Thursday, February 29, 2024

“Pride” Is A Thinly Veiled Color Revolution To Destroy Western Civilization

by Brandon Smith, Alt Market:

The term “color/colour revolution” is often associated with covert efforts among US and European interests to foment civil unrest within enemy nations (and sometimes allied nations) as a means to destabilize their societies and governments. It is essentially 4th generation warfare, a concept expanded on by Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino (a self professed satanist) in a white paper titled ‘From Psyop To Mindwar.’  The goal is straightforward – To go to war against a foreign country (or one’s own country) by attacking the citizenry rather than its armies. Or, to exploit the target population as a weapon to trigger instability.

It’s Time to Go for Woke Hollywood’s Jugular

by JD Rucker, Discern Report:

Over the past two months, we’ve seen a shift in the way movie failures are being reported by corporate media. There was a time not too long ago when every excuse possible was made for why “woke” movies didn’t perform well. Sometimes, they would blame world events. Other times, they’d blame a vast rightwing conspiracy. They used to blame Covid a lot, and that was at least partially true.

But they never blamed wokeness.

Army Special Operations Command Posts Intersex-Inclusive ‘Progress Pride’ Flag on Social Media

by Kristina Wong, Breitbart:

United States Army Special Operations Command posted an intersex-inclusive pride flag on all its social media accounts last week, prompting criticism from former Green Berets and conservative commenters.

The command, which produces the Army’s Special Forces, posted the flag — known as the intersex-inclusive Pride Progress flag — on its Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, along with this message:

Advice to School Librarians on Hiding Filth From Parents

from Moonbattery:

Few parents are on board with the LGBTification of their children — although as we have seen, libraries tend to be. That makes hiding depraved propaganda from parents a useful skill for today’s librarian. A June 8 conference offered helpful tips:

Valerie Byrd Fort, an instructor at the University of South Carolina gave a seminar at Library 2.0’s “Banned Books and Censorship” conference on how to handle LGBTQ content within the library, according to the conference recording. Fort’s suggestions included extra precautions such as that librarians keep “identity” labels, such as “LGBTQIA+” or “Gays Fiction,” off of books.


from SGT Report:

As the NWO push toward a global government ramps up, UFO’s and aliens are on the mainstream “news” on a regular basis which calls to mind Wernher von Braun’s warning that the “last card” they would play is the alien card “and all of it is a lie”. Researchers Laura Eisenhowser and Patty Greer join me to discuss the UFO-alien agenda as we try to separate facts from fiction.

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“We’re here we’re queer and we’re coming for your children!”

Riley Gaines Torches Letter “Emotionally Blackmailing” Harvard Swim Team on Lia Thomas

by Paul Bois, Breitbart:

Swimmer Riley Gaines, an outspoken advocate against transgender athletes in women’s sports, bashed a letter allegedly sent to the Harvard swim team gaslighting them about competing with transgender swimmer Lia Thomas.

Lia Thomas, a man living as a woman, became a household name in 2022 after he dominated the competition while competing against females, winning first place in the women’s 500-yard freestyle event in the NCAA’s swimming championship. At the height of the controversy, members of the Harvard swim team were allegedly given a letter essentially gaslighting them about competing with a man.

America Wakes Up to Woke

by Victor David Hanson, Victor Hanson:

Wokeness was envisioned as a new reboot of the coalition of the oppressed.

Those purportedly victimized by traditional America would find “intersectional” solidarity in their victimhood owing to the supposed sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other alleged American sins, past and present.

The so-called white male heterosexual victimizing class was collectively to be held responsible for their sinful triad of white “rage,” “supremacy,” and “privilege.”

‘Ashamed to be Caucasian’: White South Carolina High Students Taught to Hate Their Race

by Paul Kersey, DC Clothesline:

All of America life, public & private is about making white people uncomfortable. [‘Ashamed to be Caucasian’: School scraps racism lesson because it makes white students ‘uncomfortable’, Raw Story, June 13, 2023]:

A South Carolina school district halted classroom discussion of a book about racism after white students complained it made them “uncomfortable”, The State reported.

Climate Change Agitator Greta Thunberg Deletes June 2018 Tweet Saying The World Will End In 5 Years If We Don’t Stop Using Fossil Fuels, It Didn’t

by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

‘A top climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years.’ Greta Thunberg’s post read from June of 2018.

On June 21st of 2018, climate hoaxer Greta Thunberg retweeted a post from a ‘top climate scientist’ that said ‘humans will go extinct unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next 5 years’. Today is the 5th anniversary of that tweet, and the world we live in, riddled with sin though it may be, is not even close to extinction. Obviously, Thunberg’s claim did not turn to out to be even remotely true. Al Gore also told many whoppers in his ‘Inconvenient Truth’ presentation whose predictions also did not materialize.

Report: Woke Hollywood Elite To Meet At Propaganda Summit

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

Will discuss how to inject climate change messages into all movies

The AFP reports that the elite of Hollywood are set to meet in Los Angeles for a four-day summit designed to formulate a strategy to “tackle climate change.”

The report notes that THOUSANDS of stars, directors and writers will convene with “scientists and activists” in an effort to “encourage movies and TV shows to use their outsized influence on audiences around the world.”

In other words, to inject more woke identity politics propaganda into entertainment.

The Woke cult has captured medicine.

Disney Pixar Movie With Non-Binary Character And Woke Themes Bombs

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

One of the lowest box office debuts for a Pixar movie ever.

A new Disney Pixar movie that features a non-binary character using they/them pronouns has completely flopped at the box office.

The production titled Elemental, which also features characters ‘tackling’ racism and xenophobia, ranks as one of the lowest box office debuts for a Pixar movie ever.

They spent around $200 million making it. It opened with a $29.5 million recoup.

You do the math(s).

Teacher Suspended for Targeting White Males; Accused Them of Domination

by Selwyn Duke, The New American:

A San Francisco English teacher who says she discusses “sensitive topics” in class admitted that she singled out white male students, accusing them of “dominating the conversation” and asking them if they “felt like a minority.” And while the “educator” was ultimately suspended after her district received complaints, she now, apparently, is back in the classroom.

Per the New York Post:

NEW – American Medical Association now says BMI is “racist” because the measurement was designed based on white bodies in the 19th century.