Saturday, October 16, 2021

Mystery as Teacher finds locked ballot box ‘left behind’ at Broward County polling place


from True Pundit:

Teacher Lakeisha Sorey says she discovered a locked ballot boxat Sunshine Elementary School in Miramar.

Sorey said she found the box about 3 p.m. Thursday, in the same area where voting had been held, and knew not to meddle with it.

“I didn’t want to touch it,” Sorey said.

TECH TAKEDOWN: World’s Technology Supply Chain Facing “Broken Chain” Crisis as Wuhan Quarantine Threatens Critical Component Manufacturers in China


by Mike Adams, Natural News:

The world’s supply chain of critical electronics components is facing a catastrophic disruption as China enforces a draconian crackdown in the Wuhan region to contain the accelerating coronavirus outbreak.

Yahoo News Taiwan is now reporting the details, revealing a long list of key component manufacturers that reside in the Wuhan area where the coronavirus outbreak appears to be uncontrolled and spreading quickly.


by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

So many people sent this one, I have to blog about it. But there’s another reason I’ve got to blog about it, and that’s because for some time I’ve been saying “Watch Italy.” And there’s a reason for that. There is “pushback” against Mr. Globaloney and the technobrusselsprouts in Brusselcratia almost everywhere one looks in Europe: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Poland, even in Sweden. So what sets Italy apart? It’s very simple, in my opinion: Italy is the first major economic and technological power in Europe to have that “pushback” actually constituted as a government.  One might argue that Mrs. May’s post-Brexit referendum government constitutes such, but it’s increasingly difficult to figure out what – if anything – Mrs. May actually stands for amid her muttered obfuscations.

The DEEP DEEP Hidden History — Donald Jeffries

from SGTreport:

The HIDDEN HISTORY of the United States is far more disturbing than the spoon fed propaganda the mockingbird mainstream media dishes out. It may have taken a few decades to wake up to this harsh reality, but awake we are. Are we not men? Are we not Americans? Are we not endowed by the inalienable sovereignty granted us by our Creator? Are we not thankful on this day, November 22, 2018?

FIGHT for truth. FIGHT for JUSTICE. FIGHT for the REPUBLIC. Now.

Predictive Policing: Weaponizing Data and Location

by Michael Boldin, Activist Post:

Often funded by federal grant programs and even operated out of federally-designated fusion centers, “predictive policing” software is showing up in more and more local law enforcement agencies. Learn what it is and how it’s used.

In practice, it’s little more than a dystopian pre-crime government credit score.

CORRUPTION: Covid-19 mRNA vaccines instruct your cells to CLOG YOUR BLOOD with protein prions that inflame the heart while suffocating the brain

by S.D. Wells, Natural News:

Adverse events and side effects from Covid vaccines include heart inflammation, blood clots, vision changes (blindness), abnormal or total loss of ability to smell and taste, confusion, balance issues, passing out, severe headache and dysphasia. Coincidentally, these are all symptoms of a transient ischemic attack (mini-stroke or ‘TIA’) that occurs when blood flow to specific parts of the brain gets obstructed.

The health detriment from Covid vaccines is nearly identical to stroke symptoms, and the results can include permanent disabilities, including death (yes, death is a permanent disability). One in every three people who experience a mini-stroke will experience a full-blown stroke later on, and the proteins and prions that are created in the body from the mRNA Covid jabs have caused a tsunami of TIA’s all over the world.

France Launches Health Pass As Protests Grow To Hundreds Of Thousands

by Patrick Wood, Activist Post:

French citizens are in the streets by the hundreds of thousands all across France, protesting the government’s edicts on vaccination, vaccine passports and restrictions on their freedoms. World citizens are pushing back hard as Technocracy clamps down with iron teeth. ⁃ Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood

Thousands marched Saturday in cities across France to protest the COVID-19 health pass that is now required to access restaurants and cafes, cultural venues, sports arenas and long-distance travel.

For a sixth straight Saturday, opponents denounced what they see as a restriction of their freedom. Many criticized the measure, claiming the French government was implicitly making vaccines obligatory.

Biden “War on Energy” is Really Deep State War on US

by Alex Newman, The New American:

In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman explains that the apparent Biden administration war on U.S. energy production and security is actually a Deep State war on you–and the United States–as well as freedom. Primarily, it will benefit the Deep State and foreign powers such as the regimes ruling China, Venezuela, Russia, and much of the Middle East. It is all perfectly in line with the Deep State agenda to treat humanity as “the enemy,” as outlined by the Club of Rome in 1991. A shadowy “Billionaires Club” in involved too.