Tuesday, May 28, 2024

FDA’s ‘Rumor Control’ Hub Encourages Public to ‘Snitch’ on ‘Misinformation Spreaders’

by Brenda Baletti, Ph.D., Childrens Health Defense:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration launched an updated “Rumor Control” hub aimed at enlisting the public to help stop the spread of “misinformation,” which the agency defined as “false, inaccurate, or misleading … spreading intentionally and unintentionally.”

CV19 Bioweapon/Vax Beginning of Transhumanism – Karen Kingston

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who understands complicated medical and biological contracts.  Kingston warns the mRNA technology in the CV19 bioweapon injections is just the beginning of forcing a transhuman agenda onto an unsuspecting public.  If the technology (which is also called a “synthetic pathogen”) in the CV19 bioweapon/vax is not stopped, there would be “no flesh would be saved” as Jesus warned more than 2,000 years ago.  In a new Substack post, Kingston contends mRNA technology is a weapon of mass destruction and explains, “When I put that headline up that mRNA technologies, Neuralink or Neural Lace, which is the injectable form of Neuralink, are both weapons of mass destruction and transhumanism, this is to do non-human genetic editing to the human genome as well as to integrate bio-digital technology with humans.  Those are not my words.  Those are Dr. Robert Malone’s words during a Glenn Beck interview.  This is where he said mRNA technologies are a suite of technologies for the purposes of transhumanism. . . . The reason why I say these are weapons of mass destruction is James Clapper, who is a former Lt. General with the U.S. Airforce and served in the intelligence community under President Clinton, stated that the gene editing mRNA technology are weapons of mass destruction.  Because once you make permanent changes to the to a species genome, that’s to the extinction of that species.  It doesn’t matter if it is plants, animals or human beings themselves.”

Transitioned and Deceived: Evil Doctors Make BIG MONEY On Genital Mutilation Surgeries

from Stew Peters Network:

TRUTH LIVES on at https://sgtreport.tv/

Jaw Dropping Stats – Reports of Bud Light Memorial Day Sales Dropping -60% as Brand Boycott Continues

from The Conservative Treehouse:

Memorial Day customarily kicks off summer and the beer beverage industry generally looks forward to the enhanced sales that come from summer.  However, if the recently published reports of Anheuser-Busch sales are accurate, which includes a stunning 60% sales drop during the holiday, the brand position of Bud Light is in freefall.


from SGT Report:

Sofia Smallstorm returns to discuss the Marxist cultural revolution that has indoctrinated many Americans to hate their nation, and to turn away from God. Add to that the Title 42 kill shot which has resulted in a total invasion of our country by hundreds of thousands of military aged men, and it seems it’s just a matter of time before WW3 is unleashed on the zombified public.

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Illegal Alien Police Officers

from Moonbattery:

The system of government moonbats seek to impose is known as “anarchotyranny.” It combines tyrannical government overreach with contempt for rule of law, as liberal Illinois demonstrates by recruiting illegal aliens as police officers:

A bill aimed at clearing a path for recipients of a federal immigration program to become police officers — and at the same time helping departments that say they are struggling with recruitment — is moving forward with bipartisan support in the Illinois Legislature, but only after being amended to make clear that potential hires need to get federal approval to carry a gun.

Blame Game Over the Bombing of the Nova Kakhovka Dam

by Kurt Nimmo, Kurt Nimmo on Geopolitics:

In 2022, it was reported the Zelenskyy regime planned to destroy the dam, a serious war crime.

In post after post this morning, the corporate war propaganda media is attempting to blame Russia for the terrorist bombing of the Nova Kakhovka dam and hydroelectric power station on the Dnieper River. It is doing this by underscoring an accusation made by a documented serial liar, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and his coterie of Nazi-worshipping thugs, that Russia punched holes in the dam in order to flood the battlefield.

WHO and EU Announce Global System of Vaccine Passports for “Future Pandemics”

by Will Jones, Daily Sceptic:

The World Health Organisation and the European Union yesterday announced their collaboration on global digital vaccine passports at a joint press conference in Geneva.

According to the press release posted on the WHO website:

In June 2023, WHO will take up the European Union system of digital COVID-19 certification to establish a global system that will help facilitate global mobility and protect citizens across the world from on-going and future health threats, including pandemics. This is the first building block of the WHO Global Digital Health Certification Network (GDHCN) that will develop a wide range of digital products to deliver better health for all.



TRUTH LIVES on at https://sgtreport.tv/

One Conspiracy to Beat Them All

by Rogier Fentener van Vlissingen, America Outloud:

We need to remember how the Hegelian dialectic works: thesis, antithesis, synthesis, and how it functions in the political process. When the supposed solution arrives, to someone else, it is always the problem,  and then the cycle starts again, ad infinitum. Right now, the Covid truth warriors are riding high, and of course, it is highly necessary that we have a serious reckoning, but we should also remember that our “never again,” after World War II and the Holocaust, did not last very long.


from Mark Dice:

TRUTH LIVES on at https://sgtreport.tv/

JPMorgan and Citigroup Are Using the Same Accounting Maneuver as Silicon Valley Bank on Hundreds of Billions of Underwater Debt Securities

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:

As we reported yesterday, Silicon Valley Bank was not even on the “Problem Bank List” maintained by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) when it imploded in a span of 48 hours in March. According to testimony by the Federal Reserve’s Vice Chairman for Supervision, Michael Barr, on March 28 before the Senate Banking Committee, depositors had yanked $42 billion of their deposits from the bank on March 9 and had queued up to grab another $100 billion on March 10 when it was abruptly put into FDIC receivership. Had the FDIC not stepped in, Silicon Valley Bank would have lost 85 percent of its deposits in a two-day stretch.

This Is How Senator Kennedy Responded When Asked About The Coming Crash: “Am I Worried? The Short Answer Is Yes”

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

A lot of people have been waiting for “the other shoe to drop”, and now that day has arrived.  Thanks to rapidly rising interest rates and historically low occupancy rates, we are facing an unprecedented commercial real estate crisis.  Borrowers are starting to walk away from commercial real estate properties all over the nation, and that is really bad news for small and mid-size banks because they are holding most of these loans.  Needless to say, a lot of small and mid-size banks are simply not going to be able to survive a nationwide tsunami of commercial real estate defaults.

Tucker’s Back! In Triumphant Return, Demolishes Ukraine Dam Propaganda, Massacres MSM For Ignoring UFO ‘Bombshell Of The Millennium’

from ZeroHedge:

Tucker Carlson unveiled Episode 1 of his ‘Tucker on Twitter’ adventure  – which gained 10 million views in just over two hours – and the topic du jour is simple; government propaganda and the lying liars that spew it.

His jumping off point is the bombing of the Kakhova dam… by Putin himself, if you believe the western media because ‘he is evil and evil people do evil things… even to themselves’ (despite the detailed explanation below of why that is simply farcical).