Wednesday, February 28, 2024

REPORT: Under Joe Biden, the Number of Illegals Who Have Entered the U.S. is Greater Than the Population of 36 States

by Mike LaChance, The Gateway Pundit:

New analysis finds that the number of illegal immigrants who have entered the U.S. on Biden’s watch is greater than the population of 36 states.

The numbers are absolutely staggering and there are still months left before Joe Biden will potentially leave office. If he doesn’t, and this madness continues, it’s nearly impossible to imagine what the country would look like in four more years.

NEW – Explosion of illegal crossings from “Chinese and Middle Eastern migrants” at the U.S. southern border: report

MAYORKAS! An Extremely Dangerous Menace To Society, Brazen Pathological Liar & Treacherous Traitor to the American Republic Is Finally….

from State Of The Nation:

Who doesn’t know by now that the Department of Homeland Security was established in the wake of the US government’s false flag 9/11 terror operation as an anti-American secret police apparatus modeled after the East German Stasi and Soviet Union’s KGB?




from SGT Report:

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JUST IN – U.S. House votes to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas.


UN & Clinton Foundation using American base in Panama to support trafficking of illegals into US

from SettingBrushfires:


“Go F*ck Themselves”: Rank-And-File Border Patrol Agents Livid Over Senate Funding Deal

from ZeroHedge:

Rank-and-file Border Patrol agents have slammed the Senate’s $118B Senate funding bill that would guarantee 1.5 million illegal migrants entry to the United States, while sending the majority of funds to Ukraine ($60B+) and Israel ($14.1B), the Daily Caller reports.

Four rank-and-file Border Patrol agents told the DCNF that the “catch and release” of illegal immigrants will continue if the bill is implemented, because it allows for the release of family units and single adults that show a credible fear of persecution should they return home.

What An Absolute Mess (Ep. 2182)

from The Dan Bongino Show:


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Steve Quayle issues urgent WARNING: Invading migrant forces will DECIMATE blue cities as America falls

from Health Ranger Report:


Schumer: Pass Israel-Ukraine Aid Bill Or U.S. Troops Could Be Sent to Fight on The Frontlines

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was accused of blackmailing the American people on Monday by claiming that if the $118 billion Israel-Ukraine aid bill is not passed then US troops could be sent to fight on the frontlines “in Eastern Europe.”

“We’re at a turning point in America. This bill is crucial and history will look back on it and say did America fail itself,” Schumer told Morning Joe.

“If we don’t aid Ukraine, Putin will be walk all over Ukraine, we will lose the war and we could be fighting in eastern Europe and a NATO ally in a few years,” he added. “Americans won’t like that.”

New York Provides Government Jobs to Illegal Aliens

from Moonbattery:

New York does more for illegal aliens than just hand out prepaid credit cards and allow them to run free after they beat police officers. At the state level, it provides them with government jobs:

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s administration recently agreed to a proposal that could make it easier for migrants to get temporary jobs in state government.

American citizens are less qualified for government jobs, because they may be infected with some vestigial remnant of American principles like limited government. No need to worry about that with the millions of Third Worlders Democrats are importing to displace us.

The Real Agenda Behind Biden-backed Border Invasion

by Alex Newman, The New American:

The invasion coming across the Southern border being engineered by the Biden administration is about more than just bringing in more Democrat voters, explains The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. The real agenda includes de-Christianizing what used to be known as “Christendom,” undermining the nation-state, and ultimately destroying the United States and even fomenting an orchestrated civil war. The evidence for all of this is overwhelming and becoming more obvious by the day. However, states are taking action to bring the situation under control, as is proper under the U.S. Constitution.