WEF Caught Paying Hollywood Writers To Push ‘Net Zero’ Agenda in Movies


by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, The Peoples Voice:

Democrat activists in California are teaming up with WEF officials to control Hollywood scripts and promote the WEF’s ‘Net Zero’ propaganda through movies and television.

The climate activist group – “Good Energy” – is partnering with Hollywood writers to infuse the WEF’s Net Zero narratives into movie scripts. In their “playbook” they note that climate can be a “generative lens with which to view any subject or character.” The group orders Hollywood writers to make characters more relatable by making them show anger, depression and grief toward the “climate crisis.”

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Naturalnews.com reports: The activist group is propped up by billionaire foundations, including Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Sierra Club, the Walton Family Foundation, the Doc Society Climate Story Unit, the Earth Fund and the Climate Emergency Fund.

Climate activists pledge to infiltrate half of all new Hollywood films over the next three years

Good Energy promises to instill climate alarmism into all types of films. Their climate doom will be pushed in movies that have nothing to do with the topic. The group recently published their “Playbook for Screenwriting in the Age of Climate Change.” They claim that the playbook is “now the industry’s go-to guide to incorporating climate into any story line or genre.”

Good Energy has already announced a collaboration with Apple TV+ and Scott Z Burns on the series Extrapolations. The series will explore how the planet’s changing climate will affect family, work, faith and survival. The group is “dedicated” to transforming contemporary TV and film, ensuring that, over the next three years, 50% of new programs include climate change plot lines and characterization.

Good Energy posits a few options for filmmakers: “Let’s re-imagine what it looks like for a character to eat a plant-rich diet, attend a protest, or up-cycle vintage clothes. And if your story requires a yacht, why not make it solar powered.”

The climate doom propaganda doesn’t seem to be very effective in film, so far. During the 2021 COP 26 meeting in Glasgow, climate change hysteria was embedded in seven soap opera programs, including Coronation Street and Eastenders. The climate doom propaganda was inserted into existing story lines, and was not well received, as audiences shifted away from the dogma.

Climate billionaires get richer, using activist groups as pawns to manipulate the masses

The climate billionaires continue to use propaganda for their own gain, in a cycle of fear mongering and calls to action that exploit people’s emotions. Technically, these climate billionaires are validated and made richer when they use activist groups as pawns. In order to confuse, control and manipulate the masses, these billionaires use the loudest, most gullible, virtue-signaling types of people to prop up their narratives and promote collectivism. As these climate change narratives are instilled in the subconscious minds of impressionable youth, the cycle of climate hysteria continues. As the irrational movement grows, the global elite get more powerful and people around the world suffer under their expensive and restrictive policies.

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