Friday, December 13, 2019

Communist Chinese Re-Education Camps and American FEMA Camps Are One In the Same and Come From the Deep State

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The American phenomenon of the FEMA camp and Communist Chinese FEMA camps are that far apart in both their ultimate goals and the intended practices needed to achieve these goals.

Chinese Concentration Camps

China has begun to incarcerate more than a million Muslims in their country. The Muslims have been abducted from their jobs, off the street and in their homes. Many political experts feel the main reason that they have been targeted is because of Sharia Law. Sharia Law basically holds itself up as the supreme law of Islam. In America, Sharia Law would take precedence over the United States Constitution.

French police use ‘weapons of war’ against protesters: Journalist tells RT how tear gas grenade exploded in his face

from RT:

A French journalist recalled the terrifying moment when an explosive tears-gas grenade hit him at the Yellow Vest protest, telling RT that there was no justification for police employing combat tools.

The weekend marked one year since the Yellow Vest protests picked up in France, with independent journalist Julien being among the many reporters, covering the anniversary rallies in Paris.

It started peacefully, but things quickly got out of hand as the protest apparently got hijacked by a group of demonstrators in black outfits. “It was a real riot. Some scenes resembled urban guerilla warfare,” Julien later recalled.

Holocaust Training for American Police

by Philip Giraldi, The Unz Review:

Jewish groups in the United States are adept at creating mechanisms that benefit themselves and also frequently Israel at the expense of the American taxpayer. The proliferating holocaust museums are a good example, sometimes built by private donations but then paid for and operated by the local government. The national holocaust museum in Washington is, for example, supported by the taxpayer to the tune of $54 million per year. When one considers that the so-called holocaust occurred nearly eighty years ago and did not involve the United States at all, it is a remarkable achievement to so memorialize the claimed uniqueness of Jewish suffering, which then is used to justify other abuses and excuse Israel’s ongoing war crimes.

“I Can do Anything I Wanna do, I’m a Cop”: Tyrant Cop Fired After Insane Power Trip

by Jack Burns, The Free Thought Project:

Lawrence Township, IN — Lawrence Township Constable Daryl Jones was fired this month for the behavior he exhibited towards two Nordstrom patrons who caught the confrontation on video. Lawrence Township Chief Constable Terry Burns Terminated Jones’ 20-year employment less than two hours after he watched the video which included a tyrannical proclamation Jones could do “anything” he wanted because he was a “police officer,”

Doctors Caught on Tape Plotting to Take Custody of Newborns Whose Parents Refuse Vitamin K Shots

by Erin Elizabeth, Health Nut News:

After a class-action lawsuit was filed in October against the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), several hospitals, and several doctors, audio has surfaced of some of the defendants in the case plotting to collude with DCFS to take children away from parents extra-lawfully.

Recordings of these doctors at a committee meeting appear to support the plaintiffs’ claims alleged in the lawsuit, which states that the hospitals and agencies named in the suit:

WATCH: Cops Force Innocent Man to Run from Them, Taser Him from the Car Window

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Houston, TX — We cringe when we see videos of cops shooting people through their windshields and windows. But we especially shiver when cops taser people from a moving vehicle because we have reported in the past how such actions lead can lead to the death of children and jail sentences for unscrupulous cops. But unfortunately, the following story of cops who premeditated a drive-by tasering of a young black man they coerced into running is one of the sickest displays of supposed protecting and serving we’ve ever seen. According to Click2Houston:

Future of war: What will the storming of big cities & urban areas look like?

from RT:

In recent conflicts in the Middle East, the heaviest battles have been for big cities. Still, in terms of warcraft, the issues surrounding the storming of urban areas and minimizing casualties remain fundamentally unresolved.

Leading militaries of the world are currently processing and conceptualizing any experience they have of conducting warfare in big cities.

Early November marked three years since the start of the siege of Raqqa, Syria – the ‘capital’ of ISIS’ pseudo-caliphate. It should be noted that, ever since World War II, cases of large-scale warfare over cities have been exceedingly rare. However, modern conflicts in the Middle East have provided a wide array of examples demonstrating how battles can be fought for control over a major metropolitan area.

Outrage After Viral Video Shows Transit Cop Arrest Man for Eating in Public

from The Mind Unleashed:

“You’re eating … It’s against the law.”

