Thursday, February 29, 2024

Greenies Are All About the Green

by Jim Rickards, Daily Reckoning:

There’s a lot going on in the world right now that bears close monitoring. But we can’t forget about the elites’ war on our freedoms.

You’ve no doubt heard about the “Green New Deal” — a set of government proposals designed to fight the “climate change crisis.”

If enacted, these laws would impose radical changes on nearly every facet of society, costing companies billions of dollars while diminishing our standard of living.

But anyone who examines the scientific facts instead of the pseudo-science and phony models knows that these government-mandated sacrifices are in vain.

No Evidence? Biden Associate Testifies That Joe Biden Met with China Energy President

by Matt Margolis, PJ Media:

It’s beyond infuriating how the media keeps regurgitating the same tired narrative about Joe Biden’s corruption investigation and impeachment inquiry. They adamantly refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence pointing to his corruption: sworn testimonies, bank records, emails, phone calls, videos, photos, text messages, and even White House visitor logs all paint a damning picture.

NEW – Blast wave of an electric car explosion in Neuss, Germany, caused significant damage to the residential area. Several adjoining garages were destroyed and residential buildings were damaged.

Crash Course 2.0: Chapter 1 (Setting the Table)

from Peak Prosperity:


Warning Of Summer Electrical Outages For Two-Thirds Of The U.S. From Biden ‘Green Energy’ Chaos Along With Expected Summer Storm Events

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Summer officially starts on June 21, 2023 and with it comes some warnings about power outages, preparation, storm warnings, and spikes in electric bills as Americans try to stay cool on the hottest of days.

We’ll start with the energy costs, which according to the Energy Information Administration, will see a 2% increase from the Summer of 2022, on top of the increases seen in 2021-2022.  While that is an average, we note that New England states will see an approximate 11% increase from 2022.

China’s Rare Earth Metals Ban Hits US Chip Trade Restrictions Where It Hurts

from Sputnik News:

Peter Arkell, chairman of the Global Mining Association of China who has been running a consulting business in the PRC for almost 20 years, said that Beijing’s restrictions on the export of rare earth metals were a predictable response to Washington’s trade war.

China’s curbs on rare earth metals to Western microchip makers comes as no surprise after a year of US-led sanctions, says a mining expert.

Beijing’s new restrictions on the export of eight gallium and six germanium products, on the basis that they have dual civilian and military uses, came into force on Tuesday.

Geo-engineered Fire Bombs = Directed Energy Weapons not Climate Change

by Helena Glass, The Nationalist Voice:

It is playing out like a 4th of July fireworks display with the finale being a ratcheted torrent of bombs bursting in air!   Ordinary people are on edge, their tongues quick to lash out with anger and even rage.

Are we in the midst of a geoengineered tit-for-tat war?  

The media overwhelmingly claim the Maui fire was caused by climate change.   Why?   Because the topsy-turvydom world claims everything nefarious is now caused by climate change.   Vax deaths are because of – climate change.   Plane crashes are – climate change.   Citywide chaos is caused by – climate change.   All because The Media says so.

“Green Economy” Expected to Boost Silver Demand and Other Silver News

by Peter Schiff, Schiff Gold:

Silver is expected to play a significant role as the “green economy” evolves. The Silver Institute recently participated in a panel discussion titled “Silver’s Role in the Green Economy” at the London Bullion Market Association’s Global Precious Metals Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

This is one of several silver-related stories in the latest edition of Silver News published by the Silver Institute.

Silver Institute Chairman Phillips Baker emphasized that silver is a vital component in solar panel production and demand is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. While there are efforts to replace silver with less expensive substitutes, Silver Institute technical director Trevor Keel said that silver remains the critical ingredient in making solar panels functional, and it will remain so for quite some time.

Govt to Spend $1 Billion on Electric School Buses

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The Clean School Bus Program has been funded with a $5 billion grant from the Inflation Reduction Act that should be appropriately named the Climate Change Act. Around $1 billion of this will be spent on electric school buses. As with all spending plans, the budget quickly jumped from $500 million to $1 billion after the EPA said there was a strong demand. The buses will first be tested in low-income districts, and the people are not happy.


from SGT Report:

Researcher and activist Deborah Tavares returns to SGT Report to discuss Maui, the UN agenda to depopulate and enslave us with “smart cities”, which Deborah calls “death cities”, and UN agenda 2030 policies which will turn the people’s property into depopulated Hunger Games style UN zones.
Find the truth here:

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Germany the Crisis in the Making

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

COMMENT: Marty, Germany is following your forecast, and even the courts just ruled that moving money from one designated purpose to another is unconstitutional. When will Germany wake up? Ukraine is destroying Europe, and they were the culprits that blew up the Nord Stream to hurt Russia but did more economic damage to Germany. Then Zelensky wants us to keep handing him money after he was responsible for our energy crisis. It is just unimaginable how idiots occupy our government.

Electrical Engineer Whistleblower Exposes Serious 5G Health Hazards, Explains 5G Propagation Into Every Orifice of the Head

from State Of The Nation:

Radiofrequency/Microwave/Millimeter-Wave Engineer Explains Hard Science Behind the Propagation of 5G into the Human Body & Offers Mitigation Advice

SOTN Editor’s Note: Our readership has been waiting for this conclusive exposé since the nationwide 5G roll-out was first announced years ago.  Truly, it doesn’t get any more compelling and authoritative than the following revelations about 5G and how it really affects the human body.


from The David Knight Show:


The Recipe for $150 Oil

by Jim Rickards, Daily Reckoning:

How do the wars in Ukraine and Gaza impact global economic growth and the U.S. economy in particular?

Both wars are ongoing and cataclysmic impacts may yet be felt. Here’s where events stand at the moment. Let’s start with the war in Ukraine…

From a strategic perspective, the situation in Ukraine resembles a smaller-scale version of the situation in Europe in late 1944. At that point, the Allies had successfully completed the D-Day invasion and liberated Paris.

Scientists discussed editing the human genome as a way to solve “climate change” years ago

by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

At the 2016 World Science Festival, a panellist openly discussed using genetic engineering of humans to “address climate change.”  He went on to give two examples of how editing the human genome could mitigate “climate change.”

“Climate change is a real big problem – we don’t really know how to solve it.  But it turns out that we can use human engineering to help us address climate change,” Dr. Matthew Liao said.

Dr. Liao, a philosopher and bioethicist, made the remarks during the 2016 World Science Festival discussion titled ‘Life in Our Image – The Ethics of Altering the Human Genome’ which was described as: