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Citizens at a Chicago City Council meeting chant “Go Red, No More Blue, No Matter Who”

Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You – Episode 15

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The State of Louisiana just passed a bill by 37-0 to not allow a single rule, regulation, policy, tax or mandate to be enforced by the:-




Watch: Good Samaritan group starts forcibly removing squatters from US homes…

from Revolver News:

A group called “Squatter Squad” has dived headfirst into the mess of squatting that’s sweeping the nation. They believe they have the solution to help desperate homeowners. Many local city officials are backing squatters instead of legal, decent homeowners. Just another day where regular Americans get the short end of the stick and lawlessness seems to be protected and rewarded—a signature move in Biden’s and the Democrats’ playbook. Things have spiraled so out of control that homeowners, trying to reclaim their spaces from these filthy trespassers, end up in cuffs themselves, while the real criminals go unscathed and get to stay in the house. Case in point: a homeowner in Queens, New York, recently found herself on the wrong side of the law trying to remove a squatter.

Look: Argentina is going full “Bukele” on gang members and traffickers…

from Revolver News:

As Central and South America dump murderers, drug traffickers, and a lineup of other criminals at our border, our crime rates are soaring while theirs are on the decline. It’s funny how that works out, isn’t it? But let’s be clear: that’s Joe Biden’s fault, not theirs. In truth, we can’t help but admire leaders like El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele. He’s managed to flip the script in his country, transforming it from a cesspool of danger into a beacon of safety by taking a tough stance on gangs. His approach of prioritizing his citizens and coming down hard on thugs is gaining traction in the region. Ecuador’s President Daniel Noboa is following suit, and guess what? It’s making a difference there, too. It turns out that treating criminals as criminals (instead of civil rights heroes) actually works. If only we could get that memo over to Joe Biden, right?


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LOL! CNN Is Too Afraid to Update Its Election Projection Map

by Matt Margolis, PJ Media:

It’s been over two months since CNN launched its inaugural “Road to 270” election projection map, in which the pro-Biden network conceded that Donald Trump had “enough states solidly in his corner or leaning in his direction to put him in a position to win the presidency again.”

According to the network, its Electoral College projection map is based on “public and private polling, conversations with campaign advisers, Republican and Democratic political operatives, members of Congress, and political professionals involved with outside groups poised to be active in the race.”

Steyn Set to Appeal Verdict in Defamation Case Against Michael Mann

by James Murphy, The New American:

Writer and conservative television and radio personality Mark Steyn has filed an appeal of the controversial decision against him in a defamation case brought by Michael Mann, the creator of the widely discredited “hockey stick” graph that featured so prominently in Al Gore’s fantasy film An Inconvenient Truth.

The DC court, helmed by Judge Alfred Irving, ruled in favor of Mann, awarding the scientist $1 in compensatory damages and $1 million in punitive damages from Steyn. Fellow defendant Rand Simberg was also found to have defamed the climate scientist, but his penalty was far smaller, only $1 in compensatory damages and $1,000 in punitive damages.

In 2021, the entities who published the alleged defamation — the Competitive Enterprise Institute and National Review — were found not liable for any defamation.

Before Activism, There Must Be Awareness

by Fed Up Texas Chick, The Tenpenny Report:

For the month of March, the Tenpenny Team is focusing on activism. Our March podcasts provide a platform for you to hear from  speakers about the most important  topics of our day that require us both collectively and individually to step up to the plate. Dr. Tenpenny herself is an activist against the COVID-19 pharmaceutical products as well as the Covid “vaccines”. In fact, for the past 3 years she has spent a significant amount of time speaking and writing about the ’40 mechanisms of injury’ directly related to  these toxic products.  In case you are unaware, Dr. Tenpenny has  written two books on the various mechanisms of injury caused by the Covid jabs.  Mike Adams recently interviewed Dr. Tenpenny  about this comprehensive list of COVID-19 vaccine injury mechanisms. You can catch that interview here and can also register free at BrightU to watch the full streaming video regarding Dr. Tenpenny’s 40+ Mechanisms of Injury.


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The Good News About Our Failing Military – Trump Can Fix It

by Kurt Schlichter, Townhall:

We need to elect President Trump if only to unscrew our screwed-up military – and he can. The situation is getting worse. The other day, Twitter came alive when a video dropped of a male Space Force colonel pretending to be a female lecturing at the Air Force Academy, and you look at this and realize that our military has become ridiculous under the current crop of generals and admirals. Not content with not having a single unequivocal major military victory in the last 30 years, they have presided over the descent of America’s once most respected institution into a laughingstock. No matter how hard they order troops to believe in the power of trans transformation, the troops will not believe. In the words of Austin Powers, a ridiculous fictional character who has won as many wars in the last 30 years as our generals and admirals have, it’s a man, baby. And our troops know it.

Episode 3443: MAGA Breaks The Media

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Supreme Court Sides With Trump 9-0, He Will Appear on the Ballot in All States

by Mish Shedlock, Mish Talk:

The 14th Amendment is not self-executing, said the Supreme Court, as expected in this corner. The spotlight now turns to the immunity case. I offer some thoughts.

Please consider the US Supreme Court ruling on the On Writ of Certiorari to the Supreme Court of Colorado

A group of Colorado voters contends that Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits former President Donald J. Trump, who seeks the Presidential nomination of the Republican Party in this year’s election, from becoming President again. The Colorado Supreme Court agreed with that contention. It ordered the Colorado secretary of state to exclude the former President from the Republican primary ballot in the State and to disregard any write-in votes that Colorado voters might cast for him.

Episode 3437: Meltdown Over SCOTUS Ruling

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