announce that Haitians would have to be flown back to their country in a desperate effort to try and prevent others from crossing the border from Mexico.

EXCLUSIVE: Large Sections of the Border Wall Have Been REMOVED and Left WIDE OPEN Along Heavily Trafficked Drug Route in Southern Arizona

by Julian Conradson, The Gateway Pundit:

TGP reporter Julian Conradson traveled to the US southern border in Arizona last week.

This is his first report from the open US border.

Thanks to its close proximity to Mexico, Tucson Arizona has long been a national-level distribution center for illicit drugs that have been illegally trafficked across the southern border.