German Farmers Protest Economic Policy Forced by Failed Sanctions on Russia


from Sputnik News:

An analyst says the economic consequences of Western support for Ukraine have caused a “crack” in European society.
Germany was rocked by protests from farmers Monday over a planned cut in agricultural subsidies. Analyst Elijah Magnier says the continent’s mounting economic problems stem from failed Western sanctions against Russia.


The protests are “related to the war in Ukraine and the consequences of the war in Ukraine,” said Magnier.

“All the decisions that have been made by the European leaders were incompatible with the necessity of the European population, and will have a boomerang effect.” he added, noting the skyrocketing energy prices throughout the continent. “The first that was hit is the diesel that the farmers use in their machines because, again, of the Nord Stream 2, because we stopped buying the oil and gas from Russia. We’re buying it from India, that buys it off Russia, and we buy from Norway and America with… increase of price.”

Magnier said economic difficulties throughout Europe are leading to the election of “right-wing leaders.”

“What the consequences are today is the rise of right-wing leaders everywhere, like in Italy, back in the Netherlands, and now like in Argentina. And like is going to happen also in Germany and in France. Today, if you run an election in France Marine Le Pen would win, she is right-wing and she would win.”

“All that is because people are fed up with the policy of their leaders and the increase of taxes and the lift of subsidies,” he concluded, “like the German farmers and like the farmers in the Netherlands and all these other consequences of our policy towards Russia and our involvement in Ukraine and the Ukraine war, thinking that we could strip off Russia from all its resources and we end up paying all that we have accumulated throughout the centuries from stealing [from] other continents.

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