There’s only one way to deal with the cultural marxist revolution destroying the American Republic today and that is to…..


from State Of The Nation:

…crush it before it crushes US out of existence forever.
SOTN Editor’s Note: The following analysis represents the grim reality that the Patriot Movement faces today.  It also presents the ONLY way out of the rapidly devolving predicament throughout the 50 states.

In point of fact, the New World Order cabal will not relent until the USA is completely taken over by the communist-run Democrat Party (and Uniparty) on the political front and the Republican Party is terminated. In short, theirs is a patently satanic agenda, so they care not about how many Americans are killed during the takeover process.

When this is the case, as we saw with the transparently genocidal OPERATION COVID-19, what is not righteously permissible for Patriots to do in order to defend themselves. This is war on every level and, therefore, the aware citizenry has a moral obligation to first resist and then completely “crush” the encroaching tyranny. After all, history is replete with violent genocides, in nations large and small, whose citizenries failed to decisively “remove” the tyrants in their midst.

Everything now points to a window of opportunity that will likely close between now and Election Day. Given the current stranglehold that the communist traitors have at all levels of government, the Patriot Movement must do something very big which, at the very least, throws a huge wrench in the NWO juggernaut. In other words, in order to prevent the permanent destruction of the Republic, some form of very disruptive and disorientingly unpredictable and highly asymmetric warfare must be employed post-haste. So, think about it.
Prior to the implementation of that strategy(ies), the Christian Right along with all other religious Patriots, must invoke the grace of the Highest Power to intercede. For it is only by divine intervention that the forces of light will prevail over the powers of darkness, especially at this advanced stage of the NWO agenda. The Covid-vaccinated millions will undoubtetly make the reversal more difficult going forward; hence, another good reason to act prayerfully, dynamically and with all deliberate speed.

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