Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Relentless Incitement: Left-Wing Rhetoric Behind Trump Assassination Attempt and Continued Calls for Violence (Video)

by Amy Mek, RAIR Foundation:

The tragic assassination attempt on President Trump and the subsequent death of Corey Comperatore, a retired firefighter, Christian, and father, along with the hospitalization of two others, highlight the deadly impact of the left’s relentless and violent rhetoric.

It is not surprising that after years of Democratic leaders, celebrities, and media calling for insurgency and violence against U.S. President Donald Trump and his supporters, a left-wing gunman tried to assassinate Mr. Trump. Even after this sick attempt on the President’s life, the killing of an innocent rally-goer, and the injury of two others, the left continues to call for violence.

The Failed Assassination Attempt on President Trump

from Reese Report:


Timeline Of Assassination Attempts Against US Presidents

from Great Game India:

Former President Donald Trump narrowly escaped an assassination attempt during a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, when a gunman named Thomas Matthew Crooks opened fire, injuring Trump and killing one attendee. The shocking incident, which marks the most serious threat to a presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan’s assassination attempt in 1981, highlights the dangerous political climate in the U.S. as Trump prepares to accept his GOP nomination for the 2024 election. With rising tensions and fears of political violence, this attack raises alarming questions about safety in the lead-up to the upcoming election.

What’s Up With the WHO Pandemic Treaty?

by Fed Up Texas Chick, The Tenpenny Report:

For nearly two years, we’ve been reporting on the World Health Organization (WHO’s) on going efforts to successfully implement a Pandemic Treaty. We last wrote about this in April 2024 when the WHO was readying and steadying for a meeting and ultimate vote that would establish pandemic policy to bypass all national laws. Think of it as a New World Order from the globalist cabal.

What has happened since then?


from The Jimmy Dore Show:


Why I expect Trump to go soft on Second Amendment now that he’s been targeted for assassination

by Leo Hohmann, Leo’s Newsletter:

All the signs point to Trump becoming the next James Brady, a Republican who converted to the dark side on gun control

The Republican National Committee has removed almost every reference to the right to keep and bear arms from the 2024 party platform, a signal that those at the top of the ticket will be positioned to compromise on the issue.

Trump has in the past already supported one of the most pernicious anti-Second Amendment policies – so-called red-flag laws – which allow authorities to confiscate a citizen’s firearms without any crime having been committed or any solid evidence that a crime has been planned. All that is needed is an accusation by someone, anyone, that you as a gun owner could be a threat to yourself or someone else.


from Stew Peters:


Is Biden’s latest move an admission of guilt?

from Revolver News:

If you could travel back in time and prevent “baby Hitler” from growing up, would you do it? That’s a hot topic for many, and most answer, “Yes, I would.” Not from a desire to kill an infant, but because many people believe Hitler’s eventual evil justifies such drastic action. Imagine if the media and some powerful folks spent years painting someone as a new “Hitler” and a dire threat to democracy. Could this convince someone unstable enough that assassinating this person would be saving humanity?

The FBI Turned Itself Into ‘Fantasy Factory’ As Soon It Covered Up Hillary’s ‘Russian Collusion Hoax’ By Obliterating Reality And Since That Comically Obscure BS Has Come One Lie After Another

by James Howard Kunstler, All News Pipeline:

“Trump is brushing off assassin’s bullets like dirt off his shoulder, racking up a mile long rap sheet of the fakest & gayest felonies known to man, chased through civil court by crazy-eyed harridans deranged by how horny he makes them. Joe Biden has jello for supper at 4pm.” — Aimee Terese on “X”

Dear Hitler, ‘Joe Biden’ wrote his personal note of condolence Saturday night. “So sorry to hear that you were inconvenienced by loud noises in PA, where I grew up in the black church. Chris Wray tells me that fine people may be behind it. Will keep you in the loop. Get well soon!”

The Scrubbed BlackRock Ad

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

Thomas Matthew Crooks was featured in a BlackRock commercial that has since been scrubbed from the internet. The World Economic Forum-aligned company that manages $10.6 trillion in assets claims that it is a mere coincidence that Crooks was featured in their advertisement. Reporter Laura Loomer first broke the news that BlackRock was tied to Crooks, but BlackRock is downplaying the coincidence. She has tied other Neocon supporters to the assassination attempt but can only use X as her platform, as the mainstream media have silenced her theories.

Rep. Boebert Introduces Legislation to Hold Secret Service Director Accountable for Trump Shooting

by Cassandra MacDonald, The Gateway Pundit:

Rep. Lauren Boebert has introduced legislation to hold Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle accountable for the agency’s failure to protect President Trump during Saturday’s Butler, Pennsylvania, campaign rally.

The Secret Service Accountability Act explicitly prohibits any federal funds from being used to pay the salary or expenses of Kimberly Cheatle, the Director of the United States Secret Service.


from SGT Report:

There are some insane people on the internet, Salty Cracker has the antidote for their bull shit, then Todd Callender & Dr. Lee Vliet join me to discuss the Moloch loving child hating radical left.

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Salty: They Tried to Kill Trump

Viktor Orban on Soros & the NWO:

Report: Secret Service Identified Rooftop as a Potential Vulnerability Days Before Rally

by Kristina Wong, Breitbart:

The rooftop where a shooter positioned himself before nearly assassinating former President Donald Trump Saturday at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania was identified as a potential vulnerability in the days before the event, according to a report.

Two sources “familiar with the agency’s operations” told NBC News that the Secret Service was aware of the risks associated with the rooftop, which tops a glass research company next to the Butler Farm Show where the rally was taking place.

Secret Service Tasked With Protecting Trump Were DEI Hires

from The Salty Cracker:


BlackRock’s Link To Failed Trump Assassination

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

BlackRock has a link to the recently failed assassination of former ruler Donald Trump. Thomas Matthew Crooks, the suspect in Saturday’s attempted assassination, was featured in a 2022 ad for BlackRock, the investment giant has revealed.

The commercial was filmed at Bethel Park High School, from which Crooks graduated two years ago. The then-teenager appeared in the background alongside several other students and was not compensated in any way, the company claimed.