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from Sarah Westall:


Latest Pandemic Treaty draft has gaping holes because they daren’t reveal what they plan to do

by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

The latest draft of the Pandemic Treaty proposed by WHO’s Intergovernmental Negotiating Body is an admission of failure so significant that they are suggesting nations sign an incomplete document.

“They know that they cannot show us the details of what they really want to do. So, they are proposing an incomplete, watered-down agreement in the hopes that they will be able to make decisions in the future; in the hopes that we won’t be paying attention,” James Roguski has concluded.

AI surveillance robot uses facial recognition to decide who to blast with paintballs


by Joel McConvey, Activist Post:

AP Editor’s Note: Well, it’s not difficult to see the sinister applications of AI technology that autonomously selects who to fire on. Now it’s home defense paintballs. This will very likely expand to crowd control “less-than-lethal” weapons and other law enforcement scenarios far beyond how it will initially be advertised. It also makes targeted abuse as easy as a click.

By Joel R. McConvey

Those pining for a life as an eccentric shut-in with robots guarding their house can rejoice at the emergence of a new biometric home security tool. Popular Science reports on PaintCam Eve, an AI-powered biometric surveillance system that fires paintballs at anyone deemed to be security threats.

Questionnaire Reveals One Trump Juror Gets Their News From Truth Social

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

One juror in former president Donald Trump’s New York trial gets their news from Truth Social, according to a juror questionnaire highlighted on Friday by the NY Times.

From the NYT, “Where Jurors in Trump Hush-Money Trial Say They Get Their News”:

The 18 New Yorkers selected to serve as jurors and alternates in the Manhattan criminal trial of former President Donald J. Trump this week were each asked the same series of 42 questions, from which lawyers hoped to divine how prospective jurors might feel about the case.

US Fentanyl Crisis Is a ‘CCP-Run Operation,’ Says Peter Schweizer

from The Epoch Times:

‘The drug cartels are certainly involved, but they’re the junior partner,’ he says, adding that the CCP is present at ‘every link of the chain.’

In a new interview with EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” (ATL), investigative writer Peter Schweizer said that the U.S. fentanyl crisis is an operation run by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Three months after the U.S. Department of the Treasury sanctioned a Chinese mafia leader for fentanyl trafficking, he received an award in Beijing.

Publicly Funded LGBT Group Asks Teachers Not To Inform Parents About ‘Transitioning’ Children

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

A government funded LGBT lobbyist ‘charity’ is encouraging teachers in Scottish schools not to communicate with parents if their children express a desire to ‘transition’ to a different gender.

The Telegraph reports that one school issued such guidance to teachers based on the ‘inclusion scheme’ advice of LGBT Youth Scotland, a radical activist group that receives almost £1 million per year in taxpayer funding.

Docs Reveal Israel-Iran Conflict Planned 100 Years Ago To Spark World War 3

from The People’s Voice:


Why NPR Must Be Immediately Defunded

from Moonbattery:

NPR has always been moonbatty, often to the point of inducing nausea, but in recent years it has gone overboard into hardcore leftism. Uri Berliner worked there for a quarter of a century. He was recently driven out for publicly noticing the extreme bias of what is supposed to be an objective news outlet:

The change, he said, started with the election of Donald Trump. He described how the programming relentlessly pushed the Russian-collusion story only to leave it largely unmentioned once the Mueller report did not establish collusion; how NPR consciously refused to cover the Hunter Biden laptop story in the runup to the 2020 election; and how during Covid, its journalists portrayed the lab-leak theory as having been debunked when it had not been.

We Are In A Two-Tiered Justice System

from The New American:


They crammed the TikTok bill into the Israel and Ukraine aid bill


Farmers’ Biggest Problems are Green Ideologues, not Climate Change

by Ben Pile, Daily Sceptic:

The recent autumn and winter months have seen Britain beset by more than the usual number of storms, and more than average amount of rainfall. For most of us, this has been merely unpleasant weather, but it has seemingly caused rivers to breach their banks and put much farmland under water. This is a real problem in its own right. Predictably, now the waters are receding, adherents of green ideology are turning the farming drama into the climate crisis, with talk of “failed harvests” and predictions of our imminent hunger. But where is the evidence?

Biden ponders climate ’emergency’ declaration as 2024 race heats up

from WND:

Won in 2020 when election standards abandoned over COVID

The emergence of COVID-19 during the 2020 presidential election in the United States spawned a flood of fear about the virus that came out of China and circled the globe.

And activists jumped on the opportunities that emergency threat posed, changing election laws and procedures, sometimes even simply ignoring longstanding statutes, in order to “accommodate” voting during the pandemic. Mark Zuckerberg handed out $$400 million plus to help officials “accommodate” the situation, and it mostly ended up getting spent recruiting Joe Biden voters.

They’re EXPOSING the truth of January 6th and the deep state is FURIOS | Redacted w Clayton Morris

from Redacted News: