Friday, April 19, 2019

Sierra Leone Holds World’s First “Free And Fair” Blockchain-Backed Election


from ZeroHedge:

Cryptocurrency investors have endured a difficult week as reports that Japanese regulators are cracking down on local exchanges following a massive heist at CoinCheck – an unregistered local exchange – and the SEC is demanding that US-based cryptocurrency exchanges register with the agency, sent virtual currency prices reeling, eventually pushing bitcoin to a multiweek low on Friday below $9,000.

But in the world of blockchain technology, where even crypto skeptics like Jamie Dimon (who now regrets calling BTC a fraud) and Ray Dalio see a promising future, it was truly the best of times. Earlier this week, the town of South Burlington, Vermont became the first town in the US to record a real estate transaction by registering the deed transfer on a blockchain-based system.

And in another triumph, the first national election to be tracked and verified using blockchain technology unfolded in Sierra Leone this week. The votes are still being tallied, but blockchain voting startup Agora is supervising the first beta test of its vote-monitoring blockchain tech, as Coindesk reported.

As voters lined up to cast votes in what had been a heated campaign between 16 candidates, unbeknownst to them, blockchain voting startup Agora was helping keep track of it all, and through its proprietary distributed ledger, providing unprecedented insight into the process.

In what, by all accounts, appears to be a world’s first for the emerging technology, Agora used a private, permissioned blockchain – one inspired by the technology that backs bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – to oversee the results of a national election in real time. It then relayed the data to individuals entrusted to oversee and verify the nation’s democratic process.

Of course, the technology is still very rudimentary, and required Agora employees to physically verify paper ballots before accurately entering their content into the company’s blockchain database.

The company’s tech – which it calls “skipchain” – is what’s known as a “permissioned” blockchain – where only some of the data being entered into the database is visible to the public (in this case, the names and personal information of the voters will remain hidden, while the results of the vote and all non-personal associated metadata should be available for all to see).

As this article was being completed, Agora, a Switzerland-based foundation, was in the process of manually counting the votes and logging them on a blockchain.

“Voters complete their votes on paper ballots and then our team with impartial observers register them on the blockchain,” explained Lukasiewicz, who formally joined the company in January after first joining as an advisor.

Stepping back, though, not only is this the first time blockchain has been implemented in a national election, it’s also the first live implementation for Agora’s stack of blockchain services – what the company calls “skipchain” technology, designed to reach consensus with each node only seeing part of the blockchain.

In some respects, Sierra Leone had a number of advantages that made Agora’s beta testing feasible. For instance, since the end of its civil war in 2002, the country has conducted a number of largely “free and fair” elections. But this year’s vote was also fraught with complications that are still being worked out. Several episodes of political violence preceded the ballot, and already, before the official vote tally has even been released, two opposition parties are expressing “grave concerns” about the fairness of this year’s vote, per Africa News. The Coalition for Change and National Grand Coalition told AN  that their agents were evicted from some polling stations when the counting of votes started…

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How we know New Zealand mosque shooting video is a CGI fake

from Fellowship Of The Minds:

On March 14, 2019, New Zealand sustained its deadliest mass shootings in modern history when a lone gunman, 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant, killed 50 people and injured another 50 at Al Noor Mosque and the Linwood Islamic Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand. The media immediately identified Tarrant as that most noxious of all monsters — “an alt-right affiliated white supremacist”. (Wikipedia)

Another History Lesson From JBSFC

by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

Batchelor and Cohen took time to provide another terrific, objective history lesson last evening. This is the kind of honest dialogue you won’t find anywhere else so please make time to listen.

With all of the talk about Russian “meddling” in US affairs, perhaps it would be healthy to consider the extent that the US has “meddled” in global affairs for decades. For background, Professor Cohen cites the dictionary definition of “meddling. It’s listed below:

Yellow Vests Plan Protest Outside Rothschild Bank In France

by Tom Pappert, Big League Politics:

Yellow Vest protesters are planning another demonstration, this time outside the Rothschild Bank of Lyon, France.

A Facebook event reveals over 3,000 French Yellow Vest protesters have expressed interest in attending a protest at the Rothschild Bank of Lyon, France, due in part to a 40-year-old grievance with France’s private banking system.

The event description explains that “The [French] state borrows from private banks, digs debt,” allowing the private banks to make money from interest loans made to the French government.

“QAnon” Answers Questions About The Moon Landings & Extraterrestrials

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:QAnon is still at it, he/she recently stated that we did indeed go to the Moon, but that the official story was not the correct one. Q also made it a point to let readers know about the “vastness” of the universe.
  • Reflect On:We don’t need Q as a source, most of the topics Q brings up are already backed by evidence. One can do their own research and find multiple ‘credible’ sources on these topics. There are a list of examples at the end of the article.

Candace Owen’s Great Video Mocking the Russia Hysteria

from Russia Insider:

Candace Owens has become a social media phenomenon since her recent love-in with Kanye West, calling out liberal and media baloney.

Here is an excellent video she made mocking Rachel Maddow and the media for their disgraceful flogging of the RussiaGate hoax.

It’s good:

Utopian fantasies verses a better world


by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

“When you come to the subject of who should ‘fix things,’ the government or private individuals, you could throw up your hands and confess that neither choice works, in which case you’re left with a terminal disease, and a fine excuse for doing nothing; or you could refer back to the principles of the Republic, and understand why the Founders put chains on government, and you might a find a clue for navigating out of the maze.”(The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

This piece is for anyone who can understand it—but it’s also for THE ENTREPRENEUR, who in his soul wants to do something large and bright and radical and successful, to turn the tide of human affairs in an enormously good direction and, yes, still make a substantial profit.

THE ENTIRE WORLD IS WATCHING! WE MUST RISE AGAIN! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #ElectionDay #RedTsunami

from Neon Revolt:

You know, I’ve been listening to Christmas music since after Halloween. I know it’s early, and you would think after years of working retail I would be sick of it, but the truth is, I have my favorites, same as everyone else.

And right now, it’s the Carpenter’s Christmas Album…

A Great Awakening: 77% Say MSM Reports Fake News As Liberal Pundits Outraged Over Scripted Reports…. But Only When Conservatives Do It


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

– Hypocrisy: MSM Complains About Scripted Reports By Using Scripted Headlines To Complain About Said Reports

Back in May 2017, ANP highlighted how the liberal mainstream media had coordinated, with multiple outlets like The Washington Post, New York Times, CNN , LA Times, Reuters, The Hill, AOL News, Wall Street Journal and MSNBC, colluding to force a story to go viral by all using the same headlines, in some cases using the exact same wording, as we also noted those headlines were “fake news.”

This was the screen shot we grabbed from a Google search at the time: