Friday, December 8, 2023

The Antisemitism Hoax Has Officially Collapsed. Jews Don’t Know It Yet, But It’s Over

by Andrew Anglin, The Unz Review:

The transformation has happened so fast that I don’t think people have yet grasped it:

  • The official definition of “antisemitism” before October 7, 2023 was “hating Jews for no reason.”
  • The post-7/10 definition of “antisemitism” is “saying Jews should stop killing babies.”

It’s a really massive transformation.

I know that most non-Jews don’t understand it, but what is even crazier is that most Jews don’t appear to understand it.

Top Journalism School Wants Taxpayers to Fund Reporters and Dying Media Outlets


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

It’s hard to imagine how American media could get any worse.

One surefire way to do it would be to make journalists and media outlets wards of the state. Can you imagine a media that relies on government to get funded and paid? They already act like activists and this would only encourage them to do so.

This would basically make all of the media like PBS and NPR.

Nolte: Disney on Track to Lose Nearly $750 Million Across 13 Films in Historic Year of Box-Office Flops

by John Nolte, Breitbart:

The Disney Grooming Institute had the worst box office year imaginable in 2023. Couldn’t happen to a nicer den of thieves of children’s innocence.

After losing $106 million on Lightyear (2022) and another $152 million on Strange World (2022) — both of which featured prominent gay plotlines aimed at little kids — the Disney Grooming Syndicate roared into 2023, hoping for a much better year. But…


from Infowars:


US Air Force Does Not Want Trump Supporters

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

(Above: Far-right domestic terrorists)

The government is watching what you do and who you support. They are first alerting military service members that their political alliance could jeopardize their futures. This will be common practice once digital IDs and corresponding social credit scores are implemented. The Air Force has alerted service members not to attend any rallies for Donald Trump if they want to remain in the military.

There’s only one way to deal with the cultural marxist revolution destroying the American Republic today and that is to…..


from State Of The Nation:

…crush it before it crushes US out of existence forever.
SOTN Editor’s Note: The following analysis represents the grim reality that the Patriot Movement faces today.  It also presents the ONLY way out of the rapidly devolving predicament throughout the 50 states.

Disney’s ‘Wish’ Is A Theatrical Bomb And The Latest In A String Of Woke Failures


from ZeroHedge:

Is it time to declare the Disney brand dead?  Only a couple weeks ago the entertainment giant suffered one of its worst box office showings ever with the failure of The Marvels, a feminist driven girl-boss movie which was widely applauded by social justice advocates but ignored by the vast majority of the public.  The film is expected to lose $200 million to $300 million once receipts are totaled and marketing costs are accounted for.

Escape from New York: Technocratic Marxist School Indoctrination & Power To Detain Anyone Without Due Process on Mere Suspicion of a Communicable Disease

by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World, 2nd smartest Guy in the World:

This Substack has been vehemently against the globalist sociopath puppet “Governor” Hochul since she was first illegitimately installed.

New York’s Democrat Marxist governor Kathy Hochul recently won an appeal over a lawsuit against her administration’s criminal Covid-19 quarantine rules and regulations.

Maoist Revolution Survivor Exposes Parallels Between China’s Cultural Revolution and Wokeism

from The Epoch Times:

The real goal of the woke revolution sweeping America today is “to change the [American] culture and to destroy everything [of] the past: the traditional value,

Although communist China and America have different cultures, a Chinese Cultural Revolution survivor said that when the Maoist Cultural Revolution in China and what is happening in today’s America are put in a broader perspective, one can see commonalities between the two.

NEW – Pope Francis hosts transgender group for Vatican luncheon.


Evidence ‘Transhumanists,’ Who Claimed ‘Humans Are Hackable’ & ‘No Longer Have Free Will,’ Are Causing Bizarre Deaths, Rage, Crime And Widely Spreading Insanity via Injected Nanotechnology

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

– Voice To Skull Technologies Help To Usher In Tyranny

When taking a look out at the world today and witnessing the near-total breakdown of society, including people suffering bizarre, sudden deaths, captured on camera, often accompanied by the ‘victim’ looking out at their surroundings and seemingly ‘seeing’ things that are not there; massive crime sprees spreading from the East Coast to the West; and widely spreading ‘insanity’ among the population, it’s necessary to take a look back a few years to help us understand what’s now unfolding.


from SGT Report:

Dr. Jerome Corsi returns to SGT Report to expose the enemies of humanity and our beloved Republic of the United States: The neo-Marxist and cultural Maoists who do the bidding of their criminal satanic bankster masters.

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from The Salty Cracker:


Your Credit Card Company Might Be Bankrolling Left-Wing Activism

by Robert Schmad, The Daily Caller:

Charitable foundations funded by credit card companies and managed by their executives are pouring millions of dollars into liberal advocacy organizations, tax filings show.

The American Express Foundation and the Visa Foundation, philanthropic arms of two of the largest credit card companies in the world, gave grants to several major left-wing groups between 2019 and 2021. Executives from Visa and American Express sit on the boards of their respective foundations, both of which have taken millions from the corporations that established them.