Thursday, April 18, 2024

WW3: Iran Launches Attack Against Israel: Extensive Damage Reported At Air Force Base

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FYI – If we had an honest election in 2020, we wouldn’t be staring down World War III tonight.

Israel’s Killing of Aid Workers Is No Accident. It’s Part of the Plan to Destroy Gaza

by Jonathan Cook, The Unz Review:

The isolation of Gaza is almost complete. The laws of war have been torn up and the enclave is now completely at Israel’s mercy

After six months – and many tens of thousands of dead and maimed Palestinian women and children later – western commentators are finally wondering whether something may be amiss with Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Israel apparently crossed a red line when it killed a handful of foreign aid workers on 1 April, including three British security contractors.

WW III Update ALERT: Iranian Attacks in Syria (and possibly other places) Against Israel are Imminent

by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News:

The U.S. media has been warning the public for the past few days that an Iranian attack against Israeli targets is imminent.

It seems to be an accepted fact that Iran is going to take action against Israel for the recent attack against their Embassy in Damascus Syria.

And given the rhetoric yesterday and today, it appears that Iran’s retaliation is most likely going to happen in Syria, although Israeli embassies around the world are on high alert, and U.S. politicians are (at least publicly) begging Iran to not attack U.S. sources.

Brutal, chaotic war – norms, conventions and laws of conduct are being erased

by Alastair Crooke, Strategic Culture:

We stand on the cusp of what might be termed Chaotic War. Not the formula used by Israel often in the past to intimidate adversaries; this is different.

Israeli reporter Eddie Cohen said, in the wake of the attack on the Iranian Consulate: “We are very clear that we want to start a war with Iran and Hezbollah. Do you still not understand?”

Israel wants to drag Iran into a full-scale war in order to be able to strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities”, though these facilities are beyond American and Israeli reach, buried beneath mountains.


from SGT Report:

Dr. Lee Vliet and super attorney Todd Callender are back with the TRUTH about the Zionist cancer that plagues our nation and the world as we cover other current REAL news.

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Putin’s Road to Armageddon

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

Putin’s Never-ending-War Is Going to End in Nuclear Armageddon.

The United States government, speaking through the mouth of Secretary of State Blinken, defied all of Russia’s warnings this week with this declaration:

“Ukraine will become a member of NATO. Our purpose at the summit is to help build a bridge to that membership.”

By Putin’s refusal to use the necessary force to deal with the dangerous situation and by continuing to insist that the conflict is nothing but a limited operation to clear Ukrainian forces out of the Russian provinces, not an invasion of Ukraine, Russia will soon find herself at war with NATO.

A.I. Deciding Who To Kill For Israel

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Zionism and Child Sex Trafficking Among the Globalists – Like Epstein, Sean Combs “P Diddy” has Strong Ties to Zionists

by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News:

Hip-hop star P Diddy, whose legal name is Sean Combs, has been hit with five civil lawsuits in four months, while the Department of Homeland Security raided his homes in Miami and Los Angeles recently.

Similar to Jeffrey Epstein, Combs allegedly ran a sexual blackmail operation to leverage the rich and famous.

Alexander Rubinstein, writing for Mint Press News, reported today that Combs has strong connections to influential Zionists and the Pro-Israel lobby, such as co-defendant Billionaire Lucian Grainge, the Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group, the largest music company in the world.

After Israel Flattened Their Embassy In Damascus, Iran Vows Revenge As Fears Of A Deadly Escalation Of Wider Middle East Conflict Rise

by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

Iran has vowed to retaliate after it accused Israel of bombing its embassy complex in Syria on Monday, in a deadly escalation of regional tensions over the war in Gaza that once again appeared to raise the risk of a wider Middle Eastern conflict.

Terrorist State Of Israel Just Blew Up The International Diplomatic Order—FOREVER!

from State Of The Nation:

SOTN Editor’s Note: What the rogue terrorist state of Israel just did is so beyond the beyond it’s difficult to explain the far-reaching repercussions and huge ramifications concerning the world order status quo.  Not that the Zionist nation had to prove that it was a reckless pariah state of the highest order, capable of carrying out any act of terrorism whatsoever, anytime, anywhere.  These people are simply not human, and certainly of the lowest form of demonic entities ever to inhabit the Earth.

Pinkerton: Boots on the Ground in a Middle East Hot Zone — What Could Go Wrong?

by James P. Pinkerton, Breitbart:

This author recalled in 2021, here at Breitbart News, the 1983 suicide truck bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, that left 241 American servicemen dead. That disaster brought a quick end to the U.S. mission in Lebanon, which was “peacekeeping” in a war zone. If that doesn’t sound like such a good idea, that’s because it wasn’t. In the wake of the disaster, I wrote, “Uncle Sam had learned a lesson about the dangers of misbegotten missions in the Middle East—at least for a little while.”

Israel’s Dangerous Dance With The Fundamentalists

from 21st Century Wire:

From left to right: Otzma Yehudit leader MK Itamar Ben Gvir, Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu, and Religious Zionism head MK Bezalel Smotrich (Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90)

Dr Martin Cohen
21st Century Wire

The United Nations is probing whether Israel is committing genocide. The US President pleads with it to stop killing civilians – to no avail. And despite its evident bias, the news media is day after day full of horrific tales of death and destruction in Gaza.

Surely any government would draw back at this point – from what is by any measure a completely futile and pointless campaign. What use is it to Israel to pile-up another ten thousand bodies of women and children?

Candace Owens Wars Against Perverted Rabbi: Zionist Enforcer Rabbi Shmuley Bullies Israel Critics

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