The satanic roots of the left’s all-out war on Christian America


from WND:

Back in 2009, President Barack Obama scandalously claimed that Americans “do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.” He was lying, of course. But then, throughout his presidency Obama lied as easily as breathing, just as his puppet “successor” Joe Biden does today.

For in reality, America was founded as an explicitly Christian nation, and for many generations remained the freest, most prosperous, powerful, altruistic and Christian country on the face of the earth.


Yet today, America is disintegrating – indeed, it is on the very brink of destruction.

How can this possibly have happened? And more important, can America be saved?

As recently as a generation ago, this nation’s dominant culture was, however imperfect, essentially moral, patriotic and Judeo-Christian. Politically, of course, there was the continual tug-of-war for power between the two major parties: traditional Democrats, who championed liberal policies like “taxing the rich,” a higher minimum wage, more gun control, a larger “social safety net” and legalized abortion – and Republicans, who favored less government intervention, more individual liberty, free-market capitalism and protecting the unborn. But despite the contentious battles and pendulum swings over who controlled the White House and Congress, America was safe, secure and confident, her freedoms intact, and her culture still decent and sane.

Now fast-forward a few decades into today’s steaming inferno of unprecedented madness.

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