Monday, June 17, 2024

The Woke Liberals That Control Lincoln Center In Manhattan Have Replaced Their Annual ‘Mostly Mozart’ Festival With Drag Queen Duets And BLM Offerings

by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

In the case of Lincoln Center, this distortion of the historical record to satisfy the whims of identity-obsessed elites has distorted reality itself and undermined a historic institution, Mozart and all.

DEI Is White Genocide

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

“Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” is an anti-white, anti-heterosexual, and “gender by choice” indoctrination program. It is designed to marginalize normality and to replace it with abnormality, to destroy the confidence of normal white people, and to position them in law as second class citizens against whom discrimination is legal.

The state of Alabama has passed a law to stop the use of public schools for divisive DEI propaganda. Blacks are up in arms that one of their weapons for gaining power over whites is being limited in Alabama, and the absurd ACLU says stopping the spread of divisiveness will have a chilling effect.


from SGT Report:

As the cultural Marxist Satanist trans insane pedos introduce legislation to steal your children if you refuse to “affirm their gender” and allow them to seek Josef Mengele-style gender re-assignment surgery, the line in the sand has been drawn: Concede that 2+2 equals 5 or spend the rest of your days in prison. Dr. Len Horowitz, attorney Mitch Fine and U.S. vet & radio host John Moore join me to discuss.

NOTE: LOOK at the picture I used in the thumbnail for this video, the trans-insane ‘thing’ on the right is wearing a hat that says ‘CP’. Does that stand for Child Porn? These people are demons. By the way, the person standing who is not costumed is demonic California Senator Scott Wiener who represents District 11 and who is behind much of the war against our children in that corrupt state. Like THIS: California Bill Would Punish Parents For Misgendering Children

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THE WAR ON TRUTH — Nick Searcy

from SGT Report:

The demonRats and RINIOs are hell bent on maintaining their power over the rule of law and health of the Republic and both parties are guilty of crimes against we the people after the stolen election and coup of 2020. Nick Searcy is the producer of the new must see documentary THE WAR ON TRUTH which you can watch here on May 17th:

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from The Salty Cracker:


“We Have Committed That 50% of The Class Will Be Women and People of Color” – United Airlines CEO Admits to DEI Quota Because There are too Many White Men Flying Airplanes

by Jordan Conradson, The Gateway Pundit:

Meritocracy is dead.

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby, in a recent interview, admitted that they are no longer seeking the most qualified candidates to safely transport their passengers on commercial flights.

Instead, Kirby says, “We have committed that 50% of the classes will be women or people of color,” instead of the most qualified individuals they can find.

IN-DEPTH: Woman Says Her Daughter Was Sex Trafficked After School Hid Gender Transition

from The Epoch Times:

A woman has filed a lawsuit against a Virginia school district alleging its clandestine support of her daughter’s decision to change her gender identity resulted in her being threatened, bullied, and ultimately trafficked by sexual predators.

Michele Blair, biological grandmother and adoptive mother of 16-year-old Sage Blair, alleges in the lawsuit (pdf) filed in August that staff at the Appomattox County High School directed Sage—who has a history of mental health issues and early childhood trauma—to change her name and pronouns and to use the boys’ bathroom, all the while keeping it a secret from Mrs. Blair.


from SGT Report:

Nathan Reynolds is back to expose the new world order death cult and all of the ancient hate they feed on to motivate their endless crimes against humanity. We also talk about MONEY, the root of evil and how to survive what’s coming.

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Australian Underwear Company Sparks Backlash For Using Bearded Man To Model Bikini


by Niamh Harris, The Peoples Voice:

The Australian underwear company Bonds has sparked a backlash after using a bearded, non-binary person to model a bikini.

The company used two non-binary models with ‘they/them’ pronouns to advertise its $18.99 ‘Retro Rib™ Seamless Tonal Hi Bikini’ as part of its Pride 2024 range.

Publicly Funded LGBT Group Asks Teachers Not To Inform Parents About ‘Transitioning’ Children

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

A government funded LGBT lobbyist ‘charity’ is encouraging teachers in Scottish schools not to communicate with parents if their children express a desire to ‘transition’ to a different gender.

The Telegraph reports that one school issued such guidance to teachers based on the ‘inclusion scheme’ advice of LGBT Youth Scotland, a radical activist group that receives almost £1 million per year in taxpayer funding.

Teacher Blows Whistle on Dangerous Trainings for Public Schools


from Conversations That Matter:



from Sarah Westall:


Scott Adams explains in layman terms how the CIA ‘captures’ our lawmakers right under our noses…

from Revolver News:

What the heck happened to Speaker Mike Johnson? When he first emerged as the speaker after McCarthy was ousted, he was hailed as a “MAGA” hero. Many thought we finally had someone at the helm who truly had our best interests at heart. Boy, were we wrong.

In a shockingly short period of time, Speaker Johnson went from a MAGA hopeful to a Deep State stooge. This drastic change has many people asking: Was he always a snake in the grass, or did they manage to blackmail him into becoming their dutiful little puppet? Well, it’s likely a very complex issue with many layers, but one thing seems clear: Speaker Johnson likely fell victim to a very coordinated CIA plot. This strategy is often used against our government officials to ensure they toe the line with the uni-party regime.

NEW – Pope Francis hosts transgender group for Vatican luncheon.


Oops, Drudge Did It Again

by Stephen Green, PJ Media:

Ever since PJ’s own managing editor, Paula Bolyard, gave ur-blogger Matt Drudge a virtual black eye, I’ve made it a point to visit the Drudge Report once or twice a week, just to keep an eye on lefty cray-cray over there. Today was one of those Drudge days and — as happens almost without fail — I found a cringeworthy instance of the site’s increasingly laughable lefty bias.