Sunday, June 23, 2024

Adam Carolla: Why You Can’t Trust Mainstream News Anymore

from Vigilant News Network:


It has now emerged that the Biden regime has been conducting secret loyalty test inside the FBI.

Transsexuals Sue Over Access to Women’s Locker Rooms

from Moonbattery:

Although the LGBT agenda suffers few setbacks, the Alphabet People are still oppressed. The Olympics put the kibosh on Will “Lia” Thomas’s plan to compete on the US women’s team. He isn’t the first guy to encounter resistance at the door to the women’s locker room. In Europe, transsexuals respond with lawsuits.

In Germany:

A trans-identified male who was denied membership and access to the women’s showers at a female-only fitness center in Bavaria is suing the facility for €2,500 in compensation, claiming “personal injury suffered.” The suit comes just weeks after the gym was already ordered to pay him €1,000 by the federal anti-discrimination commissioner.

Pentagon ran secret anti-vaccine propaganda campaign – Reuters

from RT:

Hundreds of fake social media accounts linked to the US military were reportedly used to spread fear about the Chinese jab in Asia

The US military staged an undercover social media campaign at the height of the pandemic to smear the Chinese Covid vaccine, Reuters has reported.

The Pentagon’s campaign to disparage the Chinese vaccine ran between the spring of 2020 and mid-2021, focusing on the Philippines before spreading to other parts of Asia and the Middle East, the agency claimed in an article on Friday.

Who Is Watching This? Star Wars Lesbian Witches ‘Use The Force’ To Get Pregnant Without Men


by Steve Watson, Modernity News:

Put a chick in it and make her lame and gay

The new Disneyfied Star Wars series is as bad as was expected, with one scene involving lesbian space witches going viral.

The series, called “The Acolyte,” already dubbed the ‘gayest Star Wars ever’ by some of its cast, has lived up to the title in every sense.

The scene below shows the characters conducting some sort of spasticy ritual to immaculately conceive twins by using the force… or something.


from SGT Report:

Filmmaker and author Bart Sibrel returns to SGT Report to discuss the coming alien deception, Planet X sand his new book about both! Thanks for tuning in. This is Bart’s site, get the book here:

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The American College of Pediatricians just put out a 🔥🔥🔥 statement calling out all the major medical associations by name for pushing the gender transition craze on kids.

Obese Woman Named Miss Alabama

from Moonbattery:

It was only a matter of time before the liberal fad of glorifying obesity reduced beauty contests to tasteless farce:

Plus-sized model, Sara Milliken, 23, is making headlines after being crowned Miss Alabama over the Memorial Day weekend.

The media is playing its predictable part by screeching self-righteously that Milliken is a victim of “cyberbullying” by nasty bigots who don’t believe in the woke principle of giving the prize to someone who conspicuously does not deserve it in the name of identity politics.

Post Verdict Polling Shows No Movement – Trump Still Leads Biden and Media Are Not Happy

from The Conservative Treehouse:

The linguistic contortions the New York Times needs to give an acceptable narrative to their audience is funny. The NYT/Sienna did a poll of Trump and Biden supporters to see if the New York guilty verdict against Trump made a difference. It did not.

The Times just resurveyed the same people they previously surveyed, and the result was essentially nothing, given the original margin of error which transfers to both efforts.

Well, it’s June, so that means the FBI just got really, super GAY…


from Revolver News:

Well, it’s June, and we all know what that means, right? Every single US corporation, group, and organization will spend the next thirty days worshiping at the feet of the rainbow altar.

We never see these same companies, groups, and organizations celebrating traditional family values. They only celebrate the kinky stuff because that’s the very foundation of the left-wing agenda: kink and degeneracy. It almost becomes a full-blown contest over who can worship the LGBTQ flag the hardest. Which group can toss every ounce of shame and humility they have left into the trash bin and go hog wild for the rainbow gods?

U.S. Ruling Class Says Israel’s Airstrike On Rafah Did NOT Cross Any Red Lines

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

The United States ruling class will not stop arms shipments to Israel in response to a recent airstrike on a refugee camp in Rafah.  National Security Council spokesman John Kirby has told reporters that the U.S. does not consider Israel’s operations in Rafah to be an invasion, and so there have been no red lines crossed.

“As a result of this strike on Sunday, I have no policy changes to speak to,” Kirby said at a briefing on Tuesday. “It just happened. The Israelis are going to investigate it. We’re going to be taking great interest in what they find in that investigation. And we’ll see where it goes from there.”

Kidney Transplants to Be Provided on Racial Basis

from Moonbattery:

Equity and racial justice mean that if you need a kidney transplant, you had better not be white:

The Biden administration unveiled a plan that would push American hospitals to prioritize low-income patients when performing kidney transplants, a move Health and Human Services secretary Xavier Becerra says is aimed at rooting out “racial inequities” in the “transplant process.”

The policy rewards hospitals with a “health equity performance adjustment” for choosing transplant recipients based on the Biden Regime’s ideology, Cultural Marxism.

Sonic Mind Control on US Citizens

from Reese Report:


Imagine sending your child to summer camp where the counselors are LGBTQ activists


DEI ‘Expert on White Supremacy’ Laments No One Will Hire Him Because He’s White


by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

David Austin Walsh, an academic researcher on “white supremacy” and the “far-right,” is going viral for lamenting on Twitter that no one will hire him because he’s a white male.

You know you’re living under “white supremacy” when you’re systematically discriminated against for being white!