Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Lake Mead is less than 150 feet away from becoming a “dead pool,” making much of the Southwestern U.S. uninhabitable

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

America’s largest reservoir is drying up fast, which could make states like Nevada, Arizona and California, and parts of Mexico, no longer livable in the not-too-distant future.

Lake Mead, which generates just under 40 percent of Las Vegas’ power supply via the Hoover Dam, currently sits at just under 1,044 feet. It is less than 150 feet away from becoming a “dead pool,” meaning no more water flowing through the Hoover Dam and no more electricity or water for every Southwestern city that relies on this resource for sustenance.

Climate Science Spawns Serfdom

by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD, Lew Rockwell:

In my writings for I first focused on climate change in “Finding Truth in Phoenix,” in 2003 after attending the 21st Annual Meeting of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness held in Phoenix, Arizona that year.

Willie Soon, PhD, an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, gave the first talk, on climate change. He refuted claims that the 1990s was the warmest decade of the millennium and that the 20th century was warmer than any other century.

Spanish government admits to spraying chemtrails on citizens, at behest of the UN

by Lance D Johnson, via DC Clothesline:

During the strategically-planned covid-19 “state of emergency,” the United Nations (UN) authorized the Spanish government to spray lethal chemtrails from the skies. On April 16, 2020, the Spanish government quietly admitted that they authorized the military to spray biocides on the entire population. This population-wide medical experiment was carried out under the cover of a “state of emergency for the management of the health crisis situation caused by Covid-19.” This desperate, yet well-devised plan violates multiple counts of the Nuremberg Code — a human rights and medical ethics treaty that is not being enforced in any capacity.

Watch: Kamala Harris Bursts Out Laughing in Speech on the Deadly Serious Threat of ‘Climate Change’

by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris on Wednesday addressed the country on the purportedly dire threat posed by climate change. In the middle of her speech, she couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Watch


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

The Gizars were out in force last week combing the internet for articles that are “narrative burners”, and this one was spotted by B.H. and passed along, and with it, I’m going to do a bit of predictive high octane speculation, crawling out to the end of the twig, and doing a Wile E. Coyote nose dive into the canyons below.  I don’t need to remind any of the readership here of Elana Freeland’s works on chemical spraying, nor Mr. Globaloney’s endorsement of “climate change”. Just bear it all in mind as you read this one:

Bill Gates Predicts ‘Next Pandemic’ Will Be Caused by Climate Change, Proposes WHO Expansion

from The Epoch Times:

Billionaire Bill Gates has predicted a 50 percent chance that another pandemic will occur in the next 20 years due to “climate change.”

Gates made his predictions in an interview with Spanish publication, during a one-day trip he made to Spain on May 26.

“The human population is growing, and we are invading more and more ecosystems. That is why I calculate that there is a 50 percent chance that we will have a pandemic of natural origin in the next 20 years, as a consequence of climate change,” Gates said, noting that the pandemic could be a type of coronavirus, a type of flu, or “something else.”

Global freezing? Arctic ice levels reach 30-year HIGH

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

Despite ever-rising carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, arctic ice is actually expanding, not melting.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently convened its annual conference in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss the “climate crisis.” It was revealed there that arctic ice is currently at a 30-year high, according to data from the intergovernmental European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites.

Biden’s Chief Climate Officer Is A Klaus Schwab Fellow.

by Natalie Winters, The National Pulse:


President Joe Biden’s Chief Climate Officer and Deputy Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development was a fellow at the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, founded by World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab.

The prominent position of the Biden Appointee, Gillian Caldwell, gives her considerable direction over the White House’s energy and climate change policy, which the World Economic Forum (WEF) has highlighted as an integral component of its “Great Reset” agenda. In addition to exploiting COVID-19, the WEF has been accused of using issues like the environment to advance its radical agenda of abolishing private property ownership.

The World Economic Forum Wants To Create A Climate Change Treaty

from Humans Are Free:

The World Economic Forum (WEF) wants to create an international climate change treaty supposedly to save the ocean.

“The science is clear: to maximize the health and resilience of the global ocean, at least 30% of it must be protected through a network of ‘highly’ and ‘fully’ protected Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) by 2030,” writes the World Economic Forum in an article.