Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Target on pace to lose $1.2 billion in profits over a two-year period due to organized retail crime (which is only getting worse)

by Arsenio Toledo, Natural News:

Organized retail crime is expected to cost major retailer Target up to $500 million in lost profits this year due to inventory shrinkage, or theft of merchandise. Factoring in the approximately $750 million in profits Target lost last year from inventory shrinkage, the company is on pace to see $1.2 billion in profits go up in smoke over a two-year period due to organized retail crime.

Brian Cornell, Target chairman and CEO, warned that the problem is happening nationwide, getting worse and is affecting most merchandise departments. (Related: Major retailers will keep shutting down their stores until organized retail crime gets under control.)

Argentina’s Left Craters, Opening Presidential Path for Libertarian Populist Javier Milei

by Christian K. Caruso, Breitbart:

Argentine libertarian economist Javier Milei formally debuted his political coalition’s campaign platform on Tuesday, a formal requirement for him to run in the October 2023 presidential elections.

Milei’s La Libertad Avanza (“Liberty Advances”) coalition issued its formal request to join the presidential race as the nation’s ruling leftist Frente de Todos (“Front for All”) coalition flounders in disarray, lacking a presidential candidate after incumbent President Alberto Fernández announced in April that he would not run for reelection. The current vice president, far-left former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, has also withdrawn her name from the race, again confirming on Tuesday that she would not run.

America Has Been Invaded

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The end of Title 42 has been an absolute disaster. There is no telling how many migrants entered the border last week. These are not simply women and children seeking a new life. The majority of those entering are military-aged MEN who feel entitled to enter America illegally. These are not struggling individuals. American Door Dash drivers were sending food deliveries to the border as over 60,000 migrants lined up around the immediate border area in anticipation of midnight on May 11.

Let’s Check In And See How The Largest Metropolitian Areas In The United States Are Doing…

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Our largest cities are being run by progressive politicians that have been working very hard to implement extremely ambitious progressive agendas.  So how is that working out?  In this article, I am going to check in on the three largest metropolitan areas in the United States to see how they are doing.  Have they been transformed into “liberal utopias” that can serve as examples to show the rest of the world how they should be doing things?  Not exactly.  Instead, conditions have gotten really bad in each one of them and things are getting worse with each passing day.


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Let the Blue Cities Die

by Kurt Schlichter, Townhall:

The Democrat cities are urine-soaked hellholes that reek of pot where criminals stalk unmolested while the full fury of what is supposed to be the law hangs over the head of any citizen who dares do something about it, and that’s good. The idiots who live there voted for turning their urban landscapes into petri dishes of social pathologies, and they should enjoy the full benefits of their decisions. We normal people should avoid these socialist wastelands and elect legislators to Congress who will starve them of the federal funds that enable their decline. In red states, our legislators should wage warfare on the blue tumors in their midst lest they metastasize outside the city limits. And we should ruthlessly point to them as the future Democrats want, which they are, a vision of a psychotic hobo taking a dump on the sidewalk out in front of your house forever.


from SGT Report:

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We Cannot Stop the Societal Collapse That’s Coming

by JD Rucker, Discern Report:

There’s a scene in the Liam Neeson movie “Taken” where he’s on the phone with his daughter. Men are there to kidnap her and she’s a world away from him in Europe. As a former intel agent, he knows what’s going to happen and realizes there’s no way to stop it. As much as he’d love to come up with a way for his daughter to escape or fight off the assailants, he knows the best thing he can do is to prepare her by telling her the truth.

“Now, the next part is very important — they’re going to take you,” he said.

We Must Defend Self-Defense

by Kurt Schlichter, Townhall:

There’s a war going on against our sacred right to self-defense, and we need to defend that right, ruthlessly and vigorously against the communists who want us living in fear. And they do want us living in fear – sheep are easier to shear than sheepdogs. If you look what happened in New York City, where some mutant bum decided to threaten a bunch of people on a subway car, and then some heroes subdued him, and then he vapor-locked, and then the usual cast of liars and race-pimps screeched, you can see what they are doing – not merely trying to disarm us but trying to make us fear to defend ourselves at all. They want you terrified and impotent in the face of their unofficial militia, the criminals. The right to keep and bear arms means nothing if you are going to get jammed up whenever you have to use hot lead to stop the latest trans shooter, or junkie with a knife, or carjacker, or schizo hobo, or whatever. Which is the idea.

Where Not to Be in a Crisis

by Jeff Thomas, International Man:

For many years, there have been those who have been prognosticating an economic crisis – not just a recession lasting a year or two, but a full-blown Greater Depression that would eclipse any major event we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

That may appear to be an overstatement, but historically, it’s the norm for a time of major upheaval to occur every eighty years or so. And although some of us began analysing and commenting on the Greater Depression many years ago, it’s clear to all of us that we’ve now entered the leading edge of the crisis.

Liberal Utopia: Two-Mile-Long Vehicle Encampment Spotted In California

from ZeroHedge:

The growing number of homeless encampments has spread like wildfire throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. For years, lawmakers in the state have implemented progressive policies that have backfired, sparking a multitude of crises, including soaring crime, rising homelessness, out-of-control drug overdoses, and population and business exodus.

One of the latest examples of implementing failed progressive policies is the inability to effectively address the homelessness and drug crisis on a two-mile stretch of road in Marin County, California, overrun by cars, tents, RVs, and trailers parked on the side of the road.

Homeless Encampments Are Exploding In Size All Over America As Rents Soar And Evictions Surge

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Communities all over the United States are being taken over by giant homeless encampments, but we are supposed to believe that this is perfectly normal.  The Biden administration is trying very hard to convince all of us that the economy is in fine shape even though many of our most prominent corporations are currently conducting mass layoffs and even though Challenger, Gray & Christmas is telling us that the number of jobs cuts during the first three months of this year was up 396 percent compared to the same period last year.  Just like in 2008 and 2009, large numbers of people that have lost their jobs or their businesses are ending up living in the streets, and as a result homeless encampments are absolutely exploding in size from coast to coast.

Downtown San Francisco Becomes a Ghost Town as Major Retailers Flee

by Mish Shedlock, Mish Talk:

Retailers abandon downtown San Francisco in droves. Nordstrom is the latest, signaling the death of the area.

That Tweet is from April 29. Since then, there have been more closures.

Nordstrom closes two stores and Saks Off 5th says goodbye as well.

The Ruination of Great American Cities

from The Epoch Times:

There was something deeply demoralizing about the recent Mayoral election in Chicago, once among America’s greatest cities. The good news is that the catastrophic reign of a deeply corrupt and crazed mayor, who piled egregiously racist policies on top of one of the worst COVID responses in the country, came to an end. The bad news is that a guy who is arguably worse took her place.