Friday, December 1, 2023

Kamikaze Marketing: Why One Corporation After Another Is Falling on Its Woke Sword

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

A while back, I covered the mysterious CEI scores that seemed to be the root of Budweiser’s poorly thought-out marketing campaign with transgender TikToker Dylan Mulvaney. Budweiser and its parent company, Anheuser Busch, have since lost more than $15.7 billion dollars in revenue, a number that is almost unfathomable to most of us.

You’d think that this would be a cautionary tale about what the average folks in America want. You’d think this would stop marketing firms in the tracks before making a similar move.

You’d be wrong.

Harvard Researchers Expose Google Targeting and Manipulating the Minds of Children

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

With the curtain pulled back on the Twitter files this year, the gears of the debate machine have been grinding relentlessly on the topic of censorship and perceived liberal establishment bias within social media behemoths like Twitter and Facebook. And while they’ve undoubtedly earned their place in the critical spotlight, the focus on them has allowed a far more devious predator to lurk largely unchecked in the shadows: Google. Recent revelations cast a disturbing light on the truth — it’s not just invading our privacy and appropriating our data — it’s aggressively targeting the impressionable minds of children.


by Jim Rickards, Daily Reckoning:

After taking in hundreds of millions of dollars of corporate contributions, paying millions in bonuses and buying million-dollar mansions for founders, BLM (Bolshevik Lives Matter) ran a $9 million deficit.

Cowardly CEOs eager to appease the woke mob fall for these scams every time. Could we soon be witnessing the demise of the “DEI” movement?

The letters “DEI” stand for diversity, equity and inclusion, which is the mantra of corporate and political America today.

Whistleblower at Texas gender clinic exposes horror of ‘transitioning’ children

by Jean Mondoro, LifeSite News:

(LifeSiteNews) — A former employee at a soon-to-be closed Texas gender clinic recently exposed the actions of one of its lead doctors and his involvement in child mutilation.


from The Alex Jones Show:


Calvin Klein goes full-on Bud Light, releases ad featuring morbidly obese trans “man” in sports bra

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

It is a race to the bottom in corporate America as large corporations seem to be competing with one another to see which can be the most vile, perverse, and evil – and get away with it.

The latest contender for the gold medal in demonic Satan worship is Calvin Klein, which has come a long way from featuring cut models with pretty faces to now pushing morbidly obese transgenders with fat rolls bursting out of their inappropriately worn sports bras via its advertisements.

A new Calvin Klein ad campaign features a trans “man,” which presumably means a biological woman attempting to “transition” into a male-like appearance, wearing a sports bra while standing behind another tattooed, morbidly obese woman, we think, melting on top of a rusty patio chair – charming.

‘Sick To My Stomach’: Whistleblower Shares How Texas Hospital Rushes Kids Into Sex Changes

by Laurel Duggan, The Daily Caller:

Doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital are rushing children into cross-sex medical interventions and minimizing the objections of parents, according to an anonymous whistleblower account published by Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

The whistleblower worked with Dr. Richard Roberts, who prescribed puberty blockers, testosterone and estrogen and wrote referral letters for double mastectomies for children with gender identity issues, many of whom were autistic or had mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, she told Rufo. The whistleblower, along with several other employees, believes the practice is inflicting irreversible harm on children but is afraid of being fired for speaking out.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/23

from Vigilant Citizen:

In this edition of SPOTM: Dolly Parton is a one-eyed “rockstar”; Kanye’s new wife models a cross on her butt; Also: More proof that the occult elite’s agenda of gender-blurring mixed with outright satanism is reaching new levels of insanity.

College girl gets graded 0 on her assignment because she used the term “Biological women”

After Firing Tucker Carlson, Fox News Has Become ‘Fully Woke’ And Is Now Passionately Enforcing Pro-Transgender Workplace Policies

by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

Fox News quietly enforces woke pro-transgender workplace policies on its employees, even while it poses as a critical source of news about transgenderism, says a report at the Daily Signal.

A number of years ago, we warned you that the day was coming where Fox News, once the bastion of all things conservative, would be just as woke and progressive as any other fake news organization. That downward slide was temporarily halted when they hired Tucker Carlson to replace Bill O’Reilly, but in light of Tucker’s recent sacking, it’s becoming more and more obvious what he future of Fox News is – woke.

School Teacher: White People “Problematic,” Education “Racist” — “Start a Riot”

by Selwyn Duke, The New American:

If the “teaching in school today will become the politics of tomorrow,” as the apocryphal saying goes, there’s much cause for alarm. A case in point is a bisexual Nevada middle-school teacher who claims that white people are “problematic,” education is “inherently racist,” and that our response should be to “start a riot.”

The only saving grace with “educator” Jennifer Leja, of Hyde Park Middle School in the Clark County district, is that she’s not exactly subtle. In fact, reported Fox News last Thursday, in a series of TikTok videos, the teacher sang “start a riot” in support of the following propositions (as presented by Fox):

The Astroturfing of Generation Z

by Brian Parsons, American Thinker:

In politics, the term Astroturf refers to a contrived grassroots movement.  Astroturfing is when the establishment or similar interests back a candidate or cause but deceptively hide where the support originates so that it appears as if the support is organic and composed of ordinary people. Because politicians must appeal to the sensibilities of the commoners for their votes, who better to influence them than their peers?

The United Nations Wants to Normalize Pedophilia

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The most disturbing aspect of our “new norm” is this push to indoctrinate impressionable children to accept the woke agenda. I did not want to write about this subject because it makes my blood boil. But you need to know. This is starting at the United Nations, the global agency that is working toward creating a doomed one-world government. Reports began circulating from the UN in March about legalizing pedophilia.

Was Dr. Rashid Buttar just assassinated to send a “loud and clear” message to anti-Covid vax physicians?! (IMPT UPDATE)

from State Of The Nation:

Submitted by The Armchair Conspiracy Realist
Make no mistake, whatever appears on any VIP’s Wikipedia page is what the New World Order globalist cabal is most concerned about … in either a positive or negative way.
Therefore, it’s very important to note that recently deceased Dr. Rashid Buttar’s Wikipedia page begins with the sentence shown above which states: “who is a known anti-vaxxer”.

Fox News instructed producers not to bash Dylan Mulvaney—trans ideology, woke culture enforced in workplace: report

by Libby Emmons, The Post Millenial:

A shocking new report alleges that not only is Fox News headquarters woke and radically pro trans ideology, but that producers had been warned to avoid criticism of Dylan Mulvaney.

A producer for Tucker Carlson Tonight told Daily Signal that “When trans-identifying TikTok star Mulvaney was first gaining prominence last year, producers for ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ had to fight to be able to refer to Mulvaney with male pronouns in the show’s chyrons.”