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Doug Casey on the Migrant Crisis and the States Increasingly Defying the Feds

by Doug Casey, International Man:

International Man: During his presidency, Joe Biden implemented an open border policy with thousands of migrants entering the US daily.

The number of migrants that have entered the US illegally since Biden took office is easily in the millions. The invasion has put immense pressure on frontline states.

Where do you think this trend is headed?

Harvard Caught Off-Guard by Drop in Early Admissions Rejections


by Lincoln Brown, PJ Media:

We were not dirt poor when I was growing up. But we were not exactly rich, either. A few times, we were barely lucky enough to hang on to the designation of “middle class.” Despite that, and my parents’ deep desire to be seen as ’60s radicals, my mother always held out hope that I might somehow make it to membership in the Hyannis Port crowd. She wanted me to be either a high-powered lawyer or an Episcopal bishop. Or maybe the host of “Masterpiece Theater.” I ended up being a writer, so no trips to the Cape with Buffy for me. But if, by some miracle, an acceptance letter from Harvard had arrived in our mailbox, I would have been freeze-dried, zip-locked, and shipped off to Cambridge before the envelope even hit the garbage can. But alas, we did not have the money or the social standing for such aspirations. I was accepted to four colleges (it was much easier in the ’80s, kids), and none were in the Ivy League.

Globalists Fear the Unconquerable

by J.B. Shurk, American Thinker:

There are two great battles dominating Western nations today.  The first is political and involves a contest between freedom-minded citizens and an ever-expanding State.  The second is cultural (or perhaps, more accurately, spiritual) and involves a contest between fear-driven dogma and inspiration-driven ideals.  Globalization, or the secular religion dedicated to the concentration of power into the hands of an elite few, runs on the energy of fear.  Liberty movements that abhor the current trend toward a new-world-order framework intent on micromanaging human activity run instead on human ideals.  Of the two battles now raging, the cultural battle is more significant because its capacity for influencing hearts and minds will drive the future political outcome.  In a real sense, we are in a war between what to fear and what to cherish.

Mel K & Tom Renz | Much to be Thankful for as We March Ahead


from The Mel K Show:


Hispanic, Black, & Young Voters Are Fleeing from Joe Biden

from The National Pulse:

Joe Biden continues to lose support from critical demographics for his Democrat coalition of voters, trailing former President Donald Trump 37-39 percent ahead of the 2024 Presidential Elections, as reported by a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll. The 81-year-old incumbent President has seen a rapid decrease in support from black voters, down to 63 percent from an initial 87 percent. Whilst still a considerably higher percentage than Trump’s 12 percent, the drop-off is significant. Also concerning is Biden’s decline among young voters and Hispanic voters, with Trump now leading in these demographics at 37-33 percent and 39-34 percent respectively.

Biden’s approval numbers remain underwater, with just 29 percent of respondents perceiving the economy as in recovery.

My Christmas Message for 2023


from Russell Brand:


Resisting Thought Control – Pt. 2

by Cyclops, Survival Blog:

(Continued from Part 1.)


We are hard-wired to avoid things that ignite fear. This is a central aspect of reward/punishment conditioning that is central to the way humans learn about and adapt to our surroundings. The adrenaline-induced panic that we experience in a fight or flight response is a physical reaction that helps us learn how to survive, and is ingrained in our genes. But this aspect of our biology makes us vulnerable to those who want to manipulate us through fear.

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AFTER THE COLLAPSE: Here’s how we can build a better, NEW AMERICA

from Health Ranger Report:




from Dr. Jane Ruby:



from Banned Youtube Videos:


Megyn Kelly Unveils Devastating New Nickname for Fox News Amid Network’s Downfall Due to Ousting Tucker Carlson

by Cullen Linebarger, The Gateway Pundit:

With both Bud Light and Fox News cratering in epic fashion right before our eyes, it is a fair question which one is in worse shape.

Thanks to Megyn Kelly and her fans, however, conservatives do not have to choose. They can make both failures one and the same with a new nickname.

The nickname? Foxweiser.

CLUELESS: Teacher Union Head Randi Weingarten Wonders Why More Americans Are Turning to Homeschooling


by Mike LaChance, The Gateway Pundit:

America has seen a large increase in homeschooling over the last few years and there are multiple reasons for that.

School closures during the pandemic were an obvious one, but also woke policies in public schools, diversity, equity and inclusion policies, the LGBT agenda, woke teachers pushing nonsense, and on and on.

Randi Weingarten, the head of the largest teacher union in the country, doesn’t seem to understand any of this.

She recently tweeted this:

#OwenShroyer has been released from the Bureau of Prisons!


Filmmaker Mikki Willis talks with Mike Adams about THE GREAT AWAKENING and the truth revolution sweeping across America

from Health Ranger Report: