Friday, July 1, 2022

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/22

from Vigilant Citizen:

Rapper E.So was recently featured in Vogue Tawan. If you thought that this part of the world was immune to occult elite symbolism, think again. Media conglomerates such as Vogue make sure this is global.

On the cover, E.So has one hidden by a strategically placed balloon. Also, his weird hand made from wicker (or something) hints at dehumanization.

Leo Zagami – Ex 33rd Degree Freemason Exposes the Illuminati & NWO Agenda (Including Ukraine)

from mariazeee:


“Illuminati Mad”: The Dark Meaning of Kanye West’s Video “EAZY”

from Vigilant Citizen:

In his video “EAZY”, Kanye West says “Illuminati mad” while he kidnaps and buries Pete Davidson. What is the meaning of this? We’ll look at the dark symbolism in Kanye’s controversial video.

Kanye West did it again. He got a lot of people confused and riled up. In a creepy video centered around the theme of death, Kanye kidnaps and buries Pete Davidson. Also, there’s a church burning. What is the meaning of all this? Is Kanye West mentally unstable? Or is he a genius who’s ahead of his time?


from SGT Report:



Ella Draper is in hiding. She has been demonized, libeled, slandered and persecuted for sharing her children’s testimony about their alleged sexual abuse at the hands of pedophiles in Hampstead, UK. This is the enhanced re-release of my documentary style interview from 2015 with Ella Draper.

This Picture of Cruz Beckham Sums Up Everything That is Wrong in the Entertainment Industry

from Vigilant Citizen:

A recent picture of a 16-year-old Cruz Beckham was described as “sad” and “desperate” by observers. However, when one understands the symbolism in that picture, it goes from “sad” to “deeply disturbing”.

David Beckham used to be one of the most popular athletes in the world. Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) used to be one of the most popular performers in the world. When these two became a couple, they immediately ascended to the status of celebrity royalty couple in the UK and across the world.

The Dark Occult Message of The Weeknd’s Video “Sacrifice”

from Vigilant Citizen:

A look at the occult meaning behind The Weeknd’s video “Sacrifice” and the concept of his album “Dawn FM”.

In case you didn’t know, The Weeknd is a BIG DEAL. I mean, he keeps winning all kinds of awards; He keeps hooking up with celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, and (apparently) Angelina Jolie; He’s currently selling his Los Angeles pad dubbed “The Mogul” for $22.5 million … because he bought a $69 million megamansion in Bel Air.

The Occult Symbolism of That Creepy Meta Commercial

from Vigilant Citizen:

For months, media has been hyping the “metaverse”, a network of 3D virtual worlds in which people engage using avatars. Considered to be the “next phase of the internet”, tech giants such as Microsoft are currently investing billions of dollars to create an alternate reality where people will be able to “work, play, shop, and meet virtually”.

Indeed, nothing would make them happier than to turn humanity into a collection of isolated individuals who cannot accomplish anything without some tech gizmo strapped to their heads. While several companies are heavily invested in the metaverse, the main hypeman for it is Mark Zuckerberg.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/21

from Vigilant Citizen:

Grimes (who is mostly known for her relationship with Elon Musk aka the richest man in the world) has become a SPOTM staple. That’s because everything she does is filled with mind control symbolism.

In one of the many photoshoots promoting on of her projects, Grimes is depicted as a cyborg. Also, there’s blatant one-eye symbolism in there. In short, this is pure Monarch programming symbolism representing a mind control slave. Furthemore, her head cracking represents the fracturing of the slave’s persona.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 11/21

from Vigilant Citizen:

As a member of One-Direction, Harry Styles was extremely popular with children and teenagers. Partly because of that, he was chosen to push the all-important gender-blurring agenda. His most photoshoot for Dazed magazine is pure elite sickness symbolism.

The Wedding of Billionaire Heiress Ivy Getty Was a Show of Elite Power and Symbolism

from Vigilant Citizen:

The wedding of Ivy Getty – an heiress of the Getty Oil family fortune – was a three-day extravaganza filled with powerful people and even more powerful imagery. Here’s a look at this highly symbolic affair.

Ivy Getty is the great-granddaughter of tycoon and industrialist J. Paul Getty, the founder of Getty Oil. Stating that this man was rich is a gross understatement. In 1957, Fortune magazine named him the richest living American and, in 1966, the Guinness Book of Records named him as the world’s richest private citizen. Getty’s immense wealth turned his family into an American dynasty which, after several generations, is still worth billions of dollars.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/21

from Vigilant Citizen:

In this edition of SPOTM: Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? Hint: It stinks. Also: Halsey, Bad Bunny, Kanye West, and other stars prove that they are owned by the occult elite through subtle and overt symbolism.

Halsey is pretty much a fixture on SPOTM because nearly every single thing she does is tainted with occult elite symbolism. She even managed to turn her pregnancy into a weird ritual.

The Hidden Symbols and Messages in “Squid Game”

from Vigilant Citizen:

The Netflix series “Squid Game” is about poor people taking part in horrific games while elite “VIPs” watch the show for entertainment. Through messages and symbolism, “Squid Game” reveals what is truly about: The incurable sickness of the elite.

If you enjoy watching people getting killed execution-style, boy do I have the Netflix series for you. It’s called Squid Game and it also features a bunch of people falling from high platforms and splattering onto the ground. Indeed, you will witness so many brutal deaths in Squid Game that you won’t have a choice but to become desensitized to them. Even the characters in the series end up having whole conversations about their childhood or something while others are getting shot in the face about ten feet away from them. They don’t care anymore. And you won’t either. And that’s kind of the point.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/21


from Vigilant Citizen:

Lil Nas X is currently a “chosen celebrity” which means that mass media is intensely shining its proverbial spotlight on him. The result: He’s all over magazines, award shows and he’s “trending” on any platform you can imagine. The only reason why he’s is being promoted: He’s a celebrity that was manufactured to push specific agendas.

The Meaning of Netflix’s “Brand New Cherry Flavor”: A Celebration of Occult Hollywood

from Vigilant Citizen:

“Brand New Cherry Flavor” is a Netflix series about an aspiring movie director who gets involved with a Hollywood witch. Here’s how the crazy events of this series relate to the dark practices that actually happen in Hollywood … behind closed doors.

If I had to sum up Brand New Cherry Flavor (BNCF) in one word, it would probably be “puke”. Because, for one, there’s a whole lot of puking going on in that series. Second, there are lots of gory, disgusting scenes that I’d like to block out of my memory forever. But the most “pukey” aspect of this series is the fact that most of its insane and surreal events are inspired by real life.

The MET 2021 Gala: Another Display of the Elite’s Insanity


from Vigilant Citizen:

The MET Gala 2021 was yet another bizarre event that was replete with powerful messages and symbolism. Here’s a look at the most insane costumes featured at this live-action puppet show.

The MET Gala is a gathering by the elite, for the elite. The prices set for that event ($35,000 for a ticket, $200,000+ for a table) make sure that no peasant can enter the premises … unless they’re hired to serve the esteemed guests, of course.

As seen in previous articles, the 2018 MET Gala had a religious theme that was described as “satanic”, complete with Madonna conducting a black mass. The 2019 edition was all about “camp” (defined as “love of the unnatural, of artifice and exaggeration”) and featured outfits that celebrated the sick tendencies of the elite.