United Nations Chief: Fossil Fuels Are ‘Incompatible with Human Survival’


by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

The head of the United Nations has declared that the use of fossil fuels for energy must be stopped immediately because it is “incompatible with human survival.”

During a recent conference, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned: “All of this action must be global.

“It must be immediate and it must start with the polluted heart of the climate crisis – the fossil fuel industry.

“Let’s face facts.

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“The problem is not simply fossil fuel emissions.

It’s fossil fuels period. The solution is clear.

“The world must phase out fossil fuels in a just and equitable way, moving to leave oil, coal, and gas in the ground where they belong and massively boosting renewable investment in a just transition.

“Fossil fuel industry plans must be transformation plans that chart a company’s move to clean energy and away from a product incompatible with human survival.”

According to a report at Climate Depot, however, Guterres’ comments are incredibly hypocritical.

“Despite Gueterres’ passionate rebuke of fossil fuel usage, the United Nations reportedly owns an entire fleet of aircraft, and is known for hosting a lavish annual climate summit that draws as many as 400 private jets…” the report explains.

None of those jets, so far, has made those trips using either solar or wind power.

Even the AP, which promotes far-left global warming ideologies, said the comments were “a tirade against fossil fuel companies.”

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