Monday, September 27, 2021

INDOCTRINATION: George Soros To Pump A Billion Dollars Into Higher Education To Focus On Climate Change

by Aleister, The Gateway Pundit:

The original Dr. Evil is at it again.

Left-wing billionaire George Soros is apparently planning to dump a cool billion dollars into higher education to focus on teaching about climate change.

He also wants the money to be used to fight nationalism, because he is an open borders advocate.

DeMint warns America’s decline linked to ‘death of truth’

from WND:

‘Men identify as women and – miraculously – men are women’

Jim DeMint, the chief of the Conservative Partnership Institute and a former U.S. senator from South Carolina, says the decline of America stems from the “death of truth.”

DeMint now has written, “Satan’s Dare” and commented on the nation’s status, and its future, in a commentary at Real Clear Religion.

Space object traveling Mach 74 explodes above U.S. air base, military silent


by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

No warning was given before or after an earthbound object exploded over a U.S. air base

The military has made no announcement regarding an airborne earthbound object that exploded with 2.3 kilotons force 26 miles above U.S. Air Base Thule on July 25th around 11:55 pm.

The object was traveling 55,000 mph (15 miles/sec) or Mach 74.



by Mark Dice:

The Racial Potemkin Village of TV

by Robert Weissberg, The Unz Review:

Those who watch TV and read popular magazines, particularly those that cover fashion, have surely noticed an almost over-night explosion of blackness. Black actors and fashion models must be raking it in during the current diversity mania. The use of blacks to pitch products or explain the world on PBS documentaries is not necessarily remarkable, per se. Nothing unusual, for example, if Nike TV commercials featured black athletes to endorse sneakers. Nor would it seem odd if such commercials or fashion shoots failed to reflect America’ demography—trends come and go, and who knows, hillbillies may soon be chic, and denizens of the trailer court may appear everywhere.

The State Convinced People It Was DANGEROUS for Them Not to be Watched. Now Many Believe Surveillance Tech Is “for our own good”

by Aden Tate, The Organic Prepper:

Yet another consequence of 2020 was the growth of public surveillance (aka Big Brother state) disguised under the umbrella of COVID. When you can convince a populace it is dangerous for them to be unobserved, you create the mindset that public surveillance is for the good of all. 

Big Brother is bigger than ever

I work within the security industry.

One newer piece of technology that we can now install is AI fever monitoring cameras. Many buildings throughout the US now have a camera with thermal capabilities monitoring your every move when you walk in.


Eric, the firefighter paramedic is back with new startling research and videos.


from State Of The Nation:

OMG!!! ‘Super-Deadly’ Covid Variants Are Popping Up All Over The Place! What are we going to do?!?!?!?!

Actually the real question here is: What do the Plandemic perps really want US to do?

Get one of the exceedingly dangerous and
deadly Covid injections—THAT’S WHAT!

New study further debunks “far-right” rabbit hole YouTube narrative

by Christina Maas, Reclaim The Net:

A new study helps debunk the myth of “radicalization” that’s often used to call for censorship.

YouTube uses algorithms to suggest videos depending on what you watch. There have been many stories about how YouTube’s recommendation algorithms have “radicalized” people by populating their viewings with a specific subject, particularly when the subjects are “conspiracy theories.”

11-year-old girl shamed by teacher for picking President Trump as her “hero,” told to choose “somebody else’s hero”

by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

Liberalism has now infested most of the public schools throughout the country and teachers have now resorted to blocking students from expressing their own free thoughts as America’s education system heads down the tubes.

An 11-year-old student named Bella Moscato was shamed by her teacher after picking President Trump as her “hero” for a class assignment and was subsequently told to “pick someone else’s hero,” according to statements made by the girl’s parents during their appearance on The Ingraham Angle on Tuesday.

“You Still Aren’t Vaxxed, Debra!” City of Baltimore Mocked Over Public Information Campaign

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

Jab ad resembles domestic abuse warning.

The City of Baltimore was mocked over a public information campaign encouraging people to get vaccinated before they could socialize, with some comparing the promo to a domestic abuse PSA.

The ad shows a disgruntled looking woman being told by her controlling boyfriend, “Mimosa with the girls? You still aren’t vaxxed, Debra!”

San Francisco Schools Radicalizing Kids as Young as 5 With Anti-Trump, Anti-American Propaganda Showcased at Recent Rally

by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

Last week, 3 San Francisco schools took students as young as 5-years-old to a local “Close the Camps” rally.

Liberals are starting their brainwashing before children even learn how to read and write.

This is unacceptable.

An Examination Of The Leftist Cult And Their Religion

by Brandon Smith, Alt Market:

There is a common misconception among newer activists in the liberty movement that the idea of the “false left/right paradigm” means that there is no political spectrum; that the entire notion of left vs right is a fabrication. This is not exactly the case. When we talk about false paradigms in regards to politics (or geopolitics), what we are actually referring to is the elitist class, otherwise known as globalists, and the fact that they have no left or right political orientation. They do not care about Democrats or Republicans, they have no loyalty to either party. Their loyalty is to their own agenda, and they will exploit BOTH sides to get what they want whenever possible.