Lithium-Ion Batteries Burst Into Flames on Cargo Ship


from Moonbattery:

Finally, some good news where electric vehicles are concerned. These batteries were out to sea when they burst into flames, rather than in cars in sleeping family’s garages:

A cargo ship carrying burning lithium-ion batteries remained anchored off the coast of Unalaska Saturday, as marine firefighting experts continued responding to the situation.

The 410-foot Genius Star XI reported the fire to the Coast Guard early Thursday morning while traveling to San Diego, and was directed to Dutch Harbor, where it arrived Friday.

The ship remains two miles offshore, and a one-mile safety zone around the vessel is being enforced.

You can see why Chevrolet has warned customers to park their EVs 50 feet away from the nearest vehicle.


Lithium-ion batteries pose particular dangers because they are hard to extinguish, emit toxic fumes and carry the risk of exploding.

Fortunately for the atavistic weather gods worshiped by our moonbat rulers, our safety is not a concern, so the campaign to force us into unsafe, unreliable, and economically insane EVs can continue.

The weather gods will understand about the smoke coming off the burning ship. They know that the important thing with liberals is intentions, not results.

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