US Air Force Does Not Want Trump Supporters


by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

(Above: Far-right domestic terrorists)

The government is watching what you do and who you support. They are first alerting military service members that their political alliance could jeopardize their futures. This will be common practice once digital IDs and corresponding social credit scores are implemented. The Air Force has alerted service members not to attend any rallies for Donald Trump if they want to remain in the military.


Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota sent out a threatening text, warning members that their “continued service” would be in question if they were seen attending a rally in support of the most popular candidate in the GOP. “Be careful,” the text warned. The text was sent ahead of the Dakota Patriot Rally run by Turning Point Action, an “alt-right organization.”

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Those running the event completely disagree. “Tyler Bowyer was simply a keynote speaker. Secondly, Turning Point Action is not alt-right, it’s a mainstream conservative organization, and Tyler Bowyer is not some fringe personality—he’s the COO of TPAction, an RNC committeeman from the state of Arizona, and one of the most accomplished political organizers in the country,” the spokesperson told Fox News. “Lastly, Mr. Bowyer and attendees of this event are not ‘confrontational to military members,’ they’re some of the US Military’s most ardent supporters.”

The government is telling the troops precisely who they will be fighting for and it is not the people. They are threatening the livelihoods of these men and women if they dare to support an anti-globalist and anti-neocon candidate. Trump is by far the most popular candidate among Republicans and this ensures that they stifle at least half of members. Those supporting the GOP tend to be more patriotic and willing to serve and this will only exacerbate the recruitment crisis. They are welcome to protest with Black Lives Matter, pro-Palestinians, or pro-Israelis. So troops can attend Biden events, which rarely exist because he has no real supporters, but they are forbidden from openly supporting the candidate of their choosing.

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