Dr. McCullough Sounds the Alarm on Stunning Act of Censorship by Medical Journal


by Dr. Peter McCullough, Vigilant News:

Retracting a fully peer-reviewed and published analysis on COVID-19 vaccination without adequate justification is an unethical act of scientific censorship.

In a stunning act of scientific censorship, a little known publication integrity staffer Tim Kersjes has retracted a manuscript authored by epidemiologist M. Nathanield Mead, MSc, after the paper drew global attention to the Springer Nature Cureus platform with record views/reads/downloads.

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The paper called for a halt in COVID-19 mass vaccination based on a valid evaluation of the evidence. It topped >330,000 views/reads/downloads in a month as compared to an average Cureus-promoted paper which has only ~2700 in a year.

A rating of >9.2 is considered “excellent” and “groundbreaking” appropriately characterizing this extensively cited paper with 293 references (average paper has 30).


Kersjes raised eight points previously handled in an exhaustive peer-review process. The journal and its editors had the right to reject the paper any time during the review process.

Once published, it is a violation of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Guidelines to retract paper without adequate justification.


The authors’ rebuttal to this bold and unethical action taken by the publisher is posted below so you can see the points raised and responses. Please see the publication link and download your PDF version before it is censored off the platform.

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