Thursday, August 22, 2019

Philadelphia is Using a Sonic Weapon on Kids — To Keep them Out of Parks

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

The Philadelphia government is reportedly using sonic weapons on it own citizens, youth and young adults, to keep them out of public parks after hours. We at TFTP were initially caught off guard with the news of compliance weapons usually reserved for riot control being used on kids. Admittedly, we believed it was fake news. Unfortunately, after further investigation, it is no laughing matter and is the first such torture device we are aware of regularly being used on young people in the U.S.

The device we learned is called “The Mosquito” and is installed in at least 30 city parks throughout Philadelphia. The Mosquito isn’t new and was covered by the NY Times in 2005which describes the implement:

“Alexa, How Do We Subvert Big Tech’s Orwellian Internet-of-Things Surveillance?”

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:

Convenience is the sales pitch, but the real goal is control in service of maximizing profits and extending state power.

When every device in your life is connected to the Internet (the Internet of Things), your refrigerator will schedule an oil change for your car–or something like that–and it will be amazingly wunnerful. You’ll be able to lower the temperature of your home office while you’re stuck in a traffic jam, while your fridge orders another jar of pickles delivered to your door.

All-Out War On Free Speech Launched By United Nations

by Judith Bergman, Activist Post:

In January, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, tasked his Special Adviser for the Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng, to “present a global plan of action against hate speech and hate crimes on a fast-track basis”. Speaking at a press conference about the UN’s challenges for 2019, Guterres maintained, “The biggest challenge that governments and institutions face today is to show that we care — and to mobilize solutions that respond to people’s fears and anxieties with answers…”

One of those answers, Guterres appeared to suggest, is shutting down free speech.

“We’re Not Going to be Silenced” Trump Says He Will Explore Regulatory Solutions to Address Social Media Censorship (VIDEO)

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

President Donald Trump gathered conservative groups at the White House on Thursday for a “summit” on social media bias and censorship.

Republican Senator and outspoken critic of social media bias Josh Hawley (MO) was also at the White House on Thursday.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft attended the White House Tech Censorship Summit today.

Google Defends Contractors Eavesdropping on People Talking to Virtual Assistant

from Sputnik News:

Google outsources the review of recorded interactions with its virtual assistant to partners, who try to make out different languages and accents to help the assistant better deal with speech commands. This means that everything recorded in the background (including intimate or professional conversations), could be available to Google’s employees.

Google has confirmed that it lets its contractors listen to recordings of customers’ conversations with its voice-operated digital assistant, addressing privacy concernsraised by a recent media report.

Cop Arrested for Framing Dozens of People, Including Planting Meth On Innocent Grandma

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Jackson County, FL — Dozens of innocent people who were rotting in jail have been freed and their charges erased after the corrupt cop who put them there was caught on his own body camera planting meth on an innocent mother. as TFTP has reported, Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy Zachary Wester has since been fired and a slew of lawsuits are now rolling in. And, this week, this most insidious police officer was arrested on 52 counts of planting meth and other street drugs on entirely innocent motorists he would randomly pull over.

The Death of Privacy: Government Fearmongers to Read Your Mail

by Philip Giraldi, Global Research:

It is discouraging to note just how the United States has been taking on the attributes of a police state since 9/11. Stories of police raids on people’s homes gone wrong are frequently in the news. In one recent incident, a heavily armed SWAT team was sent to a St. Louis county home. The armed officers entered the building without knocking, shot the family dog and forced the family members to kneel on the floor where they were able to watch their pet struggle and then die. The policemen then informed the family that they were there over failure to pay the gas bill. Animal rights groups report that the shooting of pets by police has become routine in many jurisdictions because the officers claim that they feel threatened.

Life-Altering Copyright Lawsuits Could Come to Regular Internet Users Under a New Law Moving in the Senate

by Ernesto Falcon, Activist Post:

The Senate Judiciary Committee intends to vote on the CASE Act, legislation that would create a brand new quasi-court for copyright infringement claims. We have expressed numerous concerns with the legislation, and serious problems inherent with the bill have not been remedied by Congress before moving it forward.

In short, the bill would supercharge a “copyright troll” industry dedicated to filing as many “small claims” on as many Internet users as possible in order to make money through the bill’s statutory damages provisions. Every single person who uses the Internet and regularly interacts with copyrighted works (that’s everyone) should contact their Senators to oppose this bill.

Tommy Robinson slapped with 9 months in jail for ‘contempt of court’

from RT:

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson has been sentenced to 9 months in prison after being found guilty of contempt of court, linked to his filming of criminal defendants outside of a courthouse and broadcasting the footage online.

Sentencing Robinson at the Old Bailey in London on Thursday, Judge Dame Victoria Sharp told him: “You will be committed in prison for a period of 19 weeks.”  Robinson will serve up to one half of that period to reflect the time already served.

Nothing less than a custodial penalty would properly reflect the gravity of the conduct we have identified.

Citizens Now Charged with a Crime for Repairing Their Own Car in Their Own Garage

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Residents in Sacramento face fines upwards of $500 for repairing their own car in their own driveway thanks to a tyrannical law.

In the land of the free, every day, local governments and municipalities trample the rights of citizens to do with their own property what they wish. Over the years we’ve seen people face jail time for the length of their grass, arrested for windmills, and even ticketed for growing food. Now, we’ve discovered a law in Sacramento, California that makes it illegal to repair a vehicle in your own garage.

WATCH: Cops Taser, Pepper Spray Dad in Front of His Kids, for Filming

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

An innocent father was attacked by police who tasered and pepper sprayed him because he was practicing his first amendment right to film them.

Chicago, IL — In the land of the free, there are ostensible checks and balances which are in place to prevent corrupt and power drunk government officials from overstepping their authority and depriving people of their rights, especially for filming in public. The largest ostensible restraint on this power is the constitution. However, as TFTP has reported for years, despite the fact that police swear an oath to uphold this constitution, they are all too often the ones who ignore it.


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

Several California police departments have stopped using “predictive policing” software but not because they want to protect your basic human rights and dignity.  The reason the software won’t be used is that it isn’t effective enough…yet.

Several police departments were disappointed that they won’t be able to punish thought crimes. Palo Alto police spokeswoman Janine De la Vega told the Los Angeles Times: “We didn’t get any value out of it,” after using the software for three years.  As for Mountain View, California’s police department, which spent over $60,000 of taxpayer money on the software that was designed to violate the rights of the taxpayers stolen from to fund it, it was dubbed a “disappointment.” The police department used the software for over five years before dropping the program last June. Rio Rancho, New Mexico Police Captain Andrew Rodriguez said: “It wasn’t telling us anything we didn’t know.”

Mother, Who Should Not Have Been in Jail, Forced to Give Birth While Shackled

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

A pregnant woman who was arrested over an alleged dispute with her ex, went into labor while being processed and forced to give birth in chains.

New York, NY — A young mother was just awarded $610,000 in taxpayer dollars after a lawsuit revealed how the New York Police Department forced her to give birth in chains. The woman, identified only as Jane Doe in the lawsuit was pregnant and went into labor hours after she was unnecessarily arrested on February 7, 2018.

After multiple horrifying events exposed the disturbing policy, in 2009, the state of New York banned the practice of shackling pregnant woman. Then in 2015, the law was updated to banning the use of any restraint on pregnant women.