Scientists discussed editing the human genome as a way to solve “climate change” years ago


by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

At the 2016 World Science Festival, a panellist openly discussed using genetic engineering of humans to “address climate change.”  He went on to give two examples of how editing the human genome could mitigate “climate change.”

“Climate change is a real big problem – we don’t really know how to solve it.  But it turns out that we can use human engineering to help us address climate change,” Dr. Matthew Liao said.

Dr. Liao, a philosopher and bioethicist, made the remarks during the 2016 World Science Festival discussion titled ‘Life in Our Image – The Ethics of Altering the Human Genome’ which was described as:


Powerful new genetic tools allow scientists to alter the DNA of any organism – with tests on human embryos already underway. Even more ambitious, synthetic biologists on the verge of creating the genetic material for a living organism from scratch are setting their long-term sites on fashioning a fully synthetic human genome. With bold promises of disease resistance and controlling human evolution, this explosive progress has ignited ethical debate. As we rewrite our code of life, how will we revise the code we live by?

Life in Our Image – The Ethics of Altering the Human Genome, World Science Festival, 16 December 2016

Ben Bartee comments below on the engineering of the human genome beginning with a clip from this discussion.

The Public Health Red Meat Allergy Bioengineering Plot Thickens

By Ben Bartee

In a recently unearthed video of the College of Global Public Health Centre for Bioethics at New York University Director, Dr. Matthew Liao, speaking at the 2016 World Science Festival, openly advocates artificially inducing a red meat allergy in the entire human population, using an analogue of the algha-gal molecule found in the Lone Star Tick that I have documented previously at Armageddon Prose, so as to fight “climate change.”

“People eat too much meat. And if they were to cut down on their consumption of meat, then it would actually really help the planet,” Dr. Liao said in the video below.

“But people are not willing to give up meat. Some people will be willing to, but other people – they may be willing to but they have a weakness of will. They say: ‘This steak is just too juicy; I can’t do that.’ I’m one of those by the way.

“So, here’s a thought. So, it turns out that we know a lot about – we have these intolerances … For example, I have a milk intolerance. And some people are intolerant to crayfish. So possibly we can use human engineering to make the case that we’re intolerant to certain kinds of meat, to certain kinds of bovine proteins

“There’s this thing called the Lone Star tick where if it bites you, you will become allergic to meat… So that’s something we can do through human engineering. We can possibly address really big world problems through human engineering.”

Woke Media: “We can make you allergic to meat” – Matthew Liao, World Science Festival 2016

[You can watch the full 90-minute panel discussion HERE, the clip above begins at timestamp 27:40.]

This level of evil – openly plotting to trigger autoimmune disease in humans without their consent at the population level – is nearly unspeakable.

At the same forum, Liao advocated “editing” humans to become “so small that we get eaten by cats,” again for the sake of “climate change.”

World Science Festival: Could We Make Humans Smaller Than Cats? 9 December 2016 (4 mins)

Were these psychopaths to succeed with this and any of their many other bioengineering projects under the guises of Public Health™, fighting “climate change,” etc., then nothing the Third Reich did, or even fantasised doing in Dr. Mengele’s wildest dreams, to the undesirables would remotely compare.

This is a war, of a different kind than we have seen historically – “unrestricted warfare,” as the CCP calls it – but a war nonetheless. As such, we need Nuremberg II now. People like Matthew Liao are not civilians; they must be reclassified as enemy combatants and given military tribunal trials.

I don’t know how this is going to be politically feasible, given the highly controlled and totally compromised political machine in the US and across the West, “penetrated” by the WEF, in the words of Klaus Schwab, as they are.

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