Monday, June 17, 2024

Attacks On Churches Are Up 800 Percent, But That Is Only A Small Preview Of What Is Coming In 2024 And Beyond

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Anti-Christian violence in the U.S. has risen dramatically in recent years, but what we have seen so far is nothing compared to what is coming if the 2024 presidential election goes a certain way.  You see, the truth is that most of the violence being directed at Christian churches is being done for political reasons.  Whether it is accurate or not, many on the left consider evangelical Christians to be Donald Trump’s most hardcore supporters, and church buildings are the most visible representation of the evangelical movement.  Since church buildings are not guarded most of the time, they are easy targets, and they are being attacked at a frequency that we have never seen before in the entire history of this country.

Neil Oliver Christmas Message


from The Conservative Treehouse:

U.K Pundit Neil Oliver uses his weekly monologue to remind us of the humanity behind the Christmas message.  For the greatest hope within the birth of Jesus Christ, a child’s birth that represents all hope, the purest hope.

…”people feel the cold, and not just the cold of winter. But the cold of an antihuman ideology that would take everything from us, including each other, including everything that makes Christmas so important.  In all circumstances it is possible, vital, to remember the light; to remember that light and warmth are real.  We can resist in simple and fundamental ways, like keeping lights lit and fires warm wherever it is possible – by keeping Christmas.  Here’s the thing, day follows night; winter follows summer and autumn; but winter, even the darkest winter, knows that the spring is coming… that the spring, always comes!”

Mel Gibson: Global Elites Will Keep Dying To Make Way For The Antichrist

from The People’s Voice:


Jesus’ Birth and Christian Nationalism


by Ben Voth, American Thinker:

One of the many pathological critiques offered by our corrupt intellectual culture is an urgent warning about impending Christian Nationalism.  This is the latest expression of a decades-long tradition that demonizes Republicans as coming to implement The Handmaid’s Tale and a fierce violation of a treasured canard of secularism:  the separation of church and state.  Christmas is more and more the cultural centering of Christianity as a cultural and political message. Now is an ideal time to arm ourselves against the serpents of false knowledge to better understand Jesus’ political message.

The satanic roots of the left’s all-out war on Christian America

from WND:

Back in 2009, President Barack Obama scandalously claimed that Americans “do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.” He was lying, of course. But then, throughout his presidency Obama lied as easily as breathing, just as his puppet “successor” Joe Biden does today.

For in reality, America was founded as an explicitly Christian nation, and for many generations remained the freest, most prosperous, powerful, altruistic and Christian country on the face of the earth.

Where Is The Ark Of The Covenant Today, And Will It Be Revealed To The Entire World Soon?


by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

When the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant is publicly announced, it will be hailed as the greatest archaeological bombshell in the history of the world, and it will also be extremely significant spiritually.  But getting it out of the chamber where it is hidden will not be easy.  There are at least 45 major tunnels directly underneath the Temple Mount, and many of them are very unstable.  Any efforts to do any sort of major digging could cause one or more of those tunnels to collapse.  In addition, securing approval from all of the necessary authorities to take anything out from under the Temple Mount would be exceedingly complicated.  And once the Ark is revealed to the world, that will likely spark massive riots throughout the Islamic world.  So at this moment, there is a lot standing in the way of the Ark seeing the light of day.

Millstone Report: ATTACKS On Churches SURGE 800%, Left Thinks Everything Is Christian Nationalism

from Stew Peters Network:


Could there be civil war in both the US and the Catholic Church?

from LifeSite News:

(LifeSiteNews) — Father Charles Murr and Liz Yore once again joined John-Henry Westen in last Friday’s episode of Faith & Reason, in which they discussed the illegal immigration crisis at America’s southern border as well as the ongoing crisis in the Church caused by Fiducia Supplicans.

God’s Secret Wisdom vs. Satan’s Secret Societies

by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News:

The English words “secret” and “mystery” refer to knowledge that is “hidden”, and that needs to be discovered.

When dealing with the spiritual world, as opposed to simply the physical world, the method of discovering these “mysteries” or “hidden knowledge” is often referred to as “illuminating”.

It is like entering a dark room where one’s physical eyes cannot see what is in that room due to the darkness, so a light must be turned on in order to see everything clearly.

They will never shake my faith.