Community members in the San Francisco Bay Area are outraged after video went viral depicting a commuter being arrested by public transportation police for eating a breakfast sandwich on a train platform.

In the video, the commuter—who identified himself on Facebook as Bill Gluckman—can be seen getting detained by a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police officer for eating the small item. Gluckman, who is black, protested being singled out by the white BART cop before the officer is joined by backup, who eventually handcuff him for resisting arrest.

Here You Go: Example #2034 Of ARMED THUGS

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

This pair of thieves — the adults — ought to be in prison.

Right now.

They are stealing from you and I.  They demand to do so at gunpoint.

Trikafta took three decades to develop. Scientists first isolated the genetic defect that causes cystic fibrosis in 1989. Vertex, which developed the treatment, has set a high price tag for Trikafta, at $311,000. But a treatment that can extend life expectancy for cystic fibrosis patients by decades, while also improving the quality of life for my daughter and patients like her, is still worthwhile even at that price.

It’s not $311,000 onceit’s $311,000 per year, forever.

State Takes House Over $8.41 Tax Bill, Sells It for $24,500 and Keeps the Money

by John Vibes, Activist Post:

After former Michigan resident Uri Rafaeli accidentally underpaid his tax bill by a mere $8.41, his home was seized by the local government who then sold the house for $24,500 and kept the money. Rafaeli originally paid $60,000 for the property, but the property was recently estimated to be worth $128,000 by Zillow.

In the state of Michigan, the government is allowed to take a resident’s home and auction it off to the highest bidder if property taxes are unpaid, thanks to a law passed in 1999 called the 123 Act.

A New Kind of Tyranny: The Global State’s War on Those Who Speak Truth to Power

by John W. Whitehead, Rutherford Institute:

“What happens to Julian Assange and to Chelsea Manning is meant to intimidate us, to frighten us into silence. By defending Julian Assange, we defend our most sacred rights. Speak up now or wake up one morning to the silence of a new kind of tyranny. The choice is ours.”—John Pilger, investigative journalist

All of us are in danger.

In an age of prosecutions for thought crimes, pre-crime deterrence programs, and government agencies that operate like organized crime syndicates, there is a new kind of tyranny being imposed on those who dare to expose the crimes of the Deep State, whose reach has gone global.

Michigan Counties Seizing and Reselling Properties With Small Tax Delinquencies

by Michael Tennant, The New American:

Michigan counties are seizing houses over minor property-tax delinquencies and then reselling the properties at a huge profit, but a case before the state’s supreme court may change all that.

According to Reason, under Act 123 of 1999, Michigan’s county treasurers are empowered “to act as the primary agents for handing the foreclosure and auction of properties with unpaid taxes” under an expedited process. Attorneys with the Pacific Legal Foundation, which is representing victimized homeowners in a class-action lawsuit that the Michigan Supreme Court will shortly hear, estimate that since 2002, Michigan counties have taken over 100,000 properties pursuant to Act 123. Private attorney Philip Ellison calculates that over the last six years alone, counties have raked in more than $36 million in surplus equity from properties seized and then auctioned off, often at prices well below market value, under the act.

ABC News anchor admits coordinated cover-up of Jeffrey Epstein rapes by mainstream media; news outlets complicit in repeated child rape crimes

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

A bombshell new video published by Project Veritas reveals ABC News anchor Amy Robach admitting on a hot mic that her network deliberately covered up the mass child rape crimes of Jeffrey Epstein in order to protect Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.

The video, which YouTube has not yet banned (but probably will soon), shows Robach saying the following:

Robach: “I’ve Had This Story for Three Years… (ABC) Would Not Put It on The Air” says Good Morning America Breaking News Anchor, and 20/20 Co-Anchor Amy Robach. “It Was Unbelievable… We Had – Clinton, We Had Everything…”


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

Left-wing groups are finally figuring out that the FBI and law enforcement are not protecting them any more than they protect right-wing groups.  That’s because the FBI serves the ruling class.  Is the left finally catching on to scam that is the government?

One group is complaining that the FBI is disproportionately targeting left-wing activists, even though they say right-wing extremism poses a far greater threat to national security. Defending Rights & Dissent, a civil liberties left-wing group, cataloged known instances of First Amendment abuses and political surveillance by the FBI since 2010. The organization found that the feds devoted disproportionate resources to spy on left-leaning groups, including Occupy Wall Street, Abolish ICE, and various anti-war movements.