Saturday, September 25, 2021

Social platform Gab rejects Germany’s demands for censorship


by Cindy Harper, Reclaim The Net:

“Why should we block an entire country from accessing Gab because their government is sending us fines we won’t pay?”

Gab’s founder and CEO Andrew Torba said that his company will not be complying with the internet censorship demands of Germany, despite the mounting legal pressure and the threat of fines from the government.

Germany has a well-known history of censorship and has a social media regulation law called the German Network Enforcement Act, aka NetzDG. The law was passed in an attempt to police fake news and so-called “hate speech.” It applies to online platforms with more than 2 million users in Germany. It obligates platforms to delete “clearly illegal” content in less than 24 hours after a complaint is filed. Non-compliance with the law can result in fines of as much as 50 million Euro.

UK High Court Asked To Pause Covid Vaccine Rollout For Children


by Lucy Johnston, The Express:

THE High Court has been asked to pause the rollout of covid vaccinations for healthy children as lawyers argue more checks are needed to ensure they are safe.

A judicial review has been brought by lawyers at Jackson Osborne which applied to Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice for an urgent order to challenge the temporary authorisation of the vaccines for 12 to 15-year-olds which begins as part of a mass school rollout on Wednesday (September 22). A decision about whether there is an arguable case and, if so, should the rollout be paused until the case can be heard, is expected on Tuesday (September 21).

The FDA Hands the White House a Stinging Defeat on Its Covid Shots Plan

by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

The Food and Drug Administration’s advisery panel  on Friday rejected the Biden administration’s plan to offer booster shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine to those age 16 and older. The FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee delivered the Biden proposal a stinging defeat of 16-2. However, the vote was non-binding and a final FDA vote is forthcoming.

“Over several hours of discussion, members of the Food and Drug Administration panel of outside experts voiced frustration that Pfizer had provided little data on safety of extra doses,” the Associated Press reported. “And they complained that data provided by Israeli researchers about their booster campaign might not be suitable for predicting the U.S. experience.”

Australian Freedom Fighters Battle Totalitarian Tyranny and Government COVID Lockdowns, Protestors Overwhelm Police Efforts to Beat Them


from The Conservative Treehouse:

Things are getting spicy in Australia, specifically the town of Richmond in the Melbourne area.  Righteous anti-lockdown protestors took to the streets against thousands of armed police and heavily geared riot squads prepared to beat them into submission and stop their march {Direct Rumble Link}.

As the government stormtroopers corralled the peacefully marching protesters into an ever smaller dead end where there were blocked in all directions, a valiant member of the resistance opened a gateway through a housing division enabling the crowd to continue amassing, assembling more supporters and continue marching.

Swiss Citizens Revolt, Install Tables Outside in Front Bars, Restaurants to Ignore Vax Passports

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Throughout Europe, despite their heads of state promising otherwise, countries have begun to roll out vaccine passports. Under the tyrannical measures, citizens must present proof of vaccination, usually on a smartphone, before being allowed in places like bars, restaurants or social events. Naturally, this attack on the freedom to travel and socialize has sparked massive backlash by those who do not wish to submit to tyranny.

California Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Biden Vaccine Mandate


by C. Mitchell Shaw, The New American:

The Biden administration’s vaccine mandate has drawn fire from various parts of the country. Case in point: A California sheriff pledged not to enforce the mandate on the employees under his authority, saying that government has “no authority to mandate your health choices.”

Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco used a recent episode of his podcast to announce, “As far as I am concerned I will not mandate a vaccine for employees,” adding, “I will not make it mandated for any new employees to be vaccinated or any current ones.”

General Dynamics Corporation CANCELS Vaccine mandate after roughly 40% of employees decline the jab & threaten to walk.


BREAKING: Federal Judge Hands Biden Administration Crushing Legal Defeat Over Its Opposition to Texas’ Abortion Ban


by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

A federal judge has handed the Biden administration a crushing defeat by refusing to block Texas’ Heartbeat Law, which forbids providers from administering abortions outside of six weeks.

“BREAKING: A federal judge has denied Joe Biden’s emergency request to block the Texas abortion ban that has saved almost 2,000 babies from abortion,” LifeNews reported.

“United States District Judge Robert Pitman in a one page decision this afternoon denying Biden’s request to block the law while the lawsuit against it continues,” the website reported.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski Defies Tyrannical Court: “I Opened The Church For The Hurting People Looking For Help! For That I Will Not Apologize!”


by Tim Brown, DC Clothesline:

Alberta Pastor Artur Pawlowski was on Tuesday and was unbowed and unbroken as he railed against the criminal elements in government with a personal vendetta against him and their hatred for Christ and His Church.  In doing so, Pastor Artur called out the crimes and hypocrisies of those engaged in attacks on him, his family and the Church.  At the hearing, which would determine the difference between time served or whether he would go back to jail, he laid the axe to the root of the problem and began pointing out the crimes taking place in Alberta by those who swore to uphold the law and he unmasked the scam of the COVID plandemic.

Sheriff UNLEASHES on Communist Mandates: “We MUST ACT”

from Stew Peters Show :


News station gets flooded with vaccine horror stories

from WND:

Startling turn after reporter sought to shame the unvaccinated

A Detroit TV news reporter who was seeking stories of loved ones who died of COVID-19 after refusing to be vaccinated got a surprise when the station’s Facebook page was flooded with stories of loved ones who were injured or died after getting the jab.

ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV in Detroit had received more than 39,000 angry and often heartbreaking responses as of noon Monday after posting the request Friday, reported the World Tribune.