Watch — Exclusive: Riley Gaines Says Women Should Stop Being ‘Agreeable,’ Must Fight Trans Agenda


by Alana Mastrangelo, Breitbart:

Swimmer Riley Gaines, an outspoken advocate for saving women’s sports from the invasion of biological males, told Breitbart News that women should stop being agreeable and fight back against the trans agenda.

After being asked if perhaps the trans agenda was unsuccessful when it came to Bud Light because it was invading a male space, Gaines said, “Women do tend to be more agreeable.”

“We tend to be more apologetic; we don’t want to step on toes; we don’t want to ruffle feathers. But that’s exactly how we’ve gotten here,” she said. “We have to be willing to stand firm and stand bold in the truth and common sense.”


“We deserve respect, and we deserve equal opportunities,” Gaines added.

Gaines, who famously competed against biological male swimmer Lia Thomas in the women’s 200-meter freestyle event at the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) championships, went on to express that she was surprised to learn the NCAA did not see the situation the way “we all saw it.”

“I saw that this was a mediocre male swimmer, at best, ranking 462nd in the nation among the men in the year prior, and so, knowing this, I thought the NCAA would see it how I saw it, would see it how we all saw it: my coaches, my teammates, my competitors,” Gaines said. “But that’s not how the NCAA saw it. They saw absolutely nothing wrong with allowing Lia Thomas to compete against the women,” she added.

